Wife tries oral at a party…

Beautiful girl lying

Mia meets her girlfriend’s lips. It’s fun – just a tease for the guys. They touch tongues and play up to the groans and ogling faces. Kay feels Mia’s breast, making her giggle.
“Okay that’s enough!” Kay declares. “Our turn now.” Andy is squeezing an erection. She glares at him. “You can forget that!”
Mia sees that both her husband and Teddy are semi-firm too, their penises noticeable in their jocks. Andy is kissing Kay. He pushes her down and gets between her legs. They all watch. Teddy holds his lengthening bulge to one side. Dale squeezes his. Mia presses her thighs together, a hand between them.
Kay pushes her husband off and sits up fixing her dress. “No – go and sit over there with your frigging hard-on,” she tells him. “Go stroke it off yourself. All three of you can!” Her eyes light up. “Now there’s an idea…. Let’s see who can shoot the biggest load. Dare you guys to have a stroking contest!”
“Aw fuck!” Teddy groans, his face reddening fast.
“Seriously?” Dale asks, gawking.
Andy chuckles. “Shit yeah!” He winks at the other two guys then grins at the girls. “One condition!”
Mia’s just blushing at the thought of watching them do it. Kay’s bravado is absent when she asks cautiously, “And what condition is that?”
Andy reaches across to the coffee table where there are shot glasses. He grabs them and puts one in front of Dale and Teddy, keeping one for himself. He smiles huge. “You girls have to down them when we’re done, sweetheart. That’s the condition.”
“Fuck yeah!” Teddy cheers.
Dale’s face reddens. Mia feels hers heat too.
“Hmm – but who has to drink Teddy’s?” Kay asks. She’s blushing too. “Will you do Dale’s?” she asks Mia, making a face.
Mia gulps and nods. She glances at her husband. He’s smiling now. She hardly ever swallows. She smiles through her blush and shakes her head.
“I say after you’ve done ours, you girls have to draw cards and the loser has to down Teddy’s shot as well,” Andy suggests mildly – quite serious now.
“Aw fuck yeah,” Teddy groans again. He’s already working his sizable erection through his jocks. Andy’s feeling his. Dale starts working his as well.
The girls look at each other. “I’m game if you are,” Kay says.
“Okay….” Mia utters. She looks to her husband. “Is this okay by you, Dale? I mean – if I lose and have to….”
“It’s not like anyone’s getting a BJ,” Andy says. “It’s only one little swallow.”
Dale gulps and nods. “Yeah, it’s okay by me.” He’s stroking now. He looks down at Mia’s panties.
Teddy is staring at them and working a full erection, still through his jocks. He looks to Kay’s legs. She parts them and lifts the skirt of her dress. She glances at Mia. Mia feels her blush deepen as she leans back on her hands and opens her legs as well.
The three guys stare at the girls’ crotches and jack off. Andy and Teddy reach their climaxes at the same time, freeing their cocks and squirting into their shot glasses. Mia is completely flushed with excitement watching their cum gush and spurt. Their loads look about the same in volume, Teddy’s slightly thicker. Dale groans and urgently sticks his cock head into his shot glass, his pulses of semen filling half an inch from the bottom and slurping down the sides.
Kay takes her husband’s glass and quickly drinks it down. “Mmm yummy,” she says, licking the bottom for the last drops. Teddy and Dale are still holding theirs. Mia squirms her thighs together, chewing on her grin. Kay leans close. “What about if I drink Dale’s and you drink Teddy’s?”
“Oh yeah,” Andy groans. The other two guys just wait quietly.
Mia blushes at Teddy’s smile and looks to her husband.
“Do you want to?” Kay asks her softly, and she reaches for Dale’s hand, taking the tiny glass from him. “Should I drink this?”
“Uh huh,” Mia utters and she turns to watch her girlfriend take in her husband’s cum and swallow it.
“Aw fuck,” Teddy groans again, squeezing and massaging his still erect cock. They all look from him to Mia. She bites her lip peering from the glass he’s holding to his intense stare at her face. His own face contorts and he pulls down the front of his jocks just in time to position the swollen head of his penis and squirt another several heavy ropes of semen into the thick pool, half filling the shot glass. He then squeezes off and wipes the last dribble on the rim.
“Better get it while it’s still warm,” Kay whispers to Mia.
“Okay,” Mia utters, peering around at everyone. She only glances at her husband before smiling up at Teddy. He hands her the glass. She takes it. It’s certainly warm, she notices. “I don’t usually do this,” she tells everyone shyly………………..

Basic Oral at a Party

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