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This is just about my favourite thing – cleavage, side-boob, under-boob, see-through, braless, open-shirt, down blouse, down dress…. You name it. The sexily subtle showing of breasts absolutely does it for me. So I write about it. A lot. And I was looking at the way many authors/publishers of eBooks offer box sets, grouping a bunch of books together and selling for a bargain price, but I figured that wasn’t quite for me. Then I thought of the way it’s done with porn clips – compilations of your favourite thing. Which is more like what I wanted to do.

So here’s my first attempt at an eBook ‘compilation’. If it appeals to readers, I’ll do more 🙂

Matt CoolomonCompilations 1


A compilation of some of the hottest downblouse and topless scenes from the works of Matt Coolomon. Cut and pasted into one volume, this is all about a man’s wife or girlfriend showing her breasts to other men. Subtly flashing them. Or downright exposing them.

Presented like a cum-shot reel, these 12 sizzling hot scenes each give just enough background and lead-in to immerse you into the action. Enough to get to know the sweetly submissive wife or girlfriend before she shows you her assets.

Please note: all scenes are available in other published novels and novellas.
Anny daring to do it at the river, from ‘Young Wife gets a Sensual Massage’.
Eve and the guy next door playing with the hose, from ‘Wife Shared at the Lake’.
Mia with the old guy at the beach, from ‘Wife Tries Oral at a Party’.
Tamika doing her housekeeping, from ‘Wife Offered to the Houseguest’.
Natalie teasing the old landlord, from ‘Wife Shared with Dirty Old Men’.
Teen Catherine daring to at the beach, from ‘Daughter Seduced by Older Men’.
Sara in her new little black dress, from ‘Married Couple Visit a Swinger Club.’
Catherine plays strip with the guys, from ‘Pretty Wife Seduced by the Bad Boy.’
Justine climbing the mountain trail, from ‘Young Wife Shared on a Desert Island’.
Annabelle accidentally at the truck stop, from the hotwife novel ‘Nature’s Game’.
Angela and her sister in the pool, from ‘Girlfriend Agrees to Sex with his Buddies’.
Miranda with the guy at the beach, from series bestseller ‘All Night Long’.

