X-Rated taboo erotica

little brother 2

Natalie has some food shopping to do before dinner and ends up doing a huge restock. Her young step-brother sees her at the supermarket loading up the car. She offers him a ride home if he helps her lug the groceries up the stairs to the apartment. “Do you have time, Micky, honestly?” He had seemed in a hurry.
“Yeah, it’s cool. I just have to get something for Dad at the hardware. Can ya wait five minutes?”
“Sure! Go on, then.”
They are soon parked at the door of Natalie’s apartment building. She takes one load of bags up and Micky takes three to get everything upstairs. Micky parks the car in the garage and brings back the keys.
“Are you sure you don’t mind waiting for Brian? I can run you home now.”
“Na, that’s fine. I got Dad’s thing before the shop shut, so there’s no rush now.”
“Ah okay. Do you want a glass of Coke?”
“Yes, please.”
Natalie pours them both a drink. Micky sits at her breakfast counter chatting with her while she unpacks her groceries.
“You again!” Brian jokes, scuffing Micky’s hair as he passes and drops his briefcase on the floor.
“He helped me with the shopping. I bought heaps of stuff,” Natalie says, meeting her husband’s kiss. “Do you wanna stay for dinner, Micky?”
He shrugs. “Sure. What are we having?”
Natalie cooks up a quick bolognaise, which they eat with a bottle of red. They laugh and joke throughout the meal. Brian takes a call from work at the breakfast counter phone, and Natalie washes the dishes.
Her brother approaches behind her and touches her ribs. She clamps her arms down and blushes. He worms his fingers under her arms and clutches again. “Micky!” she scolds, catching Brian’s glance. Micky reaches down and clutches above her knee. She wriggles and blushes deeper as she looks more directly at her husband.
Brian hangs up the phone and remains sitting across the counter on a stool.
Natalie questions him with her look. Micky tickles her ribs again. “Um. Micky,” she whispers, squirming with her arms pressed tight. She looks to her husband again, and he just looks back at her without saying anything. “Uhh…hh, Micky! What are you doing? That tickles,” Natalie cries.
She takes hold of his wrists, holding onto them while he clutches her ribs again, probing with his fingers and making her giggle and squirm. “Okay, okay.” She peers back at him, relaxing her arms and letting him hold her belly.
“What did work want?” she asks Brian, reaching up her back and unfastening her bra clasp as she speaks. She has on a lace trim tank top and bra, and cut-off jean shorts. With her bra loosened, her breasts fall freely, jiggling with every movement.
Brian watches as she folds her tank top up to expose her belly. “My new boss was just lettin’ me know he’ll be away, just some work instructions.”
Micky clutches Natalie’s sides, digging his fingers in and making her squirm and smile back up at him. “Hey, you, I already gave in!” she scolds, and she takes one of his hands and guides it beneath the front of her top. He feels under her bra and squeezes her tit. She parts her lips as he kisses her over her shoulder, immediately inserting his tongue into her mouth. She opens, and he pushes it in deep while groping her and pinching a nipple. His other hand is still upon her belly. She undoes her shorts, lowering the zipper. She breaks off the kiss and squirms back against him, holding her husband’s gaze as her brother worms his fingers under the waistband of her panties and feels down through her little bush to her opening.
Natalie smiles. “I think I’m about to be taken again, Brian.”

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Giving in to little brother

little brother 1

X-Rated taboo reading:

