Marooned: X-Rated short story

Desert Island

Paul was sitting on the veranda when the other three men returned from swimming. They went inside, but Jasper came back out with a kitchen chair and the hair-trimming cloth for his shoulders. He got set up, and Paul’s wife Justine brought her comb and scissors.
She trimmed the back and top while standing behind then moved around to do the sides and his beard. Her makeshift tunic had just the one tie, around her waist. It was open above and below. Her hips were bare, the skirt of the garment opening to reveal her pubic hair sometimes. It did so one time when she was stepping across one of his knees. She had pressed against his arm, and her skirt gathered aside and revealed her fully down below.
Jasper had a look at her pussy. He tilted his head to see. She looked down too and noticed what had happened. A strand of cotton from the frayed edge of the fabric had caught on a button on Jasper’s sleeve. He lifted his arm, pulling her skirt up and to the side. She fiddled with the tangled thread while he grinned and examined her.
He winked over at Paul. “Nice, eh?”
Justine snipped the thread to release it. She brushed her skirt down, blushing as she glanced at Paul. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” she accused Jasper with a mock glare.
He just smiled up at her as she resumed trimming his beard. He touched her legs, clutching just above her knees.
“Don’t! I might snip you if you do it.”
He just kept smiling and only softly gripped her. He caressed upward a little and squeezed gently again. Justine combed his hair, checking her work. He felt up higher, gathering the bottom of her skirt and squeezing again. She turned her head and swallowed, her eyes closing and her chest lifting as she drew a breath. He stroked softly upward, gathering her skirt and lifting it with his thumbs. His fingers were travelling up the front of her thighs and touched her groin, either side of her little landing strip. He tucked her skirt into her waist band, keeping her revealed.
“That time was on purpose,” he said.
Justine glanced at Paul again. She then stood combing her own hair while Jasper continued stroking her legs and looking at her pussy. He was running his fingertips up and down the outer of her thighs with his thumbs caressing the front. On one upward caress, he reached further with his thumbs and touched her inner thighs. She squirmed away before he touched her pussy, and she brushed her skirt down. Jasper then grabbed her and tickled her ribs.
Justine squealed and laughed. He pulled her to him. She wriggled around and he held her from behind. She was squirming and pushing at his arm. Paul saw he had one arm inside her tunic and that he was groping her bare tit with that hand while tickling her with the other. He reached down and clutched her legs, making her bend forward and virtually sit on his lap.
He relented while she caught her breath. “Don’t!” she said, glaring back at him as he threatened to grip her thigh again. She was still giggling and trying to hold that wrist away. Paul could see his other hand feeling her tit. He was massaging it slowly and playing with the nipple. He clutched her thigh gently. “But don’t squeeze,” Justine pled. She held his other arm softly as he continued feeling her tit. He clutched higher up her thigh, and she gripped his wrist in readiness to push him away. He then felt up between her thighs as he suddenly tickled her ribs. She squealed and squirmed from his lap with her legs pressed together. “Bad, bad, Jasper!” she scolded, hiding behind Paul.
Jasper laughed, and she did too. Paul met the other man’s gaze and wink. “Damn she’s hot, buddy,” he said.
“Yes, she is,” Paul agreed, cuddling Justine to his side.
Thomas called that dinner was ready. Justine brushed at the hair all over her tunic, complaining about it as they went inside. She changed behind her partition and came out wearing her frock.
After the meal, Paul helped Justine with the dishes, as he always did now. They just spoke with their eyes and knowing glances. Her frock had spaghetti string shoulder straps but was also a gathered elastic bodice.
Justine slipped her arms through the strings and left them hanging down. “In case I get tickled again,” she whispered to Paul.
“Do you have anything on underneath?” he whispered back.
She shook her head, biting a grin. “Jasper touched my pussy before – did you see?”
“Yeah. I thought he did.”
“I think he might grab me again if I walk too close. I think next time he gets a chance he might finger me.”
“Where did Steven and Thomas go?” Paul had seen them leave. Jasper was sitting at the table reading.
“They said something about checking a fishing net they made.”
