eBook hot-scene compilations…

She Swallows

I want to be frank and honest here. I write erotic books to give readers something to stimulate their imagination while masturbating. Stroke stories, to put it bluntly. Differing from internet porn only in that you can do a little more developing characters with literature, and that the scene takes place in your head rather than on your screen. But yes – something to rub one out to…. For men and women equally.

And based on that, there are two situations I would like to cater to: the long slow build-up, and the quickie…. The several hours of reading time that would compare to watching a full-length, high quality erotic movie, and the 20 minute end-of-a-busy-day unwind session before going to sleep.

I have published 30+ titles that each offer hours of slow build-up reading. I’m now putting together a Compilations series that offers the quick fix alternative.

These compilations are 2000-4000 word comprehensive scenes with a bit of background and lead-in to the main event. Each book is themed so a reader can pick what kind of ‘main event’ they feel like tonight.

Downblouse & Topless Teasing

Blowjob & Cum Swallowing

Missionary Position

Doggy Style

Felt-up and Fingered

Eaten to Orgasm

And so on…..

I’m thinking these books of compiled single topic scenes might be an appealing alternative to buying a whole series of books. Especially since the majority of my readers use the Kindle Unlimited option and just borrow the book to read. Having read the stories, it could be fun to recap the hot scenes from time to time – to have them catalogued and easy to access.

The 2nd book in this Compilations series is out now and available to buy or borrow from Amazon: “She Swallows for him” is all about hotwives and girlfriends pleasuring their lovers. The first 2 cum swallow scenes are available to read in the “Look Inside” free sample on the book page.

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