There is a knock at the door and Natalie gets up to answer it. Brian goes to grab a beer from the fridge but there are none left.
“Hey, man,” Micky says from the kitchen doorway. He is holding a six-pack.
“Legit, dude. Just what I was lookin’ for.” Brian takes one of the beers. “What are ya doin’ here? I thought you were gonna help ya bro with his car.”
“Nah, he’s gotta wait for a part. I knew we drank all ya beer so I brought some more.”
“Ah cheers, dude.”
Natalie is watching television. She is sitting with her legs tucked up on the end of the lounge. Brian kicks back in his recliner. The other one has junk on it. Micky sits on the other end of the lounge to Natalie and puts his feet up on the coffee table. They all watch a line-up of amateur comedians performing at a club.
Natalie is wearing a short straight skirt with a white top and bra. She has been out all day running errands. Brian can see the crotch of her pink panties from behind her legs. her little brother seems to be checking them out too.
She goes to the kitchen to get an apple. Brian gets more beers then kicks back again. Natalie finishes her apple and reaches to put the core on the saucer with her tea cup. When she sits back her young step-brother touches her bare foot. She glances over but he has folded his arms and is innocently watching the television. A few minutes later he does it again, earning a glare this time, which makes him smile. The next time he does it Natalie pushes his leg with her foot, smiling too. Micky leans over on an elbow and reaches to poke her ribs.
“Hey, you!” she scolds.
She is still smiling. Brian starts to get an erection, having to shift in his seat to make room.
Natalie’s annoying little step-brother pokes her side again but she catches his arm this time and glares. “What are you trying to do, pest?”
Micky chuckles and squeezes her knee with his other hand. She giggles and pushes him with her foot again. He gets up on his knees and tickles her ribs, clutching them and making her shriek with laughter. He eases up, and she holds his wrists, panting.
She looks over and Brian meets her eyes. Micky grabs her ribs again. She keeps looking to Brian as she squirms and wriggles. Brian is fully erect by now.
Micky relents again. Natalie holds his wrists but only lightly, and he touches her knee. He squeezes it and she flinches. He grips her ribs, and she flinches again, looking to Brian once more. She holds her husband’s gaze as her brother clutches both sides of her ribs and makes her squirm.
“Okay, you win,” she concedes giggling when he digs his fingers in again. “You win, okay, Micky? Just wait a minute.” She undoes a button on her blouse. “Just let me up a bit for a minute.”
He lifts, and she sits up. She glances at her husband again as she continues undoing her blouse. “Look at what he won, Brian. He keeps tickling me, so I have to give in.”

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Teaching Little Brother

Beautiful slim model undresses in studio

Natalie clutches her step-brother’s arm and grinds herself down onto his fingers. Her belly clenches, an orgasm obviously thumping through her. She pushes his hand away and closes her legs. “That’s enough now.”
She gets up, leaving her little brother with a cushion pressed in place again. She looks from there to her husband. “What if I sit on Micky’s lap for a minute, what do you think?”
Brian blushes. “Do you mean…?”
Natalie nods. “Just quickly?”
Micky peers from Natalie to Brian, gulping hard. “What do you mean?”
Natalie kneels on the lounge and reaches for Brian over the backrest. She takes his hand and pulls him close. “It wouldn’t be fair not to, don’t you think?”
“Not to what?” Micky asks, his face red.
Brian huffs a breath. “I don’t know, I s’pose.”
“Just to let him finish,” Natalie says softly to her husband. She peers at her brother. “Do you want to finish, Micky?”
“Finish? Do you mean?”
“Yeah, just quickly, if I sit on your lap. Would you like to be inside me, to finish in me?”
Micky’s face reddens further. “Um. Hell yeah, I wanna. What a question!”
Natalie looks to her husband again. “It would be purely physical, Brian. Just to let him experience finishing inside a woman. He’s obviously hard, and I’m really wet. It seems just natural for me to submit and let him, as a female.”

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X-Rated Step-Daddy Taboo


Once in our bedroom with the door closed, Brian and I made love. We had raved about how amazing it had been, how exhilarating it was for me to strip naked like that in front of my step-father and uncle, and how exciting it was for Brian to watch me do it.
After Brian rolled off me and went to sleep, I went to get a drink of water and found my step-father in the kitchen, sitting at the small table there with another glass of peach brandy.
“Hi, Daddy.”
He looked at me. I was wearing one of Brian’s tee-shirts and was bare beneath it.
I approached my step-father. He was sitting there in boxer shorts holding his cock to one side in them. I touched his bald head, stroking down the back of his neck to his shoulder as he kept feeling his erection and trailed his other hand up my thigh to my hip beneath the tee-shirt and squeezed.
It had never been anything more than him looking at me before.
I could still feel his touch as he felt my breasts earlier.
I lowered to my knees in front of him. He touched my shoulders, resting big strong trembling hands there.
His boxer shorts were loose fitting and the fly was gaping. I could see the thick shaft of his cock, the head poking hard against the thin white cotton and there was a damp spot.
I used a single finger to hook the open fly aside and free the swollen almost purple head of my step-father’s cock. He tensed and gripped my shoulders hard as I closed my hand softly around his flexing shaft.
I peered up, biting my lip. “No one can know,” I uttered.
My step-father gulped hard and nodded. He took hold of the back of my head and pulled me down. I opened and took his cock into my mouth. He held me down and thrust, his cock filling my mouth and the head of it probing my closed throat.
I took my step-father’s hands and he allowed me to push them away. I guided them to the sides of his chair.
“Just let me do it,” I told him………
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A sweet young wife on her knees servicing two older men….