“Okay…. Well, I’m going to sit out on the veranda for a while. Are you okay to finish clearing the table?”
Justine blushed a little. “You mean with him sitting there and no one else around?”
Paul nodded. “I’ll be just outside….”
“Okay,” Justine uttered.
Paul left her and nodded to Jasper as he glanced up. He went out and sat watching the clouds and the moon but listening intently for any sounds from inside the cabin. Moments passed before he heard voices. Then Justine giggled and shrieked.
Paul looked through the window to see Jasper holding her from behind again. She was pushing a hand away from her leg. She was smiling and pressing back against him, her face red, her eyes alight. He felt one tit then the other. She kept hold of his other wrist and reached back to hold his hip with her free hand. He felt up under her frock. She kept hold of his wrist and had her thighs pressed together. Her eyes closed as he obviously touched her pussy. She gripped the back of his head, her legs giving way as he forced his hand between them.
It looked like he was fingering her. His hand was concealed beneath her frock, but Paul was sure he had fingers inside of her. Thomas and Steven were coming up from the beach so Paul went to the door and noisily shifted a chair to announce he was coming in.
Justine was fixing the top of her frock. Jasper was resting back in his chair, smiling. At a glance, Paul could see his fingers were wet.
“He grabbed me again,” Justine reported, poking her tongue out at jasper and having to jump as he lunged for her.
Steven and Thomas came in carrying a couple of crabs in a net basket. They washed up, and cards were dealt. Justine read while the men played. She went to bed early with her partition half drawn and her bed in the moonlight from her window. They could see her as she pulled on panties and removed her frock. She lay back with her sheet up to her waist and her tits bare. Everyone was looking at her.
“It’s not too bright out here, love?” Thomas asked.
“No – it’s fine. I don’t mind the candlelight.”
“Yeah – they look nice in the candlelight.” Jasper chuckled. “Nice nips.”
She patted the sheet down either side of her body, her chest lifting, her nipples erect and casting shadows of their own. “Thank you, Jasper. I’m glad you like them,” she said sweetly and yawned.
“I like them too!” Steven said.
Justine giggled, making her tits shudder. “Thank you, Steven….”
“Me too,” Paul said, and everyone laughed.
“Lucky arsehole,” Jasper scoffed. “At least you’ve got your woman here with you.”
“Yeah – I know…. We were talking about that earlier, weren’t we, sweetheart?”
Justine sat up. “It must be hard for you other men,” she offered sincerely.
Thomas moved his chair back to include Justine more directly.
Jasper stood and came around the table. “It could be worse – like, with no women at all.” He sat on the edge of the table, facing Justine.
Steven was nodding to everyone. “Yeah – it’s much better with Justine here….” He was peering around the edge of the partition.
Jasper was standing there. He pulled it back further, casting more light. Justine looked down at her bare breasts then up at everyone. She was resting back on her hands with them thrust forward. Her nipples were still erect.
“Are you men sure this doesn’t make it harder for you?” she asked sweetly.
“Only in a good way,” Thomas answered first.
“Definitely not,” Jasper declared forthrightly.
Justine nodded and looked to Paul. He held her gaze, shrugging an okay. They each knew what the other was thinking, though Paul wasn’t sure how far his wife had progressed with what they had spoken about earlier. He understood Justine was about to invite the others into the issue. She was asking if she should say something or whether he wanted to. He mouthed the words you can.
“Well, what if we did a little bit more?” she started, peering from Thomas to Jasper. “Paul and I were talking about it and wondering if we should put aside the fact that we’re married, in the real world, and do what we can to share everything here.”
Jasper’s jaw had sagged. Thomas spoke. “To share – everything?”
Justine’s blush was noticeable even in the candlelight. “Uh huh…. To share me – as the only female here.”
Thomas’s jaw was sagging now. Steven’s eyes were wide as he looked from Justine to the men. Paul swallowed hard. Jasper was nodding, a tiny grin curving his lips.
“But I don’t mean fully,” Justine went on. She had only paused for a split second, but time had slowed for Paul. “I don’t mean having full sex with me – just, um – well, a little bit less than full but more than you’ve already been having…. Which no one said you could, by the way,” she scolded.
