She thought it was her husband…


Anny giggles again, her chest lightening more. “I’ll make sure he knows that, Phil.” She feels another blush tingle through her cheeks. “Plus I don’t want to totally forget either, to be honest.”
He smiles. “You don’t?”
“No…. I’m glad it was a completely honest mistake, but it was nice too.”
Phil grins cheekily this time. “I could have done better.”
She glares back at him. “Settle down, stud…. I think it was pretty good for drunk sex, anyway.” Her cheeks heat again. “You felt nice inside me like that…. I can’t believe how wet I am from you right now.”
“Wet? From me?”
“Uh huh. From your cum….” Anny bites a lip. “Did you cum twice? I’m not sure which part I just dreamed…. I think you were really deep in me.”
He stares back at her. His eyes are intense now. “You were so relaxed…. I was all the way up you for that first load. The second one I was kind slipping out a bit…. You felt so tight and sexy – I came pretty hard both times.”
Anny breaks away from his eyes and sorts out her nightie. She pulls it in the right way, allowing the bed clothes to fall away and reveal her breasts. Phil’s looking at them. “Aw fuck,” he groans under his breath. Anny’s blush rises and she bites her grin. She has her nightie sorted but just fiddles with it and waits. She meets Phil’s eyes again and reaches up to rake her matted curls.
“It felt really nice when you were cumming in me that first time…. I thought it felt deeper than usual…. I like the thought of having your cum in my belly right now as well as it making me all gooey between the legs.” Anny pulls on her nightie and slips from beneath the bed cover. She stands facing Phil to rake her curls back again. She feels a trickle of cum down her leg.
Phil’s looking at her down there. “Aw fuck. That’s from me?”
She nods. He’s on his knees holding his erection to one side. A slurp of cum splashes on the floor between her feet. She presses the bottom of her nightie against her pussy. “I’d better go and clean up or something,” she utters softly.
“You’d better before I grab you,” he says, again meeting her eyes with that intensity she isn’t entitled to.
“You’re not allowed to grab me. It wouldn’t be an accident anymore.” Anny crosses her thighs, her nightie wedged between them, cum trickling down to her knee. “Can I have some of your water, please?”
He hands her his water bottle. She rocks back against the wall to stop from falling over, her head spinning with the seeming resurgence of her drunkenness.
“Are you okay to walk?”
“Yeah – just need a minute.”
He gets up and steps close, slipping an arm around her waist. She leans against him and grips a shoulder. “I never noticed until your hair – it’s so long,” he says. She closes her eyes as his hand lifts and cups her breast. “Yours are a bit bigger but I never noticed when I was feeling them.” Anny rocks back against the wall again, her hands in her hair as Phil feels her tits. She’s looking down at his hand, pressing her chest forward. He stops feeling her and hooks a finger into her neckline and pulls it open, looking down her front. “Your nipples are different too….”
“Uh huh. Carmen’s are more pink,” Anny says, looking down her front too. Phil undoes her two buttons. He shifts her nightie from her shoulders and it falls to reveal her breasts. She watches dazed as he feels them, teasing her nipples erect. She giggles and presses an arm across her boobs. She pokes Phil’s chest with a finger. “I have to go now. This isn’t an accident anymore, bad boy!”
She squirms from the guy and waves awkwardly from his door. The number on his stair rail is 5. She wanders across a row and finds her number 5 and sneaks in to peep at her husband still sleeping. It’s definitely him. She finds panties and pulls them on. Phil’s cum has dribbled down to her ankle. She cuddles up in the bed cover and feels down her front into the heat and wetness there, smiling to herself at thought of what just happened and still drunk enough to refuse to think about the consequences right now……


