Serviced by Multiple men

X-Rated 1

Catherine had on a short sundress and sandals. Beneath the dress she had on panties, and that was all. The three boys stood but only Tod approached. “Don’t worry about them, they’re just going to hang around,” he explained, and Catherine smiled back at the other boys as she was led to the little aluminium boat
When she was seated at the back next to Tod, the dark haired boy spoke. “Hi. I’m Paulo.”
“Hi,” Catherine returned with another smile. Then she said, “Hi, Timmy.”
Timmy smiled and pulled a face at his brother, who was frowning and looking confused. Paulo was watching Catherine intently. It was difficult to see her in the moonlight, but when they arrived on the mainland, the town was lit up and there were huge floodlights at the carnival.
Catherine had to pay her own entry fee because Tod didn’t have enough money to pay for her, but that covered all rides, so they started with the roller coaster and had a few goes at that before trying the big Ferris wheel. That had facing seats, so all four of them got on together.
Tod put his arm around Catherine. He held her waist with his hand tucked beneath her arm. He inched his fingers in further and touched the side of her breast. He could feel that it was bare beneath her dress, and he rubbed underneath a little bit.
Paulo and Timmy were watching intently. Tod glanced at Catherine to see she was blushing. Then she pressed her arm against her side.
“Let me feel it,” he whispered to her.
“No – not with them watching.”
“Aw – they don’t care. Just a little feel, okay?”
Catherine looked at the other two boys as Tod’s hand squeezed under her breast. They were both staring wide eyed at what he was doing, so she relaxed her arm a little and allowed him to reach up further. Then he closed his hand completely over her boob and massaged it. He did that for a while with the string on her shoulder slipping, and as the Ferris wheel swept through the crowd and started climbing again, Tod released her then slipped his hand in through the side of her dress.
“Fuck yes!” Paulo groaned, while Timmy just sat staring with his mouth gaping open.
Catherine was squirming in her seat a bit. Tod had started playing with her nipple, her dress sagging enough for the other two boys to almost see. The ride was ending, though, and she fixed her shoulder strap and met the eyes of the other boys with an embarrassed little smile.
Next they had a ride on the go-carts, then they tried some of the side-shows where Timmy won a huge stuffed giraffe at a shooting gallery. “This is for you,” he announced to Catherine. “But I’ll carry it for you.”
There was a petting zoo and some more rides with a huge pirate ship that swung back and forth, almost doing a full loop high up in the air. Then there was a ghost train where Catherine was felt up again. Only that time it was in the dark, and Tod got his hand up under her dress and squeezed both of her breasts.
They got back to the Ferris wheel, and Tod took Catherine aside while the other two waited. He looked a bit apprehensive.
Catherine smiled up at him. “What is it?” she asked sweetly.
“Well….” he started, scratching his head and glancing back at the others. “Would it be okay if Paulo sat next to you this time?”
“Sat next to me?” Catherine repeated.
“Yeah – if he sat with you and had a feel like I did.”
Catherine blushed as her heart pounded away. “Is that what you want?” she uttered. She was instantly overwhelmed by the thought. “I’ll do it if you say so,” she added softly, before the guy had a chance to change his mind.
They got back into line, and when their turn came around, Tod ushered her to a seat then he pushed Timmy in and sat next to him. Paulo got in beside Catherine and her nipples were instantly hard.
The ride started with Tod and Paulo looking at each other and Tod motioning for Paulo to do something. The wheel had gone around once, and on the way up the second time, Paulo put his arm across the seat behind Catherine. She sat fiddling with her dress in her lap until she felt his fingers pressing in underneath her arm. She then took another breath and held it as she lifted her arm slightly. Then Paulo’s fingers wiggled in further, and his thumb stroked down from above and brushed over Catherine’s nipple, sending sparks through her entire body. His hand then closed over her breast, and he started feeling it and massaging firmly.
Catherine looked across at Tod and Timmy staring with their mouths open. Her shoulder strap was hanging down, and she lifted her arm more so the other boy could get his hand in underneath her dress.
Paulo felt the girl’s bare tit. He squeezed it and rubbed the hard little nipple between his thumb and fingers. She was just staring straight ahead, and he was looking down her front. He held her dress out a bit so he could see her tit, and he tried to rub up her leg with his other hand, but she wedged her hands between her thighs and stopped him.
Being denied that, Paulo concentrated on what he was allowed to do. He liked how hard the girl’s nipple was, and he pinched it then jiggled her tit and pinched it again.