Nature 11

Annabelle senses a presence and rolls her eyes aside to see Michael watching from through the open door and down the few stairs. He’s examining her crotch again. He climbs the steps and closes the door behind him, the narrow corridor thrown into semi-darkness.
“Hey, man,” Paul says to him.
“Hey,” Michael echoes and moves close beside Annabelle, looking down at her face. He places a hand upon her belly and strokes her hair from her neck with his other hand. Paul kisses Annabelle’s ear and whispers, “Is this alright?”
Annabelle gulps and sucks in a nervous breath. “Um…. I um….” The older man lifts her chin and presses his lips to hers. She’s stunned but responds a little. Paul feels a breast. She gulps again and lifts her head away from Michael. “But just like we talked about,” she says to Paul. “Not um….”
“I know…. Just oral,” he breathes into her neck and sucks on her tender skin there – his big hand kneading her breast more firmly now.
Michael touches her chin, turning her to face him, and he covers her mouth with his more insistently. Paul kisses her shoulder and slips her cardigan from her arms, trailing kisses down her back and side as he kneels and lifts her skirt to suck hard on her upper groin. The older man kisses beneath her chin and sucks on her neck. He’s undoing her blouse. He opens it and gropes her breasts while returning his kisses to her neck. Paul lifts one of her legs and shoulders beneath it. Annabelle grabs his head as she rocks back against a wall. Michael pulls up her bra and covers a tit with his mouth. Paul nuzzles her pussy through her panties, pressing with his nose and sniffing deeply to draw the scent she can smell herself right then. He bares his teeth and nips her. Her lower body convulses and she lets out a little squeal. Michael lifts and covers her mouth with his again and Paul stretches aside the crotch of her panties and breathes on her exposed pussy.
Annabelle’s eyes are wide in the near dark but they roll back in her head. She can’t quite identify all the sensations. Her right nipple is being firmly tweaked. There’s the tongue of a man old enough to be her father swirling around hers inside her mouth. She thinks there’s a finger pressing around her clit, parting her folds to isolate it – or it could be the tip of Paul’s nose doing that. It feels like his breath is the thing cooling her down there. The chill is of wetness and air movement and it’s dripping from her pussy down her leg. She can distinctly feel the trail of that dribble now but suddenly it is being licked – the warmth and coarseness of a tongue traveling up her inner thigh, and she shudders a breath into the older man’s mouth as the tongue slices directly through the centre of her opening.
“Aw fuck that’s wet,” Paul groans into her down there, and Annabelle’s belly immediately clenches in mild orgasm. The sudden little climax grips and thumps through her, seemingly urging Paul on, as he parts her folds with a thumb and forefinger then gets in under her to cover her pussy with his mouth and tongue her deep.
“Uhh…hhh….” Annabelle moans and clings to two handfuls of his hair while mashing her gash against his whiskery face. Her peak has passed now though. The tongue inside of her has pushed it deeper into her belly where it’s building with more substance as the two men continue to eat her against a wall.
Annabelle is pleased that the older man has stopped kissing her mouth and is now focused on her breasts. She needs the clear head space to concentrate on what’s happening inside her pussy – a long thick finger has been inserted and is moving in and out. The mouth of the man down there is pressed over her clit and the sensations centred there are a combination of sucking and lashing with a broad or pointed tongue.
The older man’s hand travels down the back of her panties and his bony fingertips probe past her anus and into the base of her vagina. This seems to release a flood of her juices because she suddenly feels a trickle run down past her knee. Those fingertips only ply and tease her open though, while the other finger spearing in and out of her has curled back to massage her G-spot.
The two men work Annabelle relentlessly until her entire body is a mass of nerve endings that explode and have her convulsing and crushing the head in her hands against her pussy. “Uhh…uhh…uhh…” she pants with each contraction deep in her belly and extending the length of her vagina to throb against the fingers now holding firm inside of it.