Wife tries oral at a party…

Beautiful girl lying

Mia meets her girlfriend’s lips. It’s fun – just a tease for the guys. They touch tongues and play up to the groans and ogling faces. Kay feels Mia’s breast, making her giggle.
“Okay that’s enough!” Kay declares. “Our turn now.” Andy is squeezing an erection. She glares at him. “You can forget that!”
Mia sees that both her husband and Teddy are semi-firm too, their penises noticeable in their jocks. Andy is kissing Kay. He pushes her down and gets between her legs. They all watch. Teddy holds his lengthening bulge to one side. Dale squeezes his. Mia presses her thighs together, a hand between them.
Kay pushes her husband off and sits up fixing her dress. “No – go and sit over there with your frigging hard-on,” she tells him. “Go stroke it off yourself. All three of you can!” Her eyes light up. “Now there’s an idea…. Let’s see who can shoot the biggest load. Dare you guys to have a stroking contest!”
“Aw fuck!” Teddy groans, his face reddening fast.
“Seriously?” Dale asks, gawking.
Andy chuckles. “Shit yeah!” He winks at the other two guys then grins at the girls. “One condition!”
Mia’s just blushing at the thought of watching them do it. Kay’s bravado is absent when she asks cautiously, “And what condition is that?”
Andy reaches across to the coffee table where there are shot glasses. He grabs them and puts one in front of Dale and Teddy, keeping one for himself. He smiles huge. “You girls have to down them when we’re done, sweetheart. That’s the condition.”
“Fuck yeah!” Teddy cheers.
Dale’s face reddens. Mia feels hers heat too.
“Hmm – but who has to drink Teddy’s?” Kay asks. She’s blushing too. “Will you do Dale’s?” she asks Mia, making a face.
Mia gulps and nods. She glances at her husband. He’s smiling now. She hardly ever swallows. She smiles through her blush and shakes her head.
“I say after you’ve done ours, you girls have to draw cards and the loser has to down Teddy’s shot as well,” Andy suggests mildly – quite serious now.
“Aw fuck yeah,” Teddy groans again. He’s already working his sizable erection through his jocks. Andy’s feeling his. Dale starts working his as well.
The girls look at each other. “I’m game if you are,” Kay says.
“Okay….” Mia utters. She looks to her husband. “Is this okay by you, Dale? I mean – if I lose and have to….”
“It’s not like anyone’s getting a BJ,” Andy says. “It’s only one little swallow.”
Dale gulps and nods. “Yeah, it’s okay by me.” He’s stroking now. He looks down at Mia’s panties.
Teddy is staring at them and working a full erection, still through his jocks. He looks to Kay’s legs. She parts them and lifts the skirt of her dress. She glances at Mia. Mia feels her blush deepen as she leans back on her hands and opens her legs as well.
The three guys stare at the girls’ crotches and jack off. Andy and Teddy reach their climaxes at the same time, freeing their cocks and squirting into their shot glasses. Mia is completely flushed with excitement watching their cum gush and spurt. Their loads look about the same in volume, Teddy’s slightly thicker. Dale groans and urgently sticks his cock head into his shot glass, his pulses of semen filling half an inch from the bottom and slurping down the sides.
Kay takes her husband’s glass and quickly drinks it down. “Mmm yummy,” she says, licking the bottom for the last drops. Teddy and Dale are still holding theirs. Mia squirms her thighs together, chewing on her grin. Kay leans close. “What about if I drink Dale’s and you drink Teddy’s?”
“Oh yeah,” Andy groans. The other two guys just wait quietly.
Mia blushes at Teddy’s smile and looks to her husband.
“Do you want to?” Kay asks her softly, and she reaches for Dale’s hand, taking the tiny glass from him. “Should I drink this?”
“Uh huh,” Mia utters and she turns to watch her girlfriend take in her husband’s cum and swallow it.
“Aw fuck,” Teddy groans again, squeezing and massaging his still erect cock. They all look from him to Mia. She bites her lip peering from the glass he’s holding to his intense stare at her face. His own face contorts and he pulls down the front of his jocks just in time to position the swollen head of his penis and squirt another several heavy ropes of semen into the thick pool, half filling the shot glass. He then squeezes off and wipes the last dribble on the rim.
“Better get it while it’s still warm,” Kay whispers to Mia.
“Okay,” Mia utters, peering around at everyone. She only glances at her husband before smiling up at Teddy. He hands her the glass. She takes it. It’s certainly warm, she notices. “I don’t usually do this,” she tells everyone shyly………………..

