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“So, are you saying it’s just going to be us?” I asked my husband.
He was double checking a text from his office, frowning at it. He looked at me, grimacing kind of sheepishly. “Marge says your step-dad cancelled the rest of the team yesterday.”
“Oh good, we can turn around and go home then.”
“No, he still wants to see us.”
“Huh!” I scoffed.
My step-father is my husband’s boss. I got Brian a job with the family firm when we started dating, about a year before we got married, nearly three years ago now.
“We’re nearly there, baby. It would be silly to turn around now.”
“No it wouldn’t,” I said, defeated though. It was just like my dad to have that text sent when we were already on our way. He would have timed it. We’d spent half the day on a train from the city where we live. It wasn’t really an option to turn around as we would have ended up stuck at the station waiting until tomorrow for a train home anyway.
Brian reached across the back seat of the taxi and squeezed my hand. “He’s not that bad, baby. He’s been pretty good lately.”
I just pouted.
“Plus you haven’t seen him in ages anyway. And he is your old man after all, not just my boss.”
“I haven’t seen him in a year, and it’s too soon already,” I sulked. Although I glanced at the meter on the taxi and saw it had passed $100, which made me smile a bit inside, since the fare was on my step-father’s account.
I sat forward. “Could we stop here for a minute please, driver?”
“Here, ma’am? Certainly.”
The driver pulled into a café parking lot.
“Come on,” I said to my husband. “I’m hungry and I’m not waiting until we get there.”
Brian eyeballed the meter too as he got out of the taxi. He glared worriedly at me.
“Oh don’t worry, Dad’s got plenty of money,” I told him. “Just keep the meter running please, sir,” I called back to the driver.
The café was crowded and it took twenty minutes to get a sandwich and coffee. I made my husband sit with me and eat without rushing. By the time we got back into the taxi the meter was over $200.
I was starting to feel better about the whole visiting-my-step-father idea now. He had manipulated Brian and tricked me into visiting, on the pretence of some big new management team bonding weekend.
The taxi meter was nearly $300 by the time we pulled up at the driveway to a highset old mansion on a huge gardened block of land.
The driver dumped our bags on the sidewalk and sped off (He looked worried too, but my step-dad tends to have that effect on people in general).
“Looks like something out of a horror movie,” I said to my husband. I’d never been to my Uncle Chino’s new big renovation project house before, but the place resembled the one I’d seen in photos my cousin had once sent me.
“Brian… Natalie sweetheart! Welcome!” called a familiar voice from somewhere, and my step-father appeared from around the side of the house.
My step-dad is a fat man in his early fifties. Brian had gotten a promotion within our family owned furniture import firm and gained a substantial pay increase. Dad is the CEO. Uncle Chino has been sort of retired for the past few years but still likes to keep in touch with things. It had made sense that the weekend bonding thing was here. Though I was sure right then it hadn’t been for real.
“Hi, Daddy,” I said into a cheek kiss. I guess it had actually been a long time since I’d made an effort to visit him. Plus Brian had only just been promoted, so Uncle Chino would be wanting to meet him and have a chat. So the visit was still kind of business orientated, I figured.
It was mid-summer and quite hot. I tugged at my short dress as I felt my step-father’s eyes flash to my legs. My husband was looking the other way, and Dad was grinning as I met his eyes.
This was nothing unusual. He has always been sleazy and inappropriate with me and my sisters.
“Through here,” he said as he ushered us up the steep stairs and into the house. We followed him through a spacious living area and toward a hallway and an open bedroom door. I squeezed past him and felt the firmness of his huge gut as he seemed to lean forward and press it against me. Then he followed behind and ended up standing right beside me as my husband arranged our suitcases to be unpacked.
It was a small room, and I was trapped between the dresser, the bed, and the huge sweaty mass of my step-father. I could smell his body odour with his arm around me and his massive hand squeezing my waist, pulling me even closer. My breast was pressed against the side of his gut, and my nipple was firm and poking through my sweaty dress.
I stood there horrified as the two men laughed and talked.
The house was quite isolated, surrounded by a golf course and with a big swimming pool way down the back yard.
Dad is a keen golfer (always using a buggy to save actual exercise of course) and Brian would be required to accompany him the next day no doubt. I had brought my eReader full of books and plenty of suntan lotion. I would just have to get through the weekend to help consolidate my husband’s job security.
Even the hired help here was a man, though. There was an old gardener who did the cooking and housework. He smiled and greeted me with an appreciative look up and down my body when I was introduced.
