Hotwife shared with husband’s co-worker….

Swinger Club 2a

Adrian edges away from the closed bedroom door. He slips quietly along the hallway and goes out the back to sit in the sun. It’s a while before Sara approaches and cuddles him from behind. “Hey, husband, are you okay?” she asks softly.
Adrian covers her hands with his and nods, pressing his head to hers. “I’m okay. Just soaking it in, baby.”
“Hmm – me too. I’m soaking in a nice big load of Frank’s cum…. My pussy is so gooey with it right now,” she whispers into his ear. “Did you hear me being fucked? I didn’t know he would be like that.”
“Me either, baby.” Adrian peers back at the door. “Where is he now?”
“He said he’d come back in a couple of hours. He thought we would want to be alone for a while.”
Sara slips onto Adrian’s lap. He can feel the moist heat of her pussy against his thigh. “I saw him really pounding you, baby. He had you spread open and pinned down, but you sounded like you were enjoying it.”
“I was enjoying it. It was nice to be taken like that. He made me cum so hard and just kept fucking me….”
“I can feel how hot you are down there right now, Sara. It’s weird that it’s from Frank.”
“I know. I have panties on in case I drip too much. I hope his load was as thick as the one’s last night.” She kisses and whispers close again, “I’d like it to stay inside me. I bet it’s really heavy with sperm….” She kisses Adrian’s cheek and nibbles then breathes in his ear again, “It’s so exciting to have been fucked by a man who can get me pregnant.” She moans softly. “I think our marriage just got cummed in, Adrian. I’m a wife who’s been nailed and pumped full of another man’s seed.” She has her hands wedged between her thighs and she’s squirming against her fingers. Adrian’s cock has lifted. It’s sore but erect.
The idea of fucking his wife when she’s slick from Frank’s load doesn’t appeal enough to keep him hard for long. Sara goes back inside and gets him breakfast. He watches some golf on TV for a while. Sara does her nails and spends some time online with her chat groups. Frank comes back just after lunch. Adrian’s dozing in his lounge chair. Sara lets their friend in, holding his hand as she brings him into the lounge room to face Adrian. “You men talk. I’m going to get changed,” she says.
“Hey, man,” Adrian begins.
“Hey,” Frank replies, half smiling. “Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, it’s all good. I know you won’t go bragging at work or anything, man…. I get you would probably feel pumped over nailing my wife like that, but as long as it’s just between us.”
“Thanks, man. Yeah, I do feel pumped about it, I have to admit. Sara’s hot. I’m fucking stoked I got onto her.” Frank sits opposite. “Plus that was my first fuck in ages, man. I came in her so fucking huge.”
Adrian nods. He feels his face flush. “Yeah that bit is kind of freaky – you actually cumming inside of her.”
“Yeah, it must be strange for you, man. I get that it would be…. Feels great for me though – knowing that she’s probably been dripping from me all morning.” Frank meets Adrian’s eyes. “I’m going to fuck her and cum in her again later, okay? I don’t want to have to pull out or anything.”
“No, you don’t have to pull out,” Adrian replies and takes a breath. He nods. “I want you to stay in when you cum. I’ll just have to get used to it a bit.”
Frank smiles. “Awesome! And I’ve got another fucking huge load building too. I can feel it.” He grabs his package. “The way her tight little pussy sucks your cock, I’ll have her belly full of cum by tonight.”


Sara comes back wearing her tee-shirt dress, her tits unfettered beneath it quite obviously. She sits on the lounge and tucks her feet up, her bare pussy and little landing strip visible for a moment before she spreads a cotton blanket to cover her legs.
They settle back watching the end of the golf then a movie. Adrian is half dozing when he sees Sara motion to Frank with a smile and toss of her head. Frank meets his gaze as he stands and walks to the lounge. Sara looks to Adrian as well, biting down on her smile. She lifts the blanket and tugs on Frank’s hand for him to get in behind her………….

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Married Couple visit a Swinger Club”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

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