“You’re next,” Tod said to his brother, making Catherine’s blush deepen.
“No – that’s okay,” Timmy stammered nervously, and the other two boys laughed.
Catherine relaxed back against Paulo while he continued feeling her breast. The boys started laughing and chatting, which eased the tension. Catherine just sat quietly enjoying being felt up like that. It wasn’t so much what the boy was doing, but the fact that it was in front of the other boys, and the one she was supposed to be going out with was just watching the other one do it.
Paulo also continued stroking her leg, and Catherine relaxed her hands in her lap and allowed that too. He was just playing with her thigh, and the hem of her dress was getting bunched up a bit. His fingers finally touched her panties, and she looked down and could see them exposed. Tod was glancing down too and Timmy was staring at them. The ride finally ended, though, and Catherine was given back to Tod. He took her on the pirate ship ride again, then he spent the last of his money on a soda, while she had to buy her own. It was getting late, so they went back to the marina and got in the boat to return to the island.
The sea was like glass it was so calm. They cruised out with Timmy driving and Catherine sitting on the front bench next to Tod. He started by feeling her breasts and kissing her, then he moved to her ear and whispered, “Can I fuck you again?”
“What – now?” Catherine uttered.
“Yeah. It’s too dark for them to see anything.”
“But how? There’s no room,” Catherine protested, tingling all over.
“Cut the engine, Timmy,” Tod commanded, and suddenly it was silent as the boat slowed to a drift. “Lie over the front and let me do it from behind again,” he said to Catherine. “I’ve got a rubber here.”
He put the condom in his teeth and started undoing his shirt and shorts. Catherine just turned around and obediently leaned over the bow of the boat. The seat was padded, and she knelt on that. It wasn’t uncomfortable.
“You have to lick her a bit to make her wet,” Paulo said, causing Catherine to blush in the moonlight.
Tod got down on his knees and lifted her dress up over her hips. He then pulled her panties down and stuck his face into her, licking at her pussy and making her squirm even more than on the Ferris wheel. She could feel his tongue darting into her slit, and she tilted her hips and presented herself for him while looking back at the other two boys watching. She was in a daze and unable to think clearly. It was all sort of a blur – how she got to be there ready to be mounted by one guy while two others watched.
Tod had finished preparations, so he got up and stuck his cock in. It slipped in easily, and he moved right over Catherine’s back and started humping her.
Catherine held onto the rail at the front of the boat and braced against the guy’s weight while keeping her hips tilted and presenting her opening for him. It was again all about him getting off, but she enjoyed that. He was pounding into her and pulling her body back against his cock, and she was looking back over her shoulder at the other two boys watching him.
Tod then started to grunt and gasp for breath, his thrusts getting more deliberate and seemingly deeper. His thighs were pressed against the back of Catherine’s, and she felt them tense up as his arms firmed and held her in place. Then his body convulsed, and she felt his cock throbbing. It went on and on, and she found herself staring at the still water lapping against the side of the boat. It was the third time that day he had been inside of her, and he was emptying his balls completely that time. She just waited until he finished and lifted from her back with his little cock slipping out.
Catherine’s panties were around her knees. She pulled them up before turning to face the other two boys. Timmy looked stunned while Paulo was just grinning. There was enough moonlight to see their faces quite clearly, and Catherine smiled shyly at them.
Tod tossed the condom into the water, and it just floated there with his semen slowly leaking from it. Catherine watched it and felt herself blushing again. It was the third one of those he had filled up inside of her, and this one looked as full as the first one did.
“That felt good,” Tod puffed. “Did you like it when I licked you?”
“Uh huh,” Catherine uttered. “It was nice.”
“What about your knees – did they hurt kneeling on the seat like that?”
“No – it was fine,” Catherine said shyly, looking at the other two boys again. Timmy was still staring blankly at her and Paulo was still grinning.
Tod’s breathing was returning to normal. He rested back, looking across at his buddy. “She feels really good from behind like that,” he said, causing Catherine’s blush to fire up again. “She pushes back against you and makes you go in really deep.” He squeezed Catherine’s knee. “Don’t you?”
“Uh huh,” she uttered again.
“So, do you want to try it?” he asked Paulo.
Paulo nodded. “Yeah – I want to….”
“Can he?” Tod asked Catherine, and another hot flush swept over her entire body.
“Okay,” she said softly, biting her lip.