Jasper chuckled. “We’ve been trying to behave.”
“Hmm – and you’re the worst!” She giggled. “I think if we do anything more, then you should have to go last.”
Thomas sat on the end of the cot. Justine had sat forward, hugging her knees.
“What do you mean by a little more, love? You shouldn’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with – or you, Paul.”
Paul met the gazes of the other three men. “Well, we haven’t decided anything yet. We’re just talking about it and thinking it through at the moment…. It feels kind of weird, but this whole situation is freaky.”
“Got that right, buddy,” Jasper agreed. “You wouldn’t read about this shit, but I reckon you and Justine are handling it well. It’s great that you’re both so open and considerate. I’d like to think I’d be the same if I were here with my woman and you three ugly mugs.”
“Oh, yeah – and which woman would that be?” Thomas tossed at the younger man.
“You mean, who would I prefer to be stranded on a desert island with?” Jasper frowned in thought. He shook his head. “Nah – forget that idea. I’ll stick with Justine, thanks.”
Everyone laughed. Paul edged onto the cot beside his wife, taking her hands within one of his and squeezing. She rocked her head onto his shoulder. He kissed her softly and rested back, cuddling her to his chest. Her tits were then exposed to the other men again.
Thomas looked up from them. “So, what did you mean by a little bit more, love?”
“Um…. I was thinking of oral…. That’s something I really enjoy, so if you men wanted it from me – well, I don’t see the harm….”
“All of us?” Steven blurted.
Justine nodded, biting her lip. “But not every five minutes – with four of you and only one of me!”
Thomas cleared his throat. “That would be amazing, love.”
Justine smiled through a deepening blush. “I’ll try and make it nice for you – to suck you really nice while you watch me…………………..”

From the Amazon eBook Felt up & Fingered

Party Girl: X-Rated short story


Celia and Phillip were at a table with their parents. As soon as the meal ended her dad took her for a dance. There was a small floor with a pianist playing slow music. She was passed on to an uncle and to a few of the men from Phillip’s family. Phillip’s father held her close and kept her for a second number. He then passed her to his much younger brother, and she was held close by him too. He was a very strong man – muscular. His big hand was pressed to her side, his fingers stroking a little with the music.
The music ended. A few other couples left the floor. “Would you like to stay for another?” he asked her.
“Okay,” Celia uttered, peering up at him.
He took her with his arm again. His hand pressed to her back, stroking upward then down as he guided her close and gripped her side again. “I guess there’ll be no more of these dances for us other men after Saturday.”
“Hmm – I guess…. You can have as many as you want tonight though, Mister Ericson.”
He chuckled. “And I won’t be Mister anymore either. I’ll be good old Uncle Bob.” He wasn’t that old – late thirties.
The music picked up. He spun her out and pulled her back. He was a good dancer. After another twirl he dipped her and made her laugh.
“You’ll be able to have more of these dances anytime you want. I won’t care what my husband thinks…. But you’re not old enough to be called Uncle – Bob!”
He chuckled. The music slowed and he pulled her close again. “Is this alright?”
His hand was moving upon her side. “It’s too bad you got changed for dinner. That was a pretty dress you had on before.”
Celia blushed into his shoulder. “You saw?”
“I was in the lobby when you were checking in…. I hope you’re going to wear it again for us some time.” His fingertips stroked higher, brushing the side of her breast. “Are you going to enjoy your last days of freedom, are you?”
“Yes, I am….”
There were three other couples. Bob had danced them to a corner of the floor where there was no one seated nearby. His fingers extended further, rubbing her breast more deliberately. “Is this still alright?” he asked.
“Uh huh,” Celia uttered “Just a little bit though – while no one’s watching.”
Bob chuckled. “Excellent! How the hell did that nephew of mine land a hot little honey like you? I could never figure that out.”
“I’m not hot,” Celia said. “I’m trying to be now, but so far I’m the one lucky to have kept a boyfriend at all.”
