Creamed her good



Catherine filled her mother’s shopping list and lugged two big grocery bags back over the hill thinking she should have brought her dad’s car that was sitting there doing nothing. It was already after ten, but she figured the guys could wait for her. She did her nails and fixed her makeup, then she considered which bikini to take in case they went swimming. She chose a white one because she felt like wearing white today. Then she slipped off her bra and checked her boobs in the mirror with the tank top. She tossed it and picked a white one of those too. Her nipples were almost visible through that, and she considered wearing it next time she went for a walk on the pier with all the old fishermen.

She waited until her dad was busy and snuck out so he didn’t see her top, turning left up the road in the direction the guys had told her. They appeared from nowhere as soon as she was out of sight of the house.

“Hi.” Tod greeted her with a grin while Paulo just smiled at her.

“Hello,” Catherine said sweetly. “Sorry I’m late.”

“That’s okay,” they both said, still smiling. “We’ve been cleaning the house,” Paulo added. “It was pretty clean already, though.”

“Are you sure it’s all right for us to go there?” Catherine asked. “Won’t we be trespassing?”

“I guess, but no one cares round here,” Tod informed. “Sergeant Pratt doesn’t even care when there’s parties, and we’re going to be quiet and not make a mess or anything.”

It was only a short walk until they reached a clearing in the forest. “There it is,” Tod said, presenting a small timber cottage nestled at the base of a rocky ledge. “The swimming hole’s up there,” he added. “I checked it out, and it’s full and not too cold.”

Catherine was ushered into the house and shown an empty kitchen, laundry and living room. “The mattress is in here,” Tod said, and he took her hand and led her along a hallway to the first door, which was to a small bedroom. “We thought it would be better in here so we can have turns bringing you in one at a time.”

“Oh.” Catherine uttered through her blush.

“Is that okay?” Tod went on. “Did you like it yesterday when we all had you, or is it better like this?”

“No, one at a time sounds nice,” Catherine replied softly.

“Okay, so I’m going first,” Tod said to Paulo, and he saw him out of the room and closed the door.


It was happening faster than Catherine had imagined. She stood wringing her hands while Tod took off his shirt. She didn’t know whether to undress herself or let him do it.

“I’ve been thinking about this all morning.” He stepped close and kissed her. “Your tits look good in this,” he added, looking down at her top. He felt her, squeezing both breasts then lifting her top up over them before feeling them bare. He kissed her again while groping up under the front of her skirt and rubbing her pussy. Then he reached his other hand under there as well and he pulled her panties down. She stepped out of them and out of her sandals too. Then Tod turned her around to face the mattress. “Just kneel on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind again.”

Catherine did as she was told. She knelt on the mattress and leaned over onto her hands. Tod got on his knees behind her with his pants down and his penis standing directly upright. He took a bottle of baby oil from a bag there against the wall and poured some into his hand. “I brought this to make it easier.” He applied it to his penis, lathering it all over. Then he lifted Catherine’s skirt up over her hips and edged in closer behind her.

“Just gently at first,” she said to him. “Just put it in slowly, okay?”

“Okay.” He levered his cock down and pressed the head against her pussy lips. It slipped in. “It goes in easy with the oil,” he said.

“Ah huh,” Catherine uttered, and she rested back against him as he slowly inserted all the way. Then he withdrew then sunk his cock in again, pressing firmly up behind and grinding against her. “It’s okay now,” she said back over her shoulder. “You can do it harder.”

He lay over her back, resting on his hands and knees like she was. His knees were between hers, and she lowered to her elbows so he would have a better angle to penetrate her. He started rolling his hips and humping her, his cock just spearing a few inches in and out and his balls rubbing against her clit. “Yeah, that feels good,” he groaned, with his body slapping against her bottom and jolting her now. “Ooh yeah, baby, you ready for a load?” he gasped into the back of her neck, raising goose bumps all over her skin. “You ready for my cum?” he teased her.

“I’m ready for it,” Catherine uttered, feeling her blush heat and intensify. “Cum in me,” she said to the guy, gathering herself a little and looking back at his face. “I want it all in me today.”

Tod bucked and jammed himself in deep. “Aaw fuck,” he cried, and a thick burst of semen shot into her, followed by another and another, and then the thinner fluid continued gushing from his balls and flooding her. “Yeah that’s a big fucking load,” he groaned, lifting from her holding her hips, with his cock still inside of her. He smiled. “Did you feel how big it was?”

“Ah huh. It felt like a lot,” Catherine answered shyly.