Paulo then stood up, and Tod shifted to his seat at the back. Catherine turned around and knelt on the seat, holding onto the bow rail again. Paulo lifted her dress up over her hips and pulled down her pants. He left her exposed like that while he pulled his own pants down and rolled his condom on his dick.
“Are you still wet?” he asked.
“I think so,” Catherine said softly, and she tilted her hips and braced back as the guy positioned the head of his cock.
“Yeah, you’re still wet,” he said, making her blush into the moonlight again. “Are you going to push back like you did for Tod?” he asked her.
“Yes, I’ll try,” Catherine uttered as she felt his cock open her and sink in a bit. “Ouch that’s huge!” she cried, though, as he suddenly pressed forward. “Ahhh – not too hard,” she complained, but he was firmly against her bottom grinding his cock in deeper than she had ever been penetrated before.
“Yeah that’s nice,” he said, and he felt up beneath and found her breasts. He had pulled back a bit and was sliding in and out slowly.
Catherine started to relax. She tilted her hips for him. “Owww!” she cried as he ground forward again, though.
“Yeah, that’s it – lean back on me,” he groaned.
“I am,” Catherine uttered and she arched her back and presented herself for him. “Ahhh – that’s so deep,” she cried, but her orgasm was beginning to build, and she kept herself presented to the guy while his cock probed her belly. It wasn’t very thick and was all right until he forced it in that last little bit, but then he seemed to be penetrating another barrier deeper in her.
She turned back to him. “Do you want to take the condom off?”
“Yeah okay,” he said. “But should I pull out or what?”
“No – do it inside me,” Catherine panted. “But really deep, okay?”
Paulo pulled out, and Catherine saw the condom land in the water in front of the boat. Then she tilted her hips and braced as he sunk back into her.
“Owww,” she uttered that time. It was an expression of some sort of deep seeded pleasure mixed with discomfort, though, and she ground herself back over the base of the guy’s cock while the little bursts of pain melded with the warmth of her burgeoning orgasm.
“Do it deep,” she said back over her shoulder. “Really deep now,” she moaned. And the feeling in her belly contracted and intensified, and with a cock buried inside of her and almost poking into her young womb, her orgasm suddenly exploded and thumped through her body.
“Aw fuck yes!” Paulo groaned as Catherine’s pussy squeezed his cock and started to throb around it. He held her hips in place and kept himself buried all the way inside of her while she writhed and ground herself back against him. He held her there then grabbed her tits and massaged them with one hand while he pushed her dress up over her head with the other.
Catherine held onto the rail with her dress draping around her wrists and her panties around her ankles. The guy on her back was moving again, his dick harder than before and spearing into her so deep!
“That’s it – keep pushing back on me,” he breathed into her hair. “You’re so fucking wet now.”
“Like that?” Catherine uttered as she swayed her back and lifted her bottom right up for him. “Do you like me like this?” she asked, wanton beyond any semblance of her usual self. “Owww!” she cried. “Ahhhh – hhh!”
“Aw yeah – here it is,” Paulo groaned, and Catherine tilted her hips for him and held herself presented there like that. The guy convulsed then lifted up over her back with his cock expanding and poking even deeper inside of her. It then pulsed, and pulsed again, then she felt the first spurt of semen, and she closed her eyes and relaxed back against him as his cock started gushing inside of her. “Aw yeah!” he said and she looked back at him grinning.
“That feels nice,” Catherine uttered. “I can feel you so well without the condom.”
Paulo was still blowing in her. He had never cum anywhere near that hard in all his years of masturbating or during the four times he’d had sex before. His cock was still pulsing, and he could still feel little squirts going into the girl as she smiled at him.
“I’ve never felt anything this deep in me before,” she said softly.
He grinned. “Sorry if it hurt a bit.”
“Are you really sorry? I think you’re enjoying it,” she shot back at him playfully.
He was finally beginning to soften. “It’s so hot inside you right now,” he said curiously. “She’s really wet too,” he said back over his shoulder to Tod. “She feels amazing, doesn’t she?”
Catherine rested her head on her arms and relaxed with her bottom still tilted up and presented to the guy. Her arms were tired, and she didn’t know how much longer he was going to stay in her. He lay down over her and started humping her body, with his cock firming up again quickly. He was right there breathing in her hair. “I think I can cum again really fast. Is that okay?”
“Okay,” Catherine uttered. “Ahh – hhh,” she then cried as he probed deep and ground against her bottom. She could see Tod standing there watching and feeling his cock.
He looked to Paulo. “Hurry up, man, I want to cum again too.”
