Taking his hot young wife to a bar….

Nature's Game 3

Annabelle gives her husband an excited look as he opens her door. Luke gets into the driver’s seat and buckles up. Annabelle is watching his face. “I chickened out,” she says.
“Chickened out?”
“Yes, I put on panties…. I could easily take them off later, but I just felt too naked in this dress. It’s pretty short.”
“That’s okay, baby. You still look hot. Can still see your tits – like, that you’re braless.” Luke gives his wife’s breast a little squeeze as he drives. She covers his hand with hers and checks around. He lowers his hand to her thigh and rests it there. “What else have you fixed up to wear – any more short skirts or dresses?”
“No, but I tried on the skirts I bought for work before and I think they’ll be fine. They’re about the same length as this dress, so way shorter than my usual ones, but I’ve seen shorter around the building…. Plus there are quite a lot of nice looking guys who I could start dressing for a little bit.” Annabelle is still watching Luke’s face. “A few of the ones who often say hello to me are really tall and obviously work out.”
“Oh yeah? They just say hello?”
“Well, they like chatting of course. The ones I like are mostly just fun.”
“Anyone in particular?” Luke asks warmly, squeezing his wife’s thigh.
Annabelle takes a breath. “There’s a guy I was thinking of when I bought the skirts. He’s in my building but I don’t see him all that often…. He’s really huge in the shoulders and chest – almost like a body builder but not one of those pumped up ones – more natural looking…. Plus he does more than just smile – he lets me know he’s looking.”
“Wow, baby, I never knew anything like that…. I mean I know guys check chicks out all the time, but I never really thought much about it.”
“Well, yes it does happen all the time, Luke. It’s nothing unusual, and lots of women play up to it.”
“Right. Of course…. And you want to with this body builder guy?”
“Um yes – with the others as well, but especially with him – now that we’ve started this…. I was thinking of getting one of those contour bras in white and maybe undoing my blouse a little bit next time I have to deliver anything to his office.”
“And let him have a look?” Luke groans, lifting to feel a breast again.
“Uh huh – unless I chicken out of doing that too…. Mmm – if I could do everything I fantasize about I’d be able to just undress completely for him – right there in his office.”
“Aw fuck,” Luke groans, glaring from the traffic for as long as he can.
“And then he pulls me onto his lap, and I can’t even imagine after that,” Annabelle goes on.
“Wow that’s some fantasy, baby.”
“I know and it’s so real…. I even get wet at work from him, Luke. Right in the middle of the office with everyone around and I’m supposed to be working.”
Luke nods. “What’s his name?”
“Paul Jamison. He’s a bit older – about 40, I think.”
“And what about the others – any of them that old too?”
Annabelle shakes her head. “No, more so our age…. I don’t usually think much about older men – except this one.”
“And he has his own office? There’s no one else around when you drop stuff off to him?”
“No it’s a private office, except for the door being open of course, and sometimes the secretary is there and I don’t even get to go in at all.”
“Okay, so this really has been going on for a long time, baby…. You’ve been fantasising about this older man and like bigger guys in general?”
“Well, yes, but everyone has their fantasies, don’t they? I’m not even sure how we got this far into talking about mine…. Or even if we should be talking about this.”
“No – it’s good. I’m glad we’re talking like this. I think it’s the right thing – being this open with each other.”
“Yes usually, but even with me and other men? Are you sure you’re okay with it, Luke? Doesn’t it make you angry at all?”
Luke takes a moment. He doesn’t have a ready answer for this. “I’ve been thinking about how it would be if this was totally natural…. It’s like if we were in nature and some huge dude wanted you, I’d be forced to stand back and let him – simply through physical size. And I’m sure that’s what turns women on deep down – the idea of the guy’s physical power and the feeling of being dominated by him. I mean, if it was nature with no society and law you wouldn’t have any more choice than me, baby. He’d just take you anyway. You’d be getting raped by more powerful men than me all the time and I’d just have to stand there and watch.”
