Girlfriend felt up in the back seat….

sexy beauty relax on sea

Evan guides young Lisa with a hand upon her back. She scoots across the seat next to George. He helps her find the seatbelt. “It’s tricky,” he says and searches beneath her for it. She lifts, and he quickly gathers the skirt of her dress in back so when she sits, her bottom is bare on the leather seat. He then clips the seatbelt across her, and both men tug the skirt of her dress from beneath and straighten it carefully across her thighs, inched up slightly. Trent – Lisa’s teenage neighbour – is watching what they’re doing from the front passenger seat. He looks up to meet Lisa’s eyes but she’s sort of spaced out and can’t think straight.
Lisa’s boyfriend, Alan, is behind the wheel and drives out from under a streetlight and onto the road. Lisa can just feel the older men’s legs touching hers. They drive quietly through the city and onto the expressway for the 15 minute run down the coast.
George is first to do something. He clutches Lisa’s leg above her knee and makes her bite down on a giggle. Evan then probes her side and makes her squirm and squeak. “Yeah, she likes getting tickled,” he says and grips with two hands, kneading and digging into her ribs and making her shriek. “You do her legs, George,” Evan says and keeps up his attack. George clutches one leg then the other, tickling mercilessly and making Lisa wriggle and kick out. Her neighbour is watching intently and her boyfriend is craning back over his shoulder as much as he can.
The two older men relent and have Lisa panting and giggling. She has her seatbelt undone and is pressed back against Evan with her legs across George. Evan touches her sides, threatening again. She claims his wrists. “No more crazy tickles – just nice ones, please?”
“Just nice ones, huh?” Evan says and starts stroking softly up and down. “Like that?”
“Uh huh…. That’s better,” Lisa utters. “It still tickles.”
“What about like this?” George asks, tracing slowly back and forth along her thigh.
“Mmm – that tickles too,” Lisa says, clutching the skirt of her dress and holding it tight where it’s hiked up to nearly reveal her. “Uhh..hhh – that’s almost the wrong kind of tickles,” she tells them both then catches her boyfriend’s gaze.
They’re all watching George. He strokes over Lisa’s knee then gently up her inner thigh. Her legs are together but her thighs are slender. He traces all the way up to the hem of her dress. “Does that tickle, love?”
“Uh huh….” Lisa’s eyes roll past her neighbour watching intently. He’s looking diagonally across at where Evan is behind Lisa and is watching where a hand is hidden beneath her arm and moving discretely. There’s a finger inside the edge of her dress playing with a nipple. “Uhh..hhh,” she moans as George’s fingers brush up her inner thigh again and caress beneath where she’s holding her hem so tight.
“Ah, so that’s the spot,” George says with a low chuckle and he clutches softly high up her inner thigh. He then runs his fingers downward then flays them gently back up.
“Um – that’s um….” Lisa presses her dress down between her legs, biting a grin and blushing fully.
“I think that’s enough now,” Alan says, his voice raspy and dry. “I think that’s enough tickling.”
“No, that’s fucking awesome. You should keep doing it,” Trent says.
“Shut up, you!” Lisa tells her young neighbour. She bends up her legs and pushes George with her feet. He claims them and massages.
“That doesn’t tickle, does it, love?”
“No, that’s just nice, thank you.”
Trent tilts his head to see under Lisa’s legs. She smooths a hand beneath there but can’t find the skirt of her dress and is still sitting bare on the leather seat. Trent chuckles. “What happened to your panties, Lisa?” He tilts his head for another look.
“Hey! Cut that out you little pervert!”
They’ve left the expressway and stop at lights. Alan turns for a look as well. Lisa waits while he does, not trying to cover herself this time. She’s not sure how much they can see anyway, especially since it’s quite dark and shadowy in the back seat. She feels exposed, with the cool air against the heat from her crotch. She also feels quite wet down there, her pussy lips slippery. George is casually rubbing her feet. She’s still lying back against Evan’s chest. She bites a lip as she meets her boyfriend’s eyes. The lights turn green and he faces forward and drives.
Evan strokes Lisa’s hair from her face as she peers back at him. “Are you comfy there?” he asks mildly.
“Uh huh…. This is fine,” she utters softly.
He strokes up and down her arm as they drive through the streets towards the edge of town. She has her arms against her sides, her breasts squished between them and no skin visible. Evan’s fingers traveling slowly upward extend across to caress over her nipple. It’s tight and aroused, and he’s teasing it with each stroke, well out of Alan’s line of site, being directly behind him. George is looking, however, and Lisa meets her young neighbour’s gaze again as he glances up from watching what Evan’s doing with her.
Lisa just blushes at trent, who then smiles at Evan. “Awesome,” he whispers, glancing to check that Alan is distracted. Lisa then holds a breath as Evan’s hand closes over her breast and squeezes. He feels that one then relaxes with his hand coming to rest upon the other one. He’s sort of cuddling her against his chest now, and he just holds her breast and softly thumbs the nipple.
“So, what’s next? The night’s only young,” Evan says.
“Bedtime’s next for me,” Lisa replies with a yawn.
“For me too,” George agrees. “I’m done in, but what about tomorrow – are we going to the lake?”
“The lake? I thought we were just going to the beach here,” Evan says, still feeling Lisa’s erect nipple. She peers back up at him and he grins and squeezes her full breast. She can’t help arching up against his big hand. She bites her lip and squirms as he moves to her other breast and feels for that nipple as well. “We don’t need to go all the way to the lake, do we? Plenty of ladies go topless here.”
“Yeah, I guess. The lake has the option of full nude, though – in case Lisa wants to see some more naked dicks.”
Lisa giggles. “Hmm – but would I have to go full nude as well, or could I just go topless?”
“Hey – topless is fine…. Some just go as tourists and not undress at all.”
“What do you think, Alan?” Evan asks. “Are you cool with Lisa going topless for us?”
“Um….” Alan pulls up at the house and looks around. “I don’t know – do you want to, baby?” He looks at where Evan is still holding Lisa’s breast – his hand just resting there at the moment.
Lisa lifts her arms to fix her hair, sitting up and displacing Evan’s hand. “I guess I don’t mind. It might be fun to try it at least………”

This short excerpt is from “Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless”…. Things heat up. A lot!

Hotwife & Cuckold

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