An eReader on audio. Awesome!

ipadlt_823x978 (8)

I’m an Amazon Kindle man myself, but the other brands are probably just as good.
There are two situations where listening to a book being read to you simply rocks.
While driving or doing some mindless mundane work.
And lying in bed or reclined in an easy chair in the dark.
I do a 4 hour drive quite regularly and have a bit of mundane work to do each week.
Open a book on Kindle – hit play – immerse into the story and the driving hours drift by.
Then there’s the naughty night-time fun.
Open an erotic book – hit play – forget on-line porn, the book is always better than the movie.
Yep – an eReader on audio is awesome.
You get used to the robot voice. Don’t even worry about that.
Try one of my clips for a sample from my Amazon Kindle.
Happy reading… happy ending!

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