A new Hotwife Awakening from Coolomon: available Jan 2018

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After releasing a series of themed compilations through December I’m thinking it’s about time for a new sweetly submissive Hotwife to have her Awakening…. Watch for the release of beautiful Mischa’s story in the first week of the New Year. Happy holiday reading!!

……..Ken is drying off after his shower when he hears his daughter laugh and squeal, then there’s a splash in the pool. He checks from the bathroom window to see her with the young pool guy, who doesn’t work Saturdays, as far as Ken can recall. He chuckles to himself. Mischa appears from the house and approaches them. She sits on the pool step soaking her feet and chatting.
Mischa’s laptop is open on the kitchen counter with a booking confirmation on screen. Ken needs his glasses. He goes back to the bedroom and gets them then sits up at the counter. The booking is for three nights at The Sands Resort, which is a four star hotel they’ve stayed at a few times before – with a minimum three night stay. It’s also only fifteen minutes from Ken’s work, so he has guessed his wife’s thinking. He chuckles to himself about that too.
There’s another tab open to Facebook Messenger. He guiltily checks that Mischa is still busy chatting then clicks on it. There are postings from right then. He scrolls up and finds the ones from the other day regarding meeting the guy for lunch. Ken quickly scans through them – his cock flexing as he reads that Mischa has to wear a skirt. He gets to the series of new posts from when he was in the shower. It seems Jason initiated contact.
Jason: Hey gorgeous what are you doing?
Mischa: Going away for the weekend. What about you?
Jason: I’m missing you bad already. When can I see you again?
Mischa: I don’t know maybe next week sometime.
Mischa: We can’t be like before you know. I’m married now.
Jason: Your husbands cool with it.
Jason: Show me your tits and I’ll back off.
Mischa: Huh?
Jason: Have you got a camera? High res? Send me a pic.
Mischa: And will you leave me alone if I do?
Jason: Sure. Just to get me through until I get back next week.
There’s a time lapse before the next message, which is a file. Ken opens the file and finds a pic of Mischa in front of their bedroom mirror holding her top and bra above her tits. She’s blushing and biting a shy grin in the shot. Ken has to free his cock and squeeze it.
Jason: Perfect. I’ll blow that up for the change room at work.
Jason: You remember the change room?
Mischa: Just go away you!
Mischa: Arsehole.
Jason: Hehehe
Jason: Love how tight you still are. Can’t wait to get my dick in you.
Mischa: But its not like before anymore. I’m not even on birth control.
Ken’s cock expands and firms in his grip.
Jason: I’ll pull out. You can trust me.
Mischa: Yeah sure! As if!
Jason: I’ll use a rubber. If you’re serious.
Mischa: I don’t know yet Jason. I need time to think about it.
Mischa: I’m not saying no.
Jason: Fair enough. See ya gorgeous.
Mischa: Okay see ya.
Ken returns to the hotel booking screen and goes to the kitchen window. His daughter is upon the deck talking on her phone. The pool guy is in the water, smiling up at Mischa still sitting on the pool step. She’s moving her feet around, swishing the water. Her pretty summer frock is bunched up to her hips and her cute little blue-striped panties are showing. She waves to Ken, smiling huge. He waves back, the pool guy turning to look as well. Jasmine then dives in the water and Mischa gets up and returns to the house.
An hour later Ken and his sexy young wife are checked into the Sands Resort. They enter their 15th level room and slide open all the glass balcony doors, the sea air rushing to fill the apartment. It’s fully self-contained with a kitchen, laundry and a huge hot-tub – one of several identical rooms they have stayed in before.
“How am I supposed to go to work from here?” Ken complains. They’re out on the balcony. The sky is cloudless, the ocean glistening blue. The view is of an endless strip of white sand that stretches north to the city. It’s packed with weekend beachgoers.
“Call in sick,” Mischa says, snuggling back and pulling Ken’s arms around her.
“Yeah I wish. I’m the boss now though, who am I going to call?”
Mischa giggles. “Call Dalton, he won’t mind.”
“Sure, I’ll call and say thanks for the pay rise but I’m too busy spending it to turn up for work.”
Ken tickles his wife and makes her shriek and run. He tackles her onto the bed and gets between her legs. He kisses her and ends up stroking her face.
She bites a lip. “Are you going to fuck me?”
Ken draws a breath and expels. He shakes his head.
His wife blushes. “Just in my mouth when you need to, okay?”
Ken thrusts his erection against exposed panties and moist heat. “Okay,” he agrees.
“While we’re still doing this, right?” Mischa asks, biting his lower lip. “Inside me down there is for them…?”
Ken gulps. “Yes, for them,” he croaks into a kiss. “In case we decide to go that far.”
“Uh huh – in case we decide to,” Mischa repeats teasingly and she grinds against Ken’s cock. “But we’d have to think about birth control too, wouldn’t we?”
“Yeah….” Ken expels hard and rolls off to lie on his back. He draws his wife to his chest. “Do you think Jason would uses a condom with you if he had to?” Ken’s relieved to have his peep at the Messenger chat being aired a little.
Mischa is toying with his shirt. “He’s never used them with me before but I was always on birth control.”
“So maybe we could just make sure the timing was safe like we usually do, that way he wouldn’t need to.”
“Uh huh….” Mischa utters. “I should still be safe for the next week or so. I just have to count days and check.”
Ken kisses his wife’s hair. “I think he’s back Thursday or Friday if we wanted to think about it then.”
“Hmm – I think I’d like to let him, Ken. He’s just too big for my mouth.”
Ken swallows hard. “And you can take him in your vagina – it doesn’t hurt?”
“Um – a little – more so a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but in an exciting way. It touches my cervix and puts pressure there. Especially when he – um – you know….”
“When he cums?” Ken breathes.
Mischa’s nails dig into his side. “Uh huh, I really miss the feel of that.”
Ken gulps and takes a breath. “Then we need to get that for you, baby. I can’t penetrate you that deeply so we need to get the man onto you who can.” Mischa’s nails dig in again. “Let him take you from me completely, huh?”
“Yes – completely,” Mischa utters. “He’ll enjoy doing that to you, Ken….”
“Yeah, I’m sure he will, baby.”
Mischa bites Ken’s chest as her hand closes around his erection. “And I’m going to enjoy Jason cuckolding you, Ken. I can’t wait for him to get back already.”
“Aw fuck, baby.” Ken closes his hand over Mischa’s to stop her making him cum. “Don’t. I don’t want to blow this tension yet,” he tells her.
“Okay. I want it in my mouth later anyway.”
“Yeah me too. I want to eat you out, okay?”
“Hmm – is that allowed?” Mischa teases, smiling as she lifts to her elbows.
“Just with tongue – no fingers. And just clitty licks and sucking – no….” Ken sticks out his tongue.
Mischa giggles. “Alright, that sounds like fun. But later. We have to go dress shopping and you have to wear your suit and take me out for dinner.” She jumps up and calls back from the bathroom door. “And I want roses!”……………

That’s a tiny sample from about halfway through the novel. Read all about beautiful Mischa’s Hotwife Awakening in the New Year!


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