She extracts the huge penis from her mouth and kisses her way down to the man’s balls. They’re heavy in her hand. She lifts them gently and moans as she sucks on the left one.
Paul smooths her hair from her face and tilts his head to watch her. “You like them?”
“Yes,” Annabelle tells him. “I love them – they’re so huge.” She peers from one man to the other, their features just distinguishable in the dimness of the corridor. She moves from Paul’s left ball to his right one. It’s sweaty with his musk and a bit too hairy, but she hums softly as she takes the full side of it into her mouth and sucks and massages with her tongue. She then nuzzles them both, allowing them to rest upon her face and over her nose and eyes. “Mmm – I just love the feel of them,” she utters and resumes kissing and licking them. The scent of him is strong underneath at the base of his sac. She nuzzles between his bulging thighs and licks more of his ball sweat, sucking the loose skin then licking her way up the side of his shaft. She lowers it and squeezes, milking a dribble of semen then sucking the head into her mouth. She peers up at the two men again and bobs her head. The older man is stroking his cock. She rolls her eyes to it then peers up at him again.
“Are you ready for another load?” he asks her.
Annabelle releases Paul’s cock and turns to face Michael with her mouth open and her tongue extended in readiness. He snarls and grits his teeth, his hand vibrating on the end of his dick. He shifts forward and positions the head then pushes it down against Annabelle’s tongue and snarls again as his semen spurts in heavy ropes into her mouth.
Annabelle swallows the pool of stringy goo and takes the narrow head of the man’s cock into her mouth and holds it there. She cups his balls. They’re quite small compared to Paul’s. They’re completely hairless though, and smooth and loose in their sac. Michael holds her hair aside as she gets in under him and gathers one of his nuts with her tongue, softly sucking the whole thing into her mouth and crushing her hand between her thighs as the powerful scent of him washes through her.
“That’s it – the other one too,” he encourages her. “Ooh yeah – suck on it,” he snarls. “You fucking love that, don’t you?”
“Uh huh….” Annabelle utters as she lets that ball pop from her mouth. “I love what you men make inside these…. I wish I could have it all in my belly instead of having to swallow it.”
“And we want to pump it into your belly too – don’t worry about that,” Michael says, including Paul with a chuckle.
“Yes – but you can’t…. I’m not allowed and it wouldn’t be safe for me anyway.” Annabelle licks the older man’s balls and kisses them, peering up at him watching. “Plus I didn’t know I was going to have to swallow yours as well…. I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my husband.”
Michael shrugs. “Serves the guy right if he doesn’t satisfy you himself.”
“Don’t say that,” Annabelle protests but has to squeeze her hand between her thighs again as the man’s words flutter in her belly. She kisses her way back up the underside of his cock. She takes the head into her mouth while gazing up at him.
He touches the back of her head and holds her while slowly rocking forward. He does his snarling grin. “Yeah, the husband’s obviously not enough man for her eh, Paul?”
Annabelle’s blush rises and she clamps her thighs tighter while her fingertips slip inside. She bobs back and forth, sucking the resurgent cock in her mouth.
“I say he’s a good guy though – letting us play with his wife,” Paul tells his friend. “Maybe not quite man enough but…. Lucky us!”
Michael chuckles, the hand on the back of Annabelle’s head relaxing and he strokes her hair. “I need an hour to build up again, okay?”
Annabelle takes his fully erect cock from her mouth and squeezes against the flex of the shaft. She swallows and takes a breath. “Okay, but don’t make fun of my husband,” she utters and tilts beneath to kiss his balls again. She