After being shown around the place for an hour, I still hadn’t met my reclusive Uncle Chino, who I hadn’t seen in over ten years.
“You go first,” my husband said, offering me the shower. It was time to freshen up for dinner.
“I wish I had brought some jeans or something,” I complained. “I feel like that gardener guy is undressing me with his eyes! And Dad obviously hasn’t changed with that either.”
“I know, baby, but I thought the whole team was going to be here.” Brian said, cuddling behind me looking in the mirror. “Although I notice how your old man is always checking out the ladies at work, so it can’t hurt to play up to him a bit if he’s still that way inclined with you, like you’ve said.”
I gave my husband a look. “Oh, so you wanted to show me off to the guys huh? And now you want me to wear something revealing to show me off to my sleazy step-father?”
“No. Well, it’s hot weather, isn’t it?” Brian replied quickly. “It’s a good chance to get a tan.”
“But you also wanted to show me off?” I pressed. “To everyone, and now to my dad? My step-uncle? To the old gardener too, I suppose?” I wasn’t as angry as I was pretending to be. I don’t mind Brian wanting his colleagues to see me looking sexy.
Brian was quiet for a moment, watching me sort through my suitcase looking for something to wear to dinner. I found a maxi dress that covered me from neck to ankles.
Finally Brian spoke again. “You look so good though, honey, and you usually don’t mind men noticing. Plus this old uncle of yours especially requested meeting us together, after he saw our wedding photos.”
That shocked me. “You didn’t tell me that. He saw our wedding photos?”
“Yeah, well he’s an artist apparently and he was hoping you might pose for one of his paintings or something.”
“He what?” I cried. “You can’t be serious, Brian!”
“Well, why not? Your old man just said old Chino thinks you have a pretty face and it would make a good portrait.”
“What, he said that just now, or did you know my uncle wanted to do a portrait of me?” I eyeballed my husband. “How much of this whole set up did you actually know about?”
Dad called out to Brian, so I didn’t wait for a response, just turned and left to have my shower. When I came out I hurried back across the hall hugging my bathrobe tight around my naked body. Brian was looking decidedly guilty as he immediately headed out the bedroom door to have his shower.
I pulled my panties on and looked at the matching bra I had picked out. I decided right then that if my husband wanted to show me off to my weird step-family like this, I might just have to teach him a lesson, so I tossed the bra back into my bag and took out a cute little stretch cotton dress that hugged my figure.
I would never dream of wearing that particular dress without a bra because it is very revealing. My nipples were instantly firm and stood out distinctly beneath the soft, stretchy fabric. My breasts swayed and jiggled very obviously as I moved about the bedroom. I nearly lost my nerve, but it was too late because Dad poked his head around the door grinning at me.
His eyes lowered to my breasts and then to my legs where my dress was so tight it was bunched up almost revealing my panties. I quickly tugged it down then folded my arms across my breasts.
My disgusting step-father just smiled. “Dinner’s ready,” he said, and he left me standing there totally embarrassed.
What to do now, I thought. I couldn’t put my bra on because he had already seen what I was wearing, and it would be too obvious that I was denying him.
Oh my god, he knows I’m dressed like this to show myself to him and now he’s going to expect it.
When Brian came from his shower his eyes widened. “Honey, you don’t have to do this. I was wrong. I’m not going to pimp my wife out to a couple of incest weirdos for some stupid job.” He took my hands and held them as he faced me. “I’m an idiot sometimes, hey? Come on, get dressed properly, and we’ll make some excuse to get the hell out of here in the morning, okay?”
“Really?” I asked softly. This was more like the guy I married.
“Honey, this whole thing has just gotten out of hand. It’s little by little. You go so far, and it seems okay to go a little bit further. I was thinking while I showered, there’s no way on Earth I would have asked you to dress sexily for another man six months ago. No chance! Then I get invited to a few dinners and drinks with your old man, and I get caught up in the idea of promotions and power, and money!” Brian shook his head. “No, baby. I want to apologize to you, go home, and take what comes as far as work goes. I can get another job easy enough if I have to. We’ll be fine.”
I kissed my husband. “Well, that makes all the difference, Brian. Now I can do this comfortably. I can handle a couple of sleazy old codgers checking me out if you can.”
Brian frowned his confusion. “What? How is it any different now than ten minutes ago?”
“Because now we’re working together and taking advantage of them, instead of them taking advantage of me and you. It’s totally different. I’ve been playing up to my step-dad and his brother since I started growing boobs. Easiest thing ever.”
Brian looked down at my boobs admiringly. I took his hand. “Come on.”

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