Paulo started riding Catherine faster. He was fucking her with long strokes and not going all the way in, but then he would suddenly grind against her and she could feel his cock poking right into her belly. There was still some pain each time he did that, but she noticed how excited it made him, and she didn’t mind. She just braced back against him, and the next time he did it she felt his cock throb and squirt more semen into her. She wriggled hard back against him right then so he could ejaculate as deep in her as he could, and his penis again seemed to pulse for a long time.
“Come on, man,” Tod said urgently, though, and Paulo got up off Catherine’s back then Tod took his place.
Catherine tilted her hips and presented herself for him too, pleased that he was going to be in her without a condom this time. After thrusting for a minute, he was still and ejaculating in her as well. “Yeah, fuck that’s so hot in her without a rubber,” he groaned.
Catherine smiled back at him. “Do I feel nice for you like this?”
“You feel fantastic…. I should have cum in you the other times today as well.”
“I know. That’s what I was thinking before.”
Tod was completely spent and his dick had shrivelled up. He put it away. Catherine got up on her knees and slipped her dress back over her head. Her panties were around her ankles. She stepped out of them and picked them up. They were sandy, but they were okay when she shook them off.
“Can I do it too?” Timmy asked anxiously. He was feeling his cock.
“Yeah – go Timmy!” Tod laughed. “This will be his first,” he said to Catherine.
“Can I?” Timmy pled.
Catherine blushed again. “Okay, but you have to do it quickly.” The thought of having three guys mount her one after the other was exhilarating.
He groaned. “I’m ready now. I’m nearly doing it in my pants.”
“Okay then,” Catherine uttered, and she turned and knelt on the seat. Timmy was getting his cock out. She bent over and held onto the rail, watching back over her shoulder as he got into position behind her. He bunched her dress up over her hips, and she lifted her bottom as he started probing her. She was very wet and he slipped into her easily, then he lay over her back and hugged her body as he started humping her.
Catherine peered back over her shoulder at the two other boys watching her being mated. They were silent. Timmy was thrusting and grunting. He lasted only a few minutes before Catherine felt him cumming in her. He was bigger than his brother and she could feel the strong throb of his penis.
“Is that nice?” she asked him as she rested her head on her arms again.
“Yeah. It feels really nice,” he said. “You’re really beautiful.”
“Thank you,” Catherine uttered softly, and she remained there while he enjoyed himself inside of her, and he even reached beneath and felt her breasts.
Tod chuckled. “Yeah – that’s the way, Timmy. Go for it, boy!”
Timmy was tweaking Catherine’s nipples like he knew what he was doing. He was also firming inside of her again, and he began to slowly thrust against her bottom.
“Can I do it twice like Paulo did?” he asked her.
“Uh huh,” Catherine uttered, and she lifted and pressed back against him as the warmth of a resurgent orgasm flushed over her.
Timmy was considerably bigger than his brother, his cock stiff and probing in quite deep. He was actually a very nice size, and he was still holding Catherine’s nipples while he was humping her with a steady rhythm of short, powerful thrusts.
Catherine’s orgasm quickly built, and just as Timmy pressed up behind her hard and held firm, it thumped through her belly, clenching in tune with the powerful bursts of cum shooting from his cock.
Catherine smiled back at the guy but he was gasping for breath and sweating profusely. He grimaced. “Sorry but I think I squirted a lot of it in you. It felt so good!”
“That’s okay…. Are you finished now, or do you want to do it again?” she asked playfully.
“No, I think I’m finished now,” he answered, quite sincerely.
He lifted from her, so she got back up on her knees and fixed her hair. She could feel a trickle running down her leg, and she used her panties that she had scrunched in her hand to dab at it. The boys were starting the boat and not watching her, so she discretely dabbed her pussy too and sat down with her panties pressed between her legs – kind of sitting on them with her dress out behind so it didn’t get wet from their cum.
“So, do you do that with lots of guys back home?” Paulo asked.
“No,” Catherine replied indignantly. “I’ve only been with a few older men, and then I’ve had a boyfriend for the last six months until we just broke up.”
“Oh. So, how old are you?” Tod asked.
“Nineteen. How old are you?”
“I’m twenty and so is Paulo. Timmy’s eighteen.”
“I’m nearly nineteen!” Timmy declared, smiling at Catherine.
“I’m glad you haven’t got a boyfriend right now,” Paulo said. “Lucky for us!”
“Maybe, but I hope you’ve got somewhere better than a boat next time,” Catherine challenged………..

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