Focus on taboo sex and eroticism…


Formula for Hotwife/Cuckold stories: Wife gets turned on by dominant alpha male and hubby is full of angst but gets hard thinking about his wife being taken. Hubby and wife fuck while fantasising and working towards making it happen for real. Dominant alpha male fucks the wife, totally destroying her like hubby never could.

And that’s great. It sells well. It can be written over and over by changing the names and scenery.

But I don’t find the husband’s angst or humiliation erotic at all (okay to spice up the story but not the main thrust). Then when I get to a scene with the hubby and wife banging, I skim over the pages to find the end of it and get back to seeing where the story goes. Because married sex is boring in this context. And the typical reaming of the wife by the big cock alpha at the end is all physical and gets old fast.

So, when I sit down to write one of these hotwife/cuckold stories, I’m mindful of not following the formula. Which is why I end up with all kinds of men as “bulls”, and why although my books are full of graphically depicted sex scenes, there is rarely a detailed one between a hubby and wife. Oh and none of them are written solely from the wimp husband’s point of view, dragging you through hundreds of pages of his anguish.

Scene from early on in the story of sweet wife Justine:

(Steven 18yo neighbour boy, Jasper 30yo alpha male, Thomas late 50s family friend, Paul is Justine’s hubby)

Justine held her husband’s gaze as she walked toward him still sitting on the steps. She wrung her hands in front, trying to read his expression. His lips curved slightly upward. She smiled.
Jasper was leaning on the rail. “How’d you go, Stevo – get a good load off?”
Steven held up two fingers.
“Two loads?” Jasper cried.
“Yep. It was awesome!”
Thomas came out with a cup of tea for Justine.
“Thank you, Thomas…. I need to eat something too. I need something else in my stomach besides all you guys’ gooey stuff.” She sipped some tea, which felt nice going down. “I was just saying to Steven – I think we should do this after meals from now on. I won’t mind if you guys each have a set time for your sexy fun. At least I’d know what was happening, and so would you…. Unless that sounds silly?”
“I like that,” Thomas replied quickly. “That’s clear and simple.” He shrugged. “Can I be in the evening? At my age testosterone levels rise toward night time. I’m not much good in the morning these days.”
Jasper grinned. “I’ll go first…. Love a morning BJ.”
Justine met Steven’s smile. He shrugged. “Just like you said.” He looked up at the other men. “And we all have to get lost when Justine and Paul want to do it at night.”
Thomas chuckled. Jasper winked at Paul. “Fair enough, buddy.”
Paul nodded and gave a shrug. “Yep – sounds fair to me.”
Justine squeezed his arm. She was sitting beside him, cuddling it. “This is going to be great,” she said to him. “It’s going to be fun.”
“What about for you though, love – will you be okay with giving oral so often? There’s nothing wrong with a good old hand job, you know?”
Justine giggled. “I know…. Maybe a bit of one – a bit of the other…. I won’t mind unless it’s my time of the month. That should be next week, so I might be unavailable for a few days. I usually get cramps and that. It’s pretty yucky.”
“We’ve got plenty of pain killers yet, and there’s a hot water bottle.”
“Really? That will be great at night.”
“Yeah – I found one on top of the pantry, love. Probably some other lady here with the same idea. My Margie used to swear by the old hot water bottle.”
“I know. They’re brilliant. Thank you, Thomas. You’re so considerate.”
“Yeah – sucking up,” Jasper scoffed. “He knows he’s next.”
They all laughed. Justine left them to go and find food. Thomas sat her down at the table and served her fish soup and his quite yummy dough biscuits for lunch. He had developed a recipe for the biscuits over a number of failed attempts. They were pretty good now.
Paul had gardening to do. Jasper had wood to cut. Steven went fishing for the afternoon.
When Justine finished her lunch, Thomas cleared away her bowl. “So, I should be ready for our liaison after dinner tonight?” he asked, grinning.
“Uh huh…. Do you mind waiting? It will be nicer for me if we wait a few hours. I’m not used to swallowing so much semen in one day.”
“That’s fine, love. I’m happy to wait. The anticipation is very exciting, and like I said – I perform much better in the evening.”
Justine smiled up at the older man as he approached behind her. He placed his hands upon her shoulders and pressed his thumbs either side of her spine. Her head rocked forward. “Mmm – that feels so nice.”
He began massaging her, working the tension from her shoulders and upper back. Her shoulder strings were hanging down. She slipped her arms through as Thomas adjusted the top of her dress, tugging it down a little. He rested her forward over the table and resumed massaging her back, working lower now and kneading the muscles either side of her spine down to the base. Her breasts popped out the top of her dress, but she remained bent down with them pressed against the table.
Thomas rubbed up her sides and down as far as her hips. He then returned to her neck, and she sat up, lifting the top of her dress to cover herself. “Is that all nice and soothed now, love?”
“It’s wonderful. Thank you, Thomas.”
“It’s much better with oils. You have lovely soft skin, though.”
She rested back in the chair as he rubbed down her chest. He used only one hand and slipped it down the front of her frock. He felt her left breast, covering it with his hand and kneading it. “There’s not really a muscle group here, love. It’s more for stimulation.”
“Uh huh….”
“You have very responsive nipples.” He tweaked that one then moved to the other, just kneading the back of her neck with his other hand.
Justine opened her eyes to see Paul watching from the window. She held his gaze while the older man continued feeling her up. He swept both hands down between her tits and cupped them, her frock slipping down to her waist. He then claimed both of her nipples and pinched them a little harder. “Is that okay, love?”
