Sweet Catherine X-Rated

Basic SC1

It was 5am, and Catherine dozed off again before the sun came up. When she woke it was almost eight. She was alone in bed, lying in a wet spot with her pyjama pants down around her knees, and she was very sticky between the legs.
She quickly cleaned up in the bathroom. She used a warm washcloth to wipe her legs and dab at her red, swollen pussy. She was grinning to herself about that but at the same time she had to get to her train somehow.
She pulled on panties and a bikini top, track pants and a sweater. Then she snuck along to the master bedroom where her lover was sleeping noisily. He was on his belly with his white bum sticking out, snoring like a damn pig, and Catherine giggled under her breath but she had to wake him! Oh my god, she thought as she tried to summon up the courage to call out to him. It was different to last night in the dark. This was the cool light of day, and she felt like the total stranger that she, in fact, was.
“Oh no,” she whimpered as she took a step into the room.
“You there, Catherine?” called a familiar voice from downstairs.
Catherine turned and hurried from the master bedroom, grabbed her bag and ran down to the front door. “Uncle Lester!”
“Come on, love – what are you doing? You’re going to miss your train!”
She gave Lester a hug. “But Anne kicked me out!”
He took her bag and ushered her toward his rusty old car. “Don’t take any notice of that little bitch.” He chuckled. “Next time don’t even bring her with you!”
Catherine laughed. What a hero this funny little man was. Like there was nothing to it, he drove off merrily whistling and smiling. “And what the hell is that you’re wearing?” he pointed out after a few blocks. “You can’t go travelling across the country looking like that.”
“It’s ketchup,” Catherine explained. The mark was still there on her sweater.
Lester pulled into a small shopping centre. “Just in the door on the right there’s a clothes shop,” he said, fumbling in his pocket.
Catherine accepted money without trying to argue. She went in and found a sweater on the first stand. There was also a nice little lace bra on sale, so she grabbed that too.
“So, you had a nice weekend then, love? It was very nice having you.”
Catherine smiled back at Lester. “You’re a really lovely man, aren’t you?”
“Aw, now don’t let that get around.”
“Yes, I had a nice weekend, thank you. It was lots of fun.”
“And young Adrian? Did he treat you right?”
“He was okay. He’s a typical boy, that’s all.”
“And what about Michael? Do I need to have a word with him – run him over with my car or something?”
Catherine laughed. “No. He’s okay too.”
Before long they had reached the expressway where the road divided and the oncoming traffic was the other side of a nature strip. Catherine opened her shopping bag and blushed as she thought of what she was going to do. She smiled across at Lester. “Can you drive fast so no one overtakes us for a minute, please?” she asked sweetly.
He looked across at her. “Why’s that, love?”
Catherine’s blush deepened. “So I can get changed.”
“Oh,” Lester grunted as his eyes went googly behind his glasses.
Catherine lifted off her sweater and looked back to make sure no cars were coming. Then she pulled the strings on her bikini top and took it off too.
“Holy shit!” Lester exclaimed – his eyes lighting up and a big smile splitting his chubby, round face.
Catherine took the new sweater and bra out of the bag, but she just waited a minute while Lester looked at her breasts. He had gone quiet. He was checking the road but mostly just staring at them. She didn’t really know what to do next, so she just waited a bit longer, pushing her chest forward, showing them to him…………

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