“You could come out with me one night – have some fun before the big commitment.”
“Do you know any dance clubs around here?”
“Sure! You going to wear that dress?”
“I have others like it,” Celia answered. “I have a silver one that’s open at the sides all the way to my waist.” Bob continued stroking the side of her breast. She let him for a short time longer before asking, “So, when will you take me to a real dance club? Tomorrow night?”
“How about tonight?” Bob smiled and turned her out, spinning her back in and dipping her again, to the applause of the table of elderly relatives they had ended up beside.
“Tonight – how can I?” Celia wanted to.
His big hand beneath her arm was holding her firmly again. His thumb extended upward and stroked her, almost touching her nipple through her top and bra. Both garments were only soft fabric – the bra was a flimsy little lace thing. It was from the naughty lingerie shop.
“Later will be fine. When everyone starts leaving and you can slip away,” Bob said, dancing her back into the corner, out of sight. He reached around her to feel her breast more fully, his thumb rubbing her nipple. She twisted a little bit that way to make it easier for him. He squeezed her small mound, his hand covering it easily. “You’ll be able to get away from Phillip, won’t you? They were saying you have separate rooms.”
“Uh huh,” Celia uttered.
“So, you’re going to be making him wait and letting us other men enjoy you some, eh?”
“A little bit…. Not to have sex with me, though. Just to look at me, and what you’re doing now is okay.”
“What about between your legs? Are we allowed to have a feel of your pussy before wimpy Phillip gets at it on Saturday night?” Bob grinned.
Celia giggled and blushed. “Um…. That’s an interesting idea.”
“Yeah? How interesting?”
“Well, it’s kind of strange with you being Phillip’s uncle, don’t you think?”
“I don’t know – keeping it in the family and all…. And I wouldn’t tease him about it later. I wouldn’t tell him.”
“You wouldn’t? I don’t think I would want him to find out.” Bob’s hand slipped back to her waist as they were joined by her parents. “It’s going to be exciting to have been touched by other men, though,” she whispered. “You’re the second one today.”
“Who was the first?”
“Some guy on the plane. He liked my dress too.” Celia giggled as she was spun out again.
“Well, I think as one of your husband-to-be’s elders, I should be allowed a little feel of your pussy later tonight…. Is your dress short?”
“Yes.” Celia blushed deeply at the thought of him touching her between the legs. She absolutely wanted him to.
“So, I’ll take you to a dance club after this and watch you dancing in your new little dress – watching your legs and thinking all the while about what panties you have on – maybe getting a flash of them if I’m lucky. How does that sound?”
Celia looked up and met his eyes. “Okay, Bob. I say yes to that – to everything you said.”
The pianist called a break. Bob led her from the dance floor by the hand and took her to the bar. He ordered champagne for her and a beer for himself. She sat up on a stool. “I actually like what you said about being Phillip’s elder. I like the idea of you having some rights to me before my wedding.” Bob was just peering at her face. She fiddled with her drink for a moment then looked up to meet his focused expression.
Bob placed a foot on a rung of a bar stool, shifting to make room for a bulge in his trousers. Celia looked up from it, grinning. He chuckled. “Oops.”
She giggled too. Arms encircled her from behind and she peered back to be kissed by Phillip. She blushed again, guiltily that time.
“That was some fine dancing there, Uncle Bob.”
“How did you go with your lessons, Phillip – all ready to waltz with your young bride-to-be here on her wedding day?”
Celia snuggled back against Phillip while he chatted and laughed with his uncle. She was on fire inside – absolutely thrilled to be sitting there between the man she was going to marry and a man she was going to go out with that night. She found the notion of being sexy with Phillip’s elder to be very exciting. Phillip was not a very assertive man. He was a wimp as a matter of fact – she had to agree with his uncle in that. Bob was a bit of a rogue.
This was what Celia really needed. In her moment of freedom between the rule of her mother and giving herself to a husband, she needed to have fun and feel sexy.
“Pick you up in an hour?” Bob asked her. He was parting.
“Okay – one hour,” Celia agreed. “Where?”