The sisters in the pool…

Suddenly Tanya grabbed Angela’s bikini top. She had the string pulled over her head, and she lunged away, pulling it from her completely. Angela squealed and covered her breasts with her arm, instinctively sinking low in the water while her sister climbed out of the pool twirling her top around teasingly. She threw it onto Angela’s dress, which was on a chair near the back door of the house. “I’m first in the shower,” Tanya called back cheekily and went inside.
Mr Peters was whistling. Then he stopped. Angela waited. She knew he was still there. It was a paling fence, and she could see him through the cracks. Her heart was thumping, her cheeks on fire. She waited several minutes, then she lifted slightly until her breasts were exposed above the level of the water. She was facing the fence but turned her head away, letting Mr Peters look at her. She raked her hair back, gathering it and wringing it out, standing fully and remaining facing the fence. She suddenly felt calm, or at ease at least – her heart was still thumping, but she was more excited than nervous.
Mr Peters stepped up onto something and looked over the top of the fence. “Hello there, Angela,” he said, smiling broadly. “I noticed Rex has been trying to dig under the fence down the back…. It’s Missy – I think she might be on heat. He wants to talk to her about that, I suspect.”
“Oh!” Angela blushed. She had covered her breasts with her arm again.
Mr Peters looked down at her chest. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to….”
Angela nodded. “Um…. What should I do – about Missy?” She felt a wave of excitement gush over her as she lowered her arm.
The old man’s eyes flashed down and up quickly. He cleared his throat. “Err…. Nothing to do – I’ll just keep Rex on his chain for a few days?”
Angela’s breasts were pure white, a distinct triangle of milky skin against her golden tan. Her dark nipples were of course tight from the cool water.
“I’ll just – um….” She motioned to her clothing and waded from the pool to get her top. She had her back to the old neighbour at that point, but as she undid the knots in her bikini top she turned a little so he could see her breasts again. The knots had been pulled tight. The stitching was stretched and one string was almost broken. If she put the dress on it would stick to her wet skin. There was a towel on the clothes line, so she hurriedly got that and wrapped it around herself.
“I’m so sorry to disturb,” Mr Peters offered sincerely.
“No, that’s fine.” Angela blushed as she approached the fence again. “We were being silly and my sister pulled my top off. It’s our own fault, Mr Peters.”
He grinned. “Good…. I wasn’t exactly sorry, truth be told.”
Angela kept the edge of the towel in place above her breasts while dabbing at her wet hair with the other edge. She knew Mr. Peters quite well, or at least thought she had done. He was always chatty – this time going on about car theft in the neighbourhood and the rising council taxes.
“Okay – so, we’ll also keep Missy chained up today and tomorrow, and we’ll see after that?”
“Thanks, love. Enjoy your party, and don’t worry about noise if you have loud music. I was young once too. You just have fun.”
“Okay. Thanks, Mr Peters.”
Angela put Missy on her chain and filled her water bowl. She tidied up around the pool and checked her bikini top again. She could probably fix it with a needle and thread. She had another in her bag that would do for the weekend.
Mr Peters was sitting on his back deck. His chair was facing where Angela was standing. She could feel him looking at her. Her blush fired up at thought of what she was about to do. She couldn’t imagine why, but she undid her towel and dropped it on the chair. Her dress was inside-out, so she had to fix it before putting it on. She lifted her head and met Mr Peters’ eyes over the top of his sunglasses. She looked down at herself then back up at him. With her hands at her waist, she waited while he had a good long stare at her naked breasts. She glanced down at them then met his gaze again.
“Nice,” he said. “I’d better keep a watch out over the weekend if you girls are going to be bathing topless.”
“Okay,” Angela said, smiling through her blush. Then with a flash of cheek and courage she added, “But no filming us, Mr Peters.”
His eyes widened. “I see. You’ve been snooping, have you?”
Angela pulled her dress on and ran inside, tossing a smile back over her shoulder as her only response.


Then the sisters together in the pool the next day.