Basic Oral at a Party

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Husband shares her

island pic

Justine poured her tea and approached the breakfast table where all four men were seated. She bit her grin. “Well, it didn’t take long for you all to have me.”
“Regrets, love?” Thomas asked.
“No – none…. It’s nice. I feel so close to each of you now – so intimate.”
Thomas pulled her close as she leaned against him sitting. He stroked up her outer-thigh to her hip. She edged onto his lap in her short singlet and panties.
“You’re not too sore this morning, love?”
“No – I’m fine…. I know you men had been waiting.”
“Well, we’re all drained now,” Jasper said and chuckled. “We all are, aren’t we, men?”
“I am,” Steven said.
“Me too,” Thomas agreed, grinning.
Paul put up a hand. “Same.”
Justine smiled through her blush. “Well, it sounds like I’m doing my new job then, doesn’t it?”
Jasper claimed her foot as she pressed it against his knee. He held it and massaged her calf. “Filling all of our balls and emptying them for us sounds like a fair enough job to me…. What do you think, Paul – that’s what you call sharing, eh, buddy?”
“Yeah, it is,” Paul replied evenly. “As long as it doesn’t get to be too much…. It’s up to Justine if she can’t take one of you at any time.”
“Of course!” Thomas declared. The other two agreed.
“It won’t get to be too much, though,” Justine said. “Now that you’re all actually fucking me, I don’t mind how often, or even if you wanted to go one after the other or watch each other.” She bit a grin. “I’m sure I can take it as much as the four of you can do it to me.”
“Fuck yeah,” Jasper groaned.
“Does it matter how much semen you have inside?” Steven asked curiously. “Can there be too much?”
“Physically there’s no limit, Steven,” Thomas answered. “There’s no reason a woman can’t accept multiple ejaculations from a group of men. There’s nothing unhealthy about that. It’s just sperm and seminal fluid, isn’t it, love?”
“Uh huh. The worst of it will be that I drip a bit sometimes, if there’s too much. But that’s nothing for you men to worry about. It’s just a part of my new job, to accept any deposit of cum any of you want to make in me…. Anytime any of you need to get off, you can do it in my belly or in my mouth.” She peered around at the three other men and her husband. “Just pretend I’m your girl and you can have me whenever you want…………”