“Uh huh….”
He pinched harder, twisting as well. “And that?”
“Mmm – not too hard, though?”
He relented and resumed massaging her breasts and gently caressing her nipples. He concentrated on one, squeezing her boob and running a fingertip around the areola. He wet his finger and used his saliva to make it slippery and cool. She met Paul’s gaze again. He was watching what Thomas was doing. Thomas leaned down and suckled that nipple. She caught her breath and nursed his head. He sucked half her tit into his mouth and lashed the nipple with his tongue. She moaned her pleasure at the tantalising sensation that sent through her entire body.
His hand closed over her thigh. It moved upward and squeezed again. He moved to her other tit and sucked hard then lashed the nipple, swirling his tongue around it and flicking over it. His hand moved again, his long bony fingers kneading and pressing against the edge of her underwear. “Um – Thomas….”
“I know, love…. Just your little clitty through your panties, okay?” He found her clit and rolled a fingertip around it. It was engorged and needed petting badly.
“Uhh..hhh,” she moaned raggedly as he pressed more firmly and isolated it.
“You can have a nice little orgasm if you like, love…. Clit and nipples – do you like them like that?”
“Uh huh – I like that,” Justine said, gripping his head and squirming against the teasingly soft ministrations of his fingers down below. She checked on Paul. He was still watching but wouldn’t have been able to see what was happening beneath the table. The lashing of the older man’s tongue and pressure of his fingers against her clit soon sent her over the edge into orgasm. She disguised it from Paul as best she could, her belly clenching nicely, but Thomas seemed to know enough to ease up when she became too sensitive. Both her nipples and clit were alight with exquisite sensations of pleasure.
Thomas lifted from her breasts, pulling her frock up to cover them. She peered up at him and instinctively parted her lips as he pressed his to them. He kissed her softly, lingering a few seconds and touching her lower lip with his tongue. She bit that lip when he lifted from her. She added a blush and half smile.
Paul cleared his throat from the doorway. Justine blushed at him too, tugging her frock up a bit straighter.
“Sorry – were you um…?”
“No – not that. Not until after dinner,” Justine said. “I was just getting treated to another nice massage for now.”
“Yes – mostly therapeutic – a little bit of sensual,” Thomas added, rubbing her shoulders. “She’s hard to resist being sensual with, isn’t she?”
“Yes, that’s true. She’s a sensual girl,” Paul said.
“Indeed,” Thomas went on smoothing down her front once more. He felt her tits again. She reached up to the back of his neck. He slid his hands down her dress and felt her bare. “Very hard to resist,” he went on.
“Hmm – but you have to wait until tonight now,” Justine uttered catching her dress and pulling it back up.
Thomas patted Paul’s shoulder on his way out the door. Paul took a seat at the table with Justine. “Did he just finger you, sweetheart?”
“No, he just rubbed me down there – just through my panties.”
Paul nodded slowly. “So, they’ve all gone that far now…. Have any of them actually fingered you yet?”
“Not yet…. Are they allowed to?”
He took her hand, holding her fingers and stroking with his thumb. He looked up from the table. “I thought you got it exactly right, baby. I like that you drew the line at no ‘full sex’ and that you’ve got them organized so that they’re not going to be hanging around trying to get onto you every five minutes.” Paul grimaced. “It’s pretty freaky just watching them with you. It’s like a frigging dream or something – like it’s not even real.”
“A dream or a nightmare?”
“No – a dream! It’s freaky but not in a bad way. Except with Jasper a little bit – but I’m getting used to it.”
“I know…. We couldn’t stop him going first, could we?” Justine uttered. “He’s so pushy.”
“Yeah – it was hard waiting out there that first time when he took you inside. Then it was so quiet, and it took so long before you came back out.”
Justine blushed. “It’s because he kept holding back. He kept getting close then making me go slow – letting him build up more…. He only came the once, but it was pretty huge. I was starting to get my achy jaw, so it was a relief when he finally came, and I just had to swallow it all for him.” Justine made a mock yucky face to illustrate how she remembered the big mouthful of cum Jasper had fed her. “But Steven was the opposite. He came so fast! Then I let him have another turn to make sure he finished satisfied…. I can’t believe how much semen I’ve swallowed so far today. But it’s fine. I think I’ll be fine doing this each day. I’ll just have to use my hand more sometimes and only take them into my mouth when they’re ready to cum.”
“Or maybe you don’t always have to take them in your mouth, baby. There’s nothing wrong with just a hand job.”
“Yeah, I know….” Justine smiled through her blush. She bit her lip. “But I like eating it for them. It’s so sexy when they’re watching my face while they’re blowing – having my head held and being made to swallow their cum…. I know guys love that, but so do I.”
Paul nodded. “Yeah – I guess.” His face reddened too. “And I guess it’s fair enough, them touching you – even if they try and finger you, or like with Thomas sucking your tits before.”
“Uh huh – and what about when he kissed me?”
“Well, that’s hardly anything compared to the rest, baby.”
“Do you think? Kissing is very intimate, Paul.”
Paul shrugged. “I thought it all was.”
“Oh, okay…. I like being kissed, anyway – especially if I’m going to do the rest.”
“Exactly! It shouldn’t be all one way. You should demand what you want too, sweetheart. It’s supposed to be about us all being satisfied, and that includes you.”
Justine giggled. “Hmm…. Okay – I’ll like it if there’s lots of kissing before the BJ….”

From “Young Wife Shared on a Desert Island”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

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