They got changed into bikinis and went for a swim. Getting on 4.30, Mr Peters had not appeared in his yard or on his deck. The girls were disappointed, about ready to give up when a car pulled into the garage.
“That’s him,” Angela said excitedly.
“But what if he doesn’t come back out?”
He was walking inside. “Hi, Mr Peters!” Angela called.
He turned and smiled. “Oh hello, girls! How are we today?”
Tanya squeezed Angela’s hand under the water. They were both sitting on the step with the water lapping at their shoulders.
“Hi, Mr Peters!” Tanya called out too.
“We’re fine,” Angela said. “It’s a beautiful day.”
“Yes – I’m coming back out to enjoy…. I’ll just put my groceries away.” He ducked inside.
“Are you ready?” Angela asked her sister. “I’m going to.” She tugged the knot behind her back and pulled her top off. Tanya did the same. The pool was right by the fence. “Let’s sit up higher so he can see us,” Angela said, and she floated up two steps until the water was only to her waist. Tanya joined her there. They both put their bikini tops on the step behind them.
The back door of Mr Peters’ house slammed, and a moment later his head bobbed over the fence. His eyes widened. “Oh hello!”
Angela giggled, her tits jiggling. She looked down at them then back up. He looked from hers to Tanya’s. “Very nice,” he said, grinning. “I’m going to watch you from my chair. Just ignore me.”
“Okay,” Angela replied sweetly.
Mr Peters’ deck was raised, giving him a view down into the pool. Angela floated around on her back, showing off for him. Tanya did too, her little peaks sticking out of the water quite proudly. Tanya got out and sunbathed for a little while before leaving Angela there to start dinner.
Angela got out and dried off. She had a short cotton beach wrap she had brought out to the pool. Mr Peters was looking at her over his sunglasses. His head was raised and he was watching her closely. She faced away from him and put the wrap on, leaving it untied. She then blushed to herself and pulled her bikini pants down. She wrung them out and placed them on the arm of a chair. She then wrung her hair, and she turned to face the old neighbour with her arms raised like that.
“Yeah – that’s nice, love,” he said low and sensually.
Angela looked down at the wrap opened over her breasts and at her shaved pussy. She peered up at him, biting her lip.
“Come closer,” he said, approaching the fence.
She shook her head. “No, this is close enough.”
He nodded. “You have a beautiful body, Angela.”
Tanya came back out, so Angela tied her wrap. “Mr Peters said we have beautiful bodies, Tan…. He has an interesting body too, doesn’t he?”
Tanya giggled. “Oh yeah. He sure does.”
Mr Peters chuckled. “So, you naughty young ladies have been watching your uncle’s porno clips, eh?”
Angela nodded, eyebrows raised.
“We sure have, Mr Double D,” Tanya replied boldly.
He frowned in question, glancing down at his big round torso. “I know I have some man boobs but at my age…. And they’re not quite double D, are they?”
“Wrong double D,” Tanya teased him.
“Tanya!” Angela scolded.
“Why? He’s cool, aren’t you, Double D?”
He shook his head in confusion.
Angela huffed. “Think of another two words starting with D, Mr Peters.” She pointed down suggestively.
“Oh!” His eyes lit up with mirth. ”Ah yes – I’ve been called that a time or two…. Very clever there, young Tanya.” He had a bit of a laugh. “So, you girls are impressed? Not bad for an old timer, eh?”
“I think your clips are hot, Mr Double D,” Tanya declared. “Vera’s hot too. You go get her!”
He chuckled some more. “I will. Thank you….”
“Dinner’s going to burn,” Tanya said. “Jack called. They’ll be home soon.”
“Okay. I’m coming in.”
Tanya rushed inside. Angela faced the old neighbour, still smiling over the fence. “Those clips ARE hot. I can’t believe you do that with Uncle and Vera.”
“We’ve been doing it for years – once in a while.”
Angela nodded. She had known Mr Peters for so long, since she was little. She felt comfortable talking with him. “We’ve been doing stuff like that this weekend. I’m trying to decide if I should sleep with another guy – with my fiancé’s permission.”
The older man nodded. “Tricky,” he said. “Things won’t be the same after.”
Angela glanced down, fiddling with her wrap tie. “Maybe that’s not a bad thing.”
“I see…. I’m old and alone, so I wouldn’t want to give relationship advice.”
Angela approached the fence. There was a barbeque at the end of an awning. She leaned back against it. “Don’t you dare tell Uncle about any of this, Mr Peters.”
“I won’t, love. You can trust me to be discrete. I’m nothing if not discrete.”
“Okay,” Angela uttered, blushing again as she released the tie at her waist and opened it a little, exposing her nipples and everything below the waist. “This is so exciting…. I noticed in the clips you are always undoing Vera’s clothes and looking at her body. It’s almost as sexy as when you’re making love to her.”
“It is sexy, isn’t it? I go to a nudist beach quite often. I’ve been involved with a naturalist group for many years. It’s where I met Vera. We dated a few times before she met your uncle.”