Annabelle’s blush has lifted again. She’s looking directly ahead and shaking her head slowly. “Raped by them? I don’t know about that.”
“Well, you’d probably feel the same way as you seem to now and be turned on by them. Which means you would probably be quite submissive anyway if it was a strong enough guy. And I’d just have to get used to watching bigger men taking you in front of me…. But that would be in a totally natural and primitive situation, and we’re a long way above that kind of stuff as civilised humans.”
“Yeah, I guess,” Annabelle responds softly. “That all sounds logical but that isn’t how things really work, is it? I mean we fall in love and get married. It’s not like the wild animals.”
Luke squeezes his wife’s hand in her lap. “I know, baby. I’ve just been trying to figure out how I feel and why this has been so exciting for me…. I just think that maybe some of those instinctive things are still in us deep down, and maybe they influence how we react a little bit – in the way we get turned on.”
“Oh okay. That’s good then. It’s always best to understand why we feel the way we do.”
“I know, and I think it’s more complicated for me, baby. I think with you it’s just that basic physical power and attraction. But with me it’s kind of like being the less physical male is a truth somehow – like it’s hard to step aside and see the bigger guy getting his way, but it’s also good in that it’s just natural deep down…. It’s definitely exciting, and I think it’s that jealous yet accepting mix that creates the intensity.”
“Wow, Luke, you really have been thinking about this, haven’t you?” Annabelle has turned to face Luke with a warm smile now. “That all makes good sense to me.”
“Hey, I’m just trying to figure out why I like the idea of other guys checking you out. There’s no need to think about it too much – it just feels exciting…. I’m so glad you’ve been taking up the hems on your skirts. You’ve got great legs – especially with the sexy gap between your thighs.”
“Hmm, I know! I love my thighs,” Annabelle agrees, smoothing her hands down them. “And I like my thigh gap. Thanks to mum for that.”
“It makes it easier to see all the way to what these guys are really interested in, baby. All the way up to it if your skirt’s short enough.”
“Oh yeah? And what exactly are these guys really interested in?” Annabelle challenges.
Luke returns her smile but is overpowered by a more serious notion. “Well, they want to see your tits of course, but their real interest is in your pussy…. Ultimately to fuck you no doubt – if they ever got the chance.”
“Hmm – just like in nature, huh?” Annabelle is biting down on her smile now. “Or to pretend and play games about that….”
“Exactly!” Luke glances and nods. “That’s perfect, baby – to play games about these deep down natural feelings…. That’s exactly what this is, isn’t it?”
“Yes, and only as a game, right? Not to ever go past playing.”
“Oh yeah definitely. There’s no way I’d ever want this to go further than just looking and teasing. That was hard enough to watch with that first guy, and there’s no way I was waiting for him to try and actually touch you.”
“Good,” Annabelle agrees firmly. “I like the idea of them looking at me and a little bit of flirty talk or whatever, but I only want to fantasize about anything more than that…. Fantasies are safe. The safest sex there is.”
“Yeah, and the guy gets to fantasize too, so all’s fair in that.”
“Mmm….” Annabelle peers smiling from where she has legs tucked up sideways in her seat. “I like the thought of a guy with a really huge one fantasizing about fucking me with it.”
Luke looks at her legs then up to meet her eyes. She checks her legs too. He squeezes one, feeling down her inner thigh. She holds his wrist as he rubs further and touches the crotch of her panties. They’re damp. He pulls the elastic edge aside and his fingers slice into her. He swallows hard and glances at her face. She squirms her thighs together, crossing them and pushing against his arm.
“When we get to this bar, would you like to walk in separately – maybe to sit at the bar alone?” Luke asks.
Annabelle shakes her head. “You have to stay with me or I’ll chicken out…………………”

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Shared Wife Annabelle: Nature’s Game”.

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