“I’m going to go and get changed. I’ll come up to your room when I get back.”
He left. Phillip took his seat at the bar beside Celia. “What was that all about, sweetheart?”
“Bob’s taking me to a dance club tonight.”
“Yes. It will be fun. You know you hate nightclubs.”
“Yes, but it’s already nine o’clock. Isn’t it a bit late to be gallivanting around the city?”
“No. I think the nightclub scene doesn’t even start until after nine, Phillip.”
“Oh I see…. But don’t you have things to plan and prepare for Saturday? Aren’t there wedding arrangements you need to be tending to? You don’t want to be too tired tomorrow, do you?”
“Phillip, don’t worry! Everything is well under control. Mother and Aunties have our wedding well in hand. All we need to do is show up on time Saturday afternoon. I just need to be ready for my hair and makeup that morning…. But between now and then, I’m going to have some fun without Mother and without you!” Celia giggled. “I’m going to enjoy my final days of freedom, and I don’t want to hear any complaints from Mother, or from my husband-to-be,” she went on, leaning close for a kiss. “Is that understood?”
“Hmm – I suppose…. I suppose Uncle Bob should be trusted to take care of you. He’s something of a ruffian, so you should be safe enough at one of those places with him…. As long as you stay with him, sweetheart. You will stay close to him at all times, won’t you?”
“Yes, I will…. He’s going to take good care of me. Don’t worry,” Celia said, blushing guiltily again. Then she decided to push a little further. “I’m going to dress in a way that will probably attract attention, so he will need to take care of me.”
“Oh? Maxwell said you were wearing something new on the flight.”
“I have lots of new clothes, now that I’m not going to have Mother doing daily inspections.” Celia blushed a little as she went on gamely. “The dress I’m wearing tonight is very short and a bit revealing up top, and I won’t be wearing a bra.”
“You won’t?” Phillip’s face was blank with apparent confusion.
“No. The dress has no back and it’s open all the way down the sides.” She leaned closer to whisper. “I’ll be showing all the men the sides of my breasts but it would be ugly to cover them with a bra…. Mother definitely wouldn’t approve,” she added with a giggle.
“But you’ve never…. I mean you’ve always dressed respectably, Celia.”
“I know, Phillip, but this next few days is different. This is MY time. I’m the bride-to-be….” Celia experienced a further rush of bravery and confidence. “Don’t you want other men to see what you’re getting, Phillip? I’ve seen you boasting and showing off with your boats. I know you like feeling superior – having the best things. Do you want everyone to think you’re settling for some boring, plain looking wife?”
Phillip’s face had reddened by the time Celia moved from whispering to meet his eyes. “A wife and a boat are hardly comparable,” he said. His tone was typically soft, though. He could be a little assertive with her when he wanted to be, but it seemed he was swayed by her argument. She had made it up as she went, but it had apparently struck a chord.
“Uncle Bob will make sure they don’t do anything. He’ll make sure it will be look but don’t touch,” she went on. “I’ve tried the dress on. It doesn’t reveal my nipples. It almost does, but not quite…. Do you want to come and see?”
“I don’t know…. Just the thought of you dressed that way and going out dancing is rather daunting. I fear I’d lose nerve completely if I saw for myself.”
“Well, you can just imagine, then,” Celia continued, leaning to his ear again and pressing the unexpectedly well received plan. “You can imagine lots of rough men looking at my bare back and the sides of my boobs – especially when I raise my arms to dance and they can nearly see my nipples…. They’re already aroused right now, just thinking about it.”
“Yes, I can imagine,” Phillip whispered back. “Drooling ruffians.”
“Uh huh…. And they’ll be watching my legs – bare legs. My dress is sooo short, Phillip. The skirt is very tight and I won’t be able to stop them from seeing up it…. Should I wear pretty panties? Would you like them to see me in something sheer and sexy?”
“They should cover you, darling. I wouldn’t want you to go too far and wear one of those horrible G-strings that you see the strippers wear on television.”
“Okay, I’ll choose a pretty lace pair. That way they’ll be wishing they can see more.”
“Yes, I like that…. Wishing for more is best.”