“Oh that’s interesting…. So, Uncle is involved in the group too?”
“Oh yes! He always comes along to the camp with me. We’ve been regulars for the past few years now.”
“Oh really! I think that would be amazing, going to a nudist camp. It must be so exciting.”
“Say the word, Angela. We’d be happy to take you and Jack along anytime. We meet monthly – it’s on a private property with pools and a tennis court, also a lovely natural stream and some forest for bushwalking. It feels wonderful walking in a forest in hiking boots and not a stich of clothing.”
Mr Peters laughed. Angela did too. “What if it was just me, and not Jack – would that be okay?”
“Of course…. And discretely too if you prefer.” He looked down at Angela’s pussy. She followed his gaze, waiting. “I enjoy the fashion with you younger girls, trimming and shaving your – pussy? Can I say pussy? I don’t wish to sound crude or brash.”
Angela smiled. “Pussy is fine.”
“And tits?” the older man asked with grin. “I think the big old ones are more so bosoms. Those are tits, aren’t they?”
“Yes, these are tits.” Angela giggled. “I don’t think they qualify as bosoms either. We don’t really use that word much these days.”
“Oh I see…. I’m out of touch with most things fashionable, but like I was saying, this fashion of trimming or shaving your pussy – it’s very appealing. It’s exciting to be able to see your actual slit like that – that very enticing place where a woman opens sexually. It’s quite arousing for a man just looking at you displayed like that.”
Angela’s blush fired up. She was tingling all over as he tilted his head to study her pussy.
“Have you been letting the guys see you like this? Is this part of your experimentation this weekend?”
“Not yet…. It’s only been kissing and some touching so far. With clothes on…. Well, underwear at least down below,” Angela explained.
“Hmm – and the guys are happy with that? They wouldn’t be content with kissing and no further…. Well, no further entry – if I can put it like that.”
“Entry? What do you mean?”
Mr Peters shook his head. “Well, the thing about men, love – we all want the same thing when it comes to sexual play. These guys – these friends of yours – their MOTIVE is to enter you…. That is to say – put inside of you their tongues, in your mouth or elsewhere, their fingers in your pussy, and if possible, their penises, in either of those places, or even from behind…. The point is, if the game is sex – their objective consciously or sub-consciously, is to put things inside of you.”
“Um…. They’ve been putting their tongues in my mouth often enough,” Angela said. “Like that?”
“Yes, like that – if that’s all you allow. But beyond all of those insertion tactics, their ultimate motive is to put inside you their genetic material – their seed. This is what they are programed to do. We are like robots, love – we are imprinted with a very basic program. Just like Rex there whining at the fence because a female is on the other side – one he wishes to insert his appendage into and deposit his genetic material.”
Angela smiled. “You mean like you always want to do with Vera?”
Mr Peters chuckled. “Precisely, love – precisely!”
“And you think all these guys have a one track mind like that too?”
“Oh no. I’m sure they are all complex, well rounded people.” He grinned. “But with you looking like that, and sex being the name of the game – oh yes – they will have a one track mind to see to it that you are well serviced, Angela. This is where your kissing and touching through clothes will lead if you allow them to have any say at all.”
“I’d better go,” Angela said, motioning over her shoulder.
The old man’s eyes lowered to her body. She waited another moment. He didn’t look back up, just stared at her pussy and then her tits. “I’ll think about the nudist camp idea,” she said softly as she opened her wrap more fully. “It’s an intriguing thought – especially with my uncle….”
“You would be very welcome, love. There aren’t a lot of younger women involved with the group. It’s about nature and freedom, but sex is the most basic aspect of human nature, so the men would enjoy looking at you like this. All of them would – including your uncle…. If I know Mike at all, he’d enjoy getting a look at you completely nude, love. Especially if your slit was shaved bare like that.”
Angela’s blush fired up. “I always keep my pussy lips shaved…. I suppose I could wax completely if you dirty old men wanted me to.”
“Oh yes we certainly would, love. And those lovely slender thighs – you must display nicely from behind too. Just lying around or sleeping. There’s room for you to stay in our little cabin if it’s only yourself. With us men we usually dress indoors but we would definitely be changing that particular rule for you.”
“Hmm…. Well, I’m going to need some more practice by the sound of it, so I’ll undress again for you tomorrow if you like, Mr Double D,” Angela teased, and she left him there and picked up her bikini and towel, tossing a smile back over her shoulder as she walked inside with her wrap floating behind on the breeze…………..

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