Hotwife Miranda

X-Rated story excerpt:

Adin sees Miranda over the back of the restaurant at a table with their friends. He leaves his uncle and walks around the crowd, picking up a tall scotch from the bar before joining her. The young, dark-haired Julian is with a group nearby and continually exchanges glances and smiles with Miranda throughout dinner. Adin catches his gaze several times and gets smiled at quite pleasantly, each time attempting to offer something positive in reply, but sensing failure in that. Sienna is as bubbly and talkative as ever. Miranda seems as subdued and distracted as Adin is.
Immediately after their meals, and with the band setting up, Miranda leans close to whisper to Adin, “I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”
“Yeah…. Already?”
Miranda squeezes his hand and kisses his cheek. “I love you,” she further whispers and stands and walks over to where the guy Julian is standing with another couple of men. Miranda approaches beside him and is welcomed with his arm going around her waist. Adin meets Sienna’s eyes and does a little shrug in defeat. He lifts his hand to wave her a goodbye and stalks over to the bar.
Adin sits there with his back turned to his wife. He can see her in a mirrored wall behind the bar. She glances at him a few times but is chatting and laughing with the group of men. Before long her lover takes her hand and leads her towards the stairs. Adin turns on his bar stool and watches them. Miranda looks back from the top of the stairs and he holds her gaze for a few seconds before she does a little finger wave and turns away.
Adin can’t bring himself to follow his wife right away. He leans forward on his elbows and covers his mouth with his hands. His gut is tight and his blood is fizzing and causing a spell of light-headedness. The band suddenly starts and the blast of sound hits him hard and shocks him out of the haze that has descended upon him. He downs his drink and stalks through the restaurant to the stairs. His heart is in his throat as he trudges up and along the hallway to the viewing room. He opens the door and slips in, going to the window and looking through to see Miranda nude on the bed and Julian kicking away his jeans and crawling over her.
The lighting is as Adin had set it. He watches his wife open her mouth and accept the kiss of the man on top of her. It’s a tender kiss that becomes searching then passionate. It’s a mutual kiss, with Miranda giving as much as she’s being taken.
Adin watches while this other man feels his wife’s opening and prepares it for entry. The guy is simple and direct. He just fingers Miranda for a minute then positions the head of his cock and pushes into her.
Miranda spreads her legs wide and grips his butt, holding him while he thrusts then raking up his back when he starts pounding her. She has her head turned aside and is looking at the mirror. It appears to Adin that she has hardly built much excitement at all before the guy between her legs is jammed hard against her and obviously blowing his load.
Adin’s wife strokes down the back of her young lover and grips his bottom to hold him close. He’s propped on his elbows with her face in his hands. He resumes kissing her. His hips are rolling gently, his butt clenching with each thrust into Miranda. Her legs are relaxed aside, her knees bent up and her feet planted. Adin can’t quite see their coupling at the angle he’s viewing from, as they are lying diagonally across the bed. The guy is alternating between kissing Adin’s wife and watching her tits bounce as he thrusts into her.
Miranda begins lifting and grinding against him. She is undulating up off the mattress and fucking herself on the young guy’s cock. Adin squeezes his own erection and watches her build and go into orgasm before the guy on top of her takes control again and resumes pounding her.
Adin watches intently until the guy powers up into his wife and holds firm, pumping a second load of cum into her belly. Adin then slumps on the couch behind him and lies there staring at the ceiling and holding his limp cock in his pants, agonizing over the feel of his beautiful wife’s nude body pressed against him – over the thought of it, and the knowledge that this other man is experiencing that right then.
After probably a half hour lying there, Adin gets up to check through the window again. The bedside lamp is off, and in the dim glow he can see Miranda cuddled up to the guy’s chest. They’re talking and he’s stroking her back. She lifts to kiss him. He holds her head and takes her deeply for a while before releasing her – her head returning to rest upon his chest again.
Adin stands there watching for an hour until he’s sure they’re sleeping. He then abandons his vigil and just checks every now and then over the next few hours. He’s drinking steadily and feeling less pain. He dozes on and off too, and it’s about three in the morning when he checks the window and finds his wife being fucked again. They are under the bed cover. The guy is on top – Miranda’s legs obviously bent up and spread as he thrusts between them. This seems to go on for ages before he finally jams hard against her and pumps his third load of cum into her fertile womb, as Adin pictures it.
The kissing then resumes and Adin turns away and slumps onto his couch to give in to his drunkenness and welcome the mind-numbing relief of sleep…………

From “All Night Long: A Hotwife Awakening”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

4 thoughts on “Hotwife Miranda

  1. We don’t see “The Sexual Savour: Shared Wife Cara listed anywhere on Amazon. Is this an upcoming book or has it been retitled (as you sometimes do). Thanks


    1. Thanks for your interest, guys. “The Sexual Favour: Shared Wife Cara” is an upcoming book, with a bit of work needed yet. When it is released it will be titled as such or possibly “The Sexual Favour: A Hotwife Awakening”…. Sorry for the changes I tend to make, it’s amazing the difference with a different title sometimes. My most recent Hotwife book “Sperm Count (Shared Wife Miranda)” was a bit of a flop, but re-doing the cover image and calling it “All Night Long” has made the book far more popular with readers.


      1. Thanks for the info. Wouldn’t have thought that a title change would make a difference. Obviously the cover art can and does. Doesn’t affect our buying decisions, if you write it, we buy it. Thanks again. Love your work.


      2. Thanks guys, let me know if you ever fancy starring as the hubby and wife in a Coolomon Hotwife novella? Sweet Catherine was written with a beautiful real-life woman as a muse, also each of the short stories in Party Girl Shared & Glory Hole Wife. It’s been a while since I’ve done it but would love to again. The muse has input but the author has control. It’s edgy and exciting. It’s also literature, so no need for pictures ever. And all for fun, so no money involved…. No pressure, just tossing it out there in case you guys (or any other couple/female fans of my naughty stories) might be interested.
        Email to


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