Celia cuddled up and kissed her fiancé. “So, you don’t mind if I sneak off and get ready for my sexy nightclub adventure? They’re all talking business. No one’s going to miss me.”
Phillip looked around. “Go on then. I’ll tell them you went up to lie down. But please be careful, darling. This is rather adventurous.”


Bob was staying at a hotel in the city with a nightclub underneath. He had been there the night before. It was a classy place, the crowd were mostly younger, but there were a few his age, so he had felt at ease sitting at the bar watching the girls dance. He was looking forward to watching Celia.
He knocked lightly on her door. A moment later it opened and she peered from behind it. She was smiling through a blush – so sweet. She had on a glittery little silver dress. It was a halter-neck, backless, and very short. “Show me,” he said, holding up her hand and spinning her around once. “Mmm – I think I’ll need at least one slow dance with you in that too.”
“Okay,” she said softly.
“Come on, though – let’s show you off first.”
She collected her tiny purse. Bob held the door and touched her back as she passed. The elevator was directly across the hall. There was an elderly gentleman who was checking Celia in the mirrored wall on the way down. He got out in the lobby. They were going down the next level to the car park under the building.
“How did Phillip take the news we were going night-clubbing?”
“He was okay. He’s worried about how safe I’m going to be, but that’s just silly. He said you will take care of me.”
“Oh, I’ll take care of you.” Bob chuckled, touching the soft skin of Celia’s back again to guide her from the elevator. He walked her to his SUV and held the door while she got in. She kept her knees together but the dress was very short. “Just little white panties, eh? And no place for a bra…”
“Uh huh…. No bra, and yes, my panties are white.”
Bob tilted his head for another look. “That’s good – white shows up nice under the dance floor lights.”
“Oh? I never thought of that.”
Bob closed her door and got in the driver’s seat. “That little dress should ride up and flash them. You won’t cover up when it does, eh, baby?”
He squeezed her thigh as he drove. She didn’t object. She just sat watching out the window as he cruised slowly through the busy streets. He had a parking space in the basement, and led Celia to the elevator. She was clinging to his arm.
“Are you okay, love?”
“A bit nervous – excited,” she said.
He slipped his free hand in under his arm and beneath hers. He touched her side – her bare skin. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you,” he said, and he held her gaze as he felt in through the side of her dress and cupped her little breast. “I’ll take good care of you,” he went on, rolling her nipple.
It firmed nicely as he played with it. He bent to her and met her lips. They parted, so he sought her tongue, caressing it with his. With that, she relaxed, so he deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue into her mouth. After a moment he broke off and met her eyes again. They were glazed.
The elevator door opened and two young guys walked past, both checking Celia out. Bob kept her hand and led her into the elevator. “Do you like being kissed?”
She nodded, biting her lip. He lifted her chin and pressed to her lips again, inserting his tongue deep into her mouth. He pulled back when the doors opened at the nightclub level of the hotel.
The music was thumping. The club was dimly lit with the dance floor lights flashing iridescent and illuminating anything white. There was room to move. It was not crowded at all, just about half full.
Celia’s little silver dress sparkled. Bob sat her up on a bar stool and got her a drink. With her heels hooked into a rung halfway up the stool, he could see up her dress quite easily. He moved behind her and pressed close to her ear. “That’s good, love – we can see your panties like that.”
A guy ordering a drink was having a look as Bob spoke. He glanced again and Bob gave him a nod. He was quite young, maybe 20 or so. He took a seat facing Celia. Bob pressed close again. “I’ll go sit over there…. Just stay like that and let him have a look, baby.”
Bob walked past the guy and had another look himself. There was no chance of Celia concealing her panties with her legs raised like that. Her thighs were slender and didn’t meet. There was a full view of her crotch.
From a lounge area, Bob watched guys ordering drinks and checking Celia out. One would chat with her now and then. She kept her heels resting on the rung and gave them all a good look up her dress.