Basic Desert Island

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Seduced by a family friend

Basic topless

Evan has pulled up in front of the resort in his old pickup truck. Alan opens the door and Lisa climbs in and scoots across the seat, meeting Evan’s smile. There’s a big gear stick that she has to keep her legs clear of. She sways them to the side but Evan’s hand touches her thigh as he works through the gears. He has on black trousers and a white tee-shirt, his collared shirt scrunched on the seat beneath Lisa. His shoulder is huge, his arm muscled. It’s pressing against Lisa’s as he continues working the gear lever through the streets. The two men are talking about fishing and Lisa is just sitting there bumping from one to the other as the old truck sways and lurches around corners. Her nipples are hard against the fabric of her dress.
“You’re awfully quiet,” Evan says, grinning at her. “What are you daydreaming about?” he adds, giving her side a poke.
Lisa flinches and giggles. “Nothing…. I just don’t like fishing.”
“Oh yeah?” They’re waiting at a traffic light. Evan’s eyes roll playfully and he clutches her side again.
Lisa jumps and squeezes her arm down tight. “Don’t!” she cries, giggling some more.
He chuckles. “Still as ticklish as ever, huh?”
“Yes but don’t! I mean it!”
“What about your knees? They still ticklish too?” he asks and clutches one, making Lisa shriek and grab his wrist to keep him away.
“Alright, you do the gears,” he tells her, and he drives off. “Okay – second.” Lisa pulls the stick back, crunching it into second, giggling even more. “Third!” She pushes it forward and it slots in easily that time. “Fourth,” he says, and she pulls the stick back. “Good job! I told you you could drive this old bus.”
“No thanks, I prefer sitting here in the middle.”
Evan grins and winks at Alan. “Where you can’t get away,” he teases and clutches her knee again, squeezing and gripping a little higher as she laughs and squirms.
“Don’t!” she pants, holding his wrist but not trying to push him away this time. “Meanie!”
He’s still holding her thigh, his thumb on the outside, his fingers between her legs. “What do you say, Alan – one more tickle or has she had enough?”
Alan’s face is red, his jaw set. “I think she’s had enough….”
“So – enough until we get home and then one more big one, eh?”
“No! Not one more big one!” Lisa cries.
“Quick – third!” Evan tells her, and she pushes the gear stick into third as they slow nearing their driveway. “Second,” Evan commands, his hand still upon Lisa’s thigh and squeezing a little – not tickling so much as feeling her.
Lisa pulls her bag from the floor onto her lap as the pickup lurches around the corner and onto the driveway. It’s a long way to the house and Evan’s driving slowly. Her bag is their beach carry-all, large enough to conceal the hand still upon her thigh from her boyfriend. Lisa’s heart is pounding with anticipation of the older man’s fingers moving. “You should find everything you need down here in this shed,” Evan says to Alan, veering onto the track down to a small timber pier that is on the river bordering the farm.
As Evan pulls up in front of the shack, he removes his hand from Lisa’s leg and moves the gear stick to neutral. He turns off the truck. “Have a quick look and see if you need anything from the store, Alan.”
Alan gets out of the truck but leaves the door open. As soon as he’s inside the small timber shed, Evan grabs Lisa’s sides and tickles her. She shrieks and squirms back onto the seat, and he climbs onto his knees and over her. He’s clutching her ribs and she’s gripping his arms and rolling around laughing. She tucks up her knees but he just switches and grips her thighs.
“Enough! I give up,” she cries.
He relents but remains kneeling over her. She lies there panting and still giggling. She relaxes her legs, her dress bunched up around her waist and her bikini pants on display. The older man’s eyes rove upward from them to her heaving chest. He looks up from there to meet her gaze, his eyes tinged with more than fun now. Lisa bites a lip. His eyes lower to her body again. She lies still while he looks at her. He glances at the shed then meets her eyes again. His fingers are twirling the string at her hip. Lisa’s heart stops pounding and virtually quivers as he winds the string around a finger and pulls it taut then tugs more. It’s knotted firmly and doesn’t undo other than the bow. He smiles. “That’s cheating.”
“Uh huh,” Lisa utters.
He pulls the string at her other hip and slips that bow as well, his brows waggling playfully. Lisa lifts to her elbows and looks over her shoulder to where her boyfriend went. Evan walks fingers up her sides and clutches her ribs but doesn’t tickle yet.
“Um…. No….” she whines. “No more tickles….”
He holds her eyes, his smile fading again. He looks at her chest and strokes back down to her hips. He quickly glances at the shed then meets her eyes. “You have nice tits, Lisa. Do you ever go topless at the beach?”
Lisa’s blush rises. “I never have.”
“It would be nice to go one day while you’re here…. I’d love to see them – to see you topless.”
“Oh you would, would you?” Lisa replies, shaking her head. “You’re so bad, Evan.”
“That’s because you’re hot, baby. Just looking at you makes me want to be bad. It always has.” He checks for Alan again. “Just lift up your dress and show me? Just a quick flash?”
“No! Evan!” Lisa scolds, giggling.
His grin is cheeky now. “Aw, come on – just a little look?” He tugs at the neckline of her dress, his eyes boggling.
Lisa covers her breasts with her hands but her mind is racing as she checks for her boyfriend again. She turns back to the older man. He’s smiling, his eyes alive with excitement. “But I can’t, Evan. That would be wrong of me.”
Evan smiles bigger. “Yeah, but you wanted to, didn’t you?” He sits back in his seat.
Lisa gets up and tugs the skirt of her dress down. She deliberately went braless to tease the guy. He’s not wrong. “It doesn’t matter what I might or might not want to do. It only matters what I’m supposed to do,” she tells him, challenging with a grin of her own.
Evan laughs. Alan comes from the shed with two fishing rods and a tackle box. He puts them in the back of the pickup and climbs in there, giving a thumbs-up through the rear window.
Lisa meets Evan’s gaze as he drives off towards the house. She bites a lip. His eyes lower to her chest then lift again. “It would be good if Alan agreed to the topless beach. It would be even sexier if he was there to see a bunch of other men check you out.”
Lisa just blushes and glances away, chewing on her smile.
Evan chuckles. “You DO like the idea, don’t you?”
Lisa just glances.
“I know you do, baby…. I think we need to try and talk Alan into it.”
“Yeah sure!” Lisa returns incredulously.
“There would be other women topless as well. He might like to go for a look.”
“Hmm – maybe…. He probably wouldn’t mind checking out the other women, but he wouldn’t like the idea of me taking my bikini top off.”
“He could hardly complain if he was enjoying the view. It would probably be best not to say anything until after we got there, I suppose. Then once in the mood with everyone else – just slip yours off as well…. No big deal….”
“Hmm – no big deal, huh?”…………………………………….