“Hmm, really creamed ya.” Tod chuckled, looking down at where he was playing in her. “Sure beats using a rubber.”

He pulled out and got up. Catherine rested on her side, tugging down her top and smoothing her skirt into place. He opened the door and called to his friend. “You’re up, Donkey Dick!”

Paulo appeared in the doorway, and Catherine met his eyes. “Do you want to rest for a while between?” he asked kindly.

She nodded, and she found her panties and pulled them on while both of the boys stood watching her. There was a dribble of cum running down her leg, so she got a tissue from her bag and wiped it, with them still watching and grinning like idiots.

Tod chuckled. “Creamed her good!”

Catherine shook her head, blushing. “Yes, you did!” she said defiantly. She could feel her pussy lips were slimy as she moved.

“Should try and keep her creamed up all day,” Tod suggested to his buddy.

“Sounds like fun,” Paulo agreed, and Catherine looked up at them both still standing there grinning.

“Fun for who?” she asked, pouting. “It’s fine for you guys. I’m the one who has to walk around all day with your goo inside me down there.”

She had approached where they were standing in the doorway. Paulo had a feel of her nipple. Then he pinched and twisted it, and she squirmed, hunching her shoulders a little, but he grabbed the other one and did the same. When he released them they were bullets poking distinctly at her top.

He chuckled. “Should keep them pointy today too.”

“Yeah, keep her pussy creamed and her tits pointy!” Tod joined in, laughing.

Paulo pinched and twisted Catherine’s nipples again.

“Oww – not too hard. I like it but not too hard,” she said, giggling a little as a warm rush of goose bumps covered her skin.

“Do you like that?” Paulo asked softly.

Catherine glanced up at him and at Tod as well. “Ah huh. It feels nice.”

“Are you gonna go topless for us today?” Tod asked.

“Not in the sun. I don’t want to get a tan like that.”

“Do you play cards?” Paulo asked her. “We brought some, or we could go swimming.”

“What if we go and have a look at the swimming hole and then come back and play cards?” Catherine suggested. “I’d like to see it.”


The two guys took Catherine out the back and up a steep rocky trail. Paulo was leading the way and Tod was right behind, teasing her. “You still nice and creamy?” He chuckled, flicking her skirt up.

Catherine ignored him, but he grabbed her and felt her breasts.

“Fuck, I’m ready to go again,” he said. “Give ya another load of cream!”

“But it’s not your turn,” Catherine teased back. “It’s Paulo’s turn to cream me.”

Tod felt up under her top, squeezing her breasts, and grabbed her between the legs with his other hand. Catherine relaxed back against him while he rubbed the front of her panties. Then he slipped his hand down them and felt her pussy. He probed into her. “Yeah, still nice and gooey,” he whispered into her ear. Then he forced her forward against a rock and tore at his shorts, and fed his cock in through the side of her panties and up inside of her.

Catherine held onto the rock while she was being fucked again. The guy pumped her hard and fast, ramming into her over and over, then he jammed his dick up her and blew his load.

“Aw fuck yeah!” he cried.

“I can feel that again,” Catherine uttered, peering back at him. She could feel him throbbing, his semen squirting just inside her pussy lips. He was that short in length and she was at an awkward angle for him. She reached beneath and felt the head of his cock still inside of her, but it slipped out, and warm cum flooded out with it and gushed down her leg.

Tod was grinning, and Catherine smiled back at him as she smoothed the crotch of her panties into place. “I’m definitely all gooey again now!” His cum was running down to her knee. She looked down at it, holding her skirt up a bit.

He chuckled. “Wipe it with your dress. You made me do it, so you have to clean it up too.”

Catherine dabbed at the trickle with her skirt. “I made you do it? You virtually raped me that time!”

“Who raped you?” Paulo asked as he jumped down from above.

“He did!” Catherine accused, giggling.

“Yeah, creamed her again, man. When are you gonna fuck her?”

“When we get back to the house. Do you still wannna have a look at the swimming hole first? It’s just up there,” Paulo asked Catherine.

“Okay,” Catherine said, blushing at the offhand way he had declared he was going to have sex with her too. It seemed she was going to be serviced whenever they felt like it, or possibly even raped if she protested. Although she had decided upon walking out her door that morning that she was going to let them have her whenever they wanted. She only hoped there wasn’t going to be any others, that they weren’t planning to invite a bunch of other island boys to have sex with her as well. Though she had actually dreamed of being passed around a bar room full of drunken old fishermen last night and awoke from a wet dream.

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