Husband shares her

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Justine poured her tea and approached the breakfast table where all four men were seated. She bit her grin. “Well, it didn’t take long for you all to have me.”
“Regrets, love?” Thomas asked.
“No – none…. It’s nice. I feel so close to each of you now – so intimate.”
Thomas pulled her close as she leaned against him sitting. He stroked up her outer-thigh to her hip. She edged onto his lap in her short singlet and panties.
“You’re not too sore this morning, love?”
“No – I’m fine…. I know you men had been waiting.”
“Well, we’re all drained now,” Jasper said and chuckled. “We all are, aren’t we, men?”
“I am,” Steven said.
“Me too,” Thomas agreed, grinning.
Paul put up a hand. “Same.”
Justine smiled through her blush. “Well, it sounds like I’m doing my new job then, doesn’t it?”
Jasper claimed her foot as she pressed it against his knee. He held it and massaged her calf. “Filling all of our balls and emptying them for us sounds like a fair enough job to me…. What do you think, Paul – that’s what you call sharing, eh, buddy?”
“Yeah, it is,” Paul replied evenly. “As long as it doesn’t get to be too much…. It’s up to Justine if she can’t take one of you at any time.”
“Of course!” Thomas declared. The other two agreed.
“It won’t get to be too much, though,” Justine said. “Now that you’re all actually fucking me, I don’t mind how often, or even if you wanted to go one after the other or watch each other.” She bit a grin. “I’m sure I can take it as much as the four of you can do it to me.”
“Fuck yeah,” Jasper groaned.
“Does it matter how much semen you have inside?” Steven asked curiously. “Can there be too much?”
“Physically there’s no limit, Steven,” Thomas answered. “There’s no reason a woman can’t accept multiple ejaculations from a group of men. There’s nothing unhealthy about that. It’s just sperm and seminal fluid, isn’t it, love?”
“Uh huh. The worst of it will be that I drip a bit sometimes, if there’s too much. But that’s nothing for you men to worry about. It’s just a part of my new job, to accept any deposit of cum any of you want to make in me…. Anytime any of you need to get off, you can do it in my belly or in my mouth.” She peered around at the three other men and her husband. “Just pretend I’m your girl and you can have me whenever you want…………”

Basic Desert Island

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