She looked over at Bob when one guy was taking her to the dance floor. Her smile was beaming. The guy was congratulated as they walked past a table with three other boys about their age. He immediately pulled Celia close. She backed against him and wiggled. He held her hips. He was already touching her and hadn’t been dancing with her for a minute.
Bob kept a close eye on the guy. Celia was having a great time, so he didn’t want to spoil it for her unless he had to. She was naïve enough to go along with anything, but so far all was good.
Another guy from the table joined in. Celia was wiggling between the two of them. They were both a bit handsy with her. She was obscured from Bob’s view for a moment, and when he saw her again he noticed the second guy rubbing up from her hips and hiking her dress. Her little white panties were then almost fully on display. A third guy joined in, and when Celia rubbed back against him he groped her breasts. She squirmed away from him but her dress was then up around her waist.
Bob rushed to her and pulled her off the dance floor, glaring at the three boys. They went back to their table but kept looking over. Celia was giggling and she threw herself into Bob’s arms. He took her back to the dance floor and kept hold of her himself.
She was hot, sweaty and very cuddly. Bob held her hips and had her grinding on his thigh. He pulled her dress up to expose her panties again. The men lined around the dance floor were all checking her out. He left her dancing alone and returned to his seat. One of the watchers immediately took his place. He was almost Bob’s age – a big man. He kept glancing over but Bob gave him a slow nod, which he seemed to understand. He took hold of Celia’s hips and held her close while she wiggled and ended up straddling his thigh, as she had with Bob. She was lifting her arms and her little dress was gaping at the sides, her small breasts partially exposed.
Another man joined in and the first one retreated to the edge of the floor to watch. The new guy grabbed Celia’s bottom, his big hands beneath the skirt of her dress. He held her and dry humped her with his thigh. Her panties were bikini briefs. They covered her bottom. Her dress had hiked up to her hips again, displaying them fully. Two more men joined in and had her surrounded.
Bob waited for a while this time and let them play with her. She was still smiling – beaming excitedly. They edged her off the dance floor and gave her a drink. There was a whole bunch of guys around her, chatting her up, it seemed. Bob watched for a good while, letting her enjoy the attention. He eventually grabbed her hand and took her from them.
“That was so amazing,” Celia cried, clinging to his arm as the elevator doors closed, shutting out the beat of the music.
An hour of that noise was enough for Bob. He had thought about taking Celia up to his room, but he knew what would happen if he did, and he didn’t want things to go that far. He took her back to the car and, once inside, he pressed his lips to hers to stop her incessant chattering.
“Mmm,” she moaned as he inserted his tongue. She submitted to the kiss. He was squeezing her slender thigh and rubbed upward. He cupped her through her panties. “Mmm,” she moaned again, gripping his arm.
“Just a little feel,” Bob insisted, kissing her again, and he opened her slit with his middle finger and felt into her, still through her panties. She kept her hold on his arm but her thighs parted slightly. He isolated her clit and softly massaged it. “Damn you were sexy in there, baby. All those guys will be jacking off to you tonight.”
“Will they?” she uttered. “I like the thought of that.”
“I will be too, baby,” Bob said into another kiss. “Can I finger you? Would that be okay?”
“Come on – you feel so wet.”
“Hmm…. You’re MAKING me wet, doing that.”
Bob stretched the damp fabric aside and found her slit was dripping. He used two fingers to continue working her clit. He did that more firmly, and when she started squirming he slipped those two fingers into her. He felt up inside of her and rubbed back against her G-spot. “Yes, open your legs, baby…. I want you to cum for me.”
“Okay….” Celia moaned, and she clung to him while he nailed her with his fingers. He pumped her with them hard and fast until he felt her tight little hole clench, and she bit into his shoulder.
“That’s it, baby, cum on my hand.”
“You made me,” she uttered, squirming and squeezing her legs together.
He sought her lips and inserted his tongue into her mouth. Her little hole was slick now – perfectly prepared for cock. “I’d better take you back before this goes any further, Celia. I’d love to fuck you now but I’d better not.”
Bob smoothed the crotch of her panties back into place and sucked his fingers. He licked them clean while she watched. “You taste sweet, baby.”
