11 thoughts on “Interactive

    1. Hi Anthony, what I can do is re-publish ‘Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless’ with you in it. You can have hot Lisa as your girlfriend or be one of the other characters – the boy from next door, one of the older men perhaps?


      1. Thanks so much–anyway we can have my wife replace Lisa instead? I don’t need to be in it, I’ll treat it like a story from her past!


  1. Hi Matt. Many readers may not know that you have reworked some of your earlier stories. The results are nothing short of spectacular. Thanks very much. Any news on Proposition 4? Looking forward to it.


    1. I gather all the stories in the “Hotwife Awakenings” collections are revised from their original publications. I REALLY hope Matt doesn’t abandon that project. The first three volumes came out within weeks of each other, but it’s been three and a half months since the last one.


      1. Thanks Joey, the Hotwife Awakening collections will be continuing. Just waiting on my editor to free up more time to get the next few revised. ALL of my hotwife and cuckold stories will end up in those paperbacks.


    2. Hey guys! Propositioned part 4 is coming along nicely at about 80% complete. Things hotting up for Libby and getting complicated for Colin… Sorry I’m a bit slow but I have a DIY building project demanding attention as well – life getting in the way of entertainment lol:)


  2. Hi Matt!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the “Sharing wife with older men”. I have always fantasised about seeing my girlfriend being dominated by a group of much older men. It would be amazing to have me and her acting as inspiration for one of your stories!


    1. Hey Mike. Sounds like my next story might be ideal to include you and your girlfriend in. There will be some mature men in your apartment building interested in your fiancée, also a dominant older man who lives in a cabin in the backwoods, where you are lost and stranded for a week or so. If interested, what is a name for your girlfriend in this fantasy story??


      1. Thanks for the reply! The idea sounds great. Her name is Lucy. Do you also need a description of both of us? If so, maybe email any details required?


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