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Sweet Catherine X-Rated

Basic SC1

It was 5am, and Catherine dozed off again before the sun came up. When she woke it was almost eight. She was alone in bed, lying in a wet spot with her pyjama pants down around her knees, and she was very sticky between the legs.
She quickly cleaned up in the bathroom. She used a warm washcloth to wipe her legs and dab at her red, swollen pussy. She was grinning to herself about that but at the same time she had to get to her train somehow.
She pulled on panties and a bikini top, track pants and a sweater. Then she snuck along to the master bedroom where her lover was sleeping noisily. He was on his belly with his white bum sticking out, snoring like a damn pig, and Catherine giggled under her breath but she had to wake him! Oh my god, she thought as she tried to summon up the courage to call out to him. It was different to last night in the dark. This was the cool light of day, and she felt like the total stranger that she, in fact, was.
“Oh no,” she whimpered as she took a step into the room.
“You there, Catherine?” called a familiar voice from downstairs.
Catherine turned and hurried from the master bedroom, grabbed her bag and ran down to the front door. “Uncle Lester!”
“Come on, love – what are you doing? You’re going to miss your train!”
She gave Lester a hug. “But Anne kicked me out!”
He took her bag and ushered her toward his rusty old car. “Don’t take any notice of that little bitch.” He chuckled. “Next time don’t even bring her with you!”
Catherine laughed. What a hero this funny little man was. Like there was nothing to it, he drove off merrily whistling and smiling. “And what the hell is that you’re wearing?” he pointed out after a few blocks. “You can’t go travelling across the country looking like that.”
“It’s ketchup,” Catherine explained. The mark was still there on her sweater.
Lester pulled into a small shopping centre. “Just in the door on the right there’s a clothes shop,” he said, fumbling in his pocket.
Catherine accepted money without trying to argue. She went in and found a sweater on the first stand. There was also a nice little lace bra on sale, so she grabbed that too.
“So, you had a nice weekend then, love? It was very nice having you.”
Catherine smiled back at Lester. “You’re a really lovely man, aren’t you?”
“Aw, now don’t let that get around.”
“Yes, I had a nice weekend, thank you. It was lots of fun.”
“And young Adrian? Did he treat you right?”
“He was okay. He’s a typical boy, that’s all.”
“And what about Michael? Do I need to have a word with him – run him over with my car or something?”
Catherine laughed. “No. He’s okay too.”
Before long they had reached the expressway where the road divided and the oncoming traffic was the other side of a nature strip. Catherine opened her shopping bag and blushed as she thought of what she was going to do. She smiled across at Lester. “Can you drive fast so no one overtakes us for a minute, please?” she asked sweetly.
He looked across at her. “Why’s that, love?”
Catherine’s blush deepened. “So I can get changed.”
“Oh,” Lester grunted as his eyes went googly behind his glasses.
Catherine lifted off her sweater and looked back to make sure no cars were coming. Then she pulled the strings on her bikini top and took it off too.
“Holy shit!” Lester exclaimed – his eyes lighting up and a big smile splitting his chubby, round face.
Catherine took the new sweater and bra out of the bag, but she just waited a minute while Lester looked at her breasts. He had gone quiet. He was checking the road but mostly just staring at them. She didn’t really know what to do next, so she just waited a bit longer, pushing her chest forward, showing them to him…………

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