Celia tugged her dress down to cover her panties, just biting her grin. Bob drove. He was painfully erect and kept squeezing and massaging his cock through his pants. He would have to jerk off as soon as he got back to his room. Celia kept glancing across but he didn’t attempt to hide what he was doing. “I’ll be thinking about you when I do this properly tonight, Celia. My old balls are already full.”
“Really?” she asked softly.
“Of course! How could they not be after watching you dance like that?” He reached across and felt her tits. Her nipples were hard – little pebbles beneath the shiny silver fabric of her dress. He played with one then reached further across and played with the other. They were at her hotel. “I’d better walk you, love.”
There were lots of people in the foyer but they were alone in the elevator. Bob lifted Celia’s chin and kissed her again. He searched her hot little mouth with his tongue and felt her up, thumbing a nipple. The doors opened at her floor. He kept hold of her waist and followed her. Once inside her room he urged her to her knees and released his cock. He stroked it and rubbed her face with it. Her lips parted so he inserted the head. He did so just as he was about to cum.


Celia squeezed her eyes closed as the penis in her mouth pulsed and gushed semen. She held it in, letting it pool under her tongue. Her fiancé’s uncle left her on her knees and slipped from her hotel room apologising.
She remained there on the floor holding the thick fluid in her mouth. After a minute she got up and went to the bathroom. She was curious. She opened her mouth and looked closely in the mirror. The semen had a milky appearance with thick, congealed globs in it. She moved it around with her tongue, examining it. Some had seeped into her throat, and swallowing that filled her senses with a very potent masculine taste.
Celia left the bathroom and flopped on her bed. She lay there toying with the gooey fluid, swallowing dribbles of it but otherwise moving it around with her tongue. This may be the only other man’s cum she got to taste, and she wanted to savour the moment. Bob had certainly been right about his old balls being full, she decided, giggling at the thought and choking down some more.
She lay for a long time with the load of cum in her mouth, gradually swallowing it down bit by bit. She picked up the silver framed photograph of Phillip on her nightstand. She looked at the smiling face of her fiancé for a moment, then she kissed him and swallowed the remaining portion of his uncle’s semen…………..

From the Hotwife & Girlfriend Compilation ‘Exhibtionism Turns Her On’

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Ken stops smiling and tilts in to nuzzle for a soft kiss. He gets one and whispers into it, “I think you should let the workshop guys take you into their change room and have turns fucking you tomorrow.” Mischa’s eyes pop open wide. He kisses her some more. “I want that young guy Denis to nail you, baby. He was telling me how he’s going to get onto you sooner or later, and I want you to let him.”
“But, Ken!” Mischa utters into his next kiss.
“I know he’s an arsehole, baby.”
“And you want me to…? With all of them?”
“It’s only Jason and Denis working tomorrow morning. And there’s only me and Warren in sales. No one else will be around….”
Mischa huffs another little breath, peering down and still frowning a bit.
“I think Denis is just a dick – he’s not dangerous, sweetheart.”
“I know….” Mischa shrugs. “It would be okay with Jason there anyway.”
“Alright, that’s good then.” Ken strokes Mischa’s hair from her forehead. “You’d like that, with two of them together, wouldn’t you?”
“I don’t mind that, Ken, but it’s getting closer to being unsafe. It’s actually the last day I had in mind to risk it at all…. Would you really want that guy Denis to cum inside me?”
Ken swallows, nodding a little. “It would be better for him if he’s allowed to. It would be far more satisfying for him in terms of taking you from me.”
“Oh…. So, he wants to cuckold you, does he?” Mischa’s teasing grin is there in her eyes. She bites a lip, stopping it from manifesting.
Ken grins too. “Yes, he called me a cuck. He’s pretty sure of himself.”
“Uh huh – I noticed with the way he kissed me that time…. It will be interesting being with him again.”
“Yeah…?” Ken swallows at the dryness of his throat. “He said he wants you with no panties. Could you wear one of your new little dresses with nothing under it?”
“Mmm – how about the red tube one? I could leave off the shoulder straps so it pulls down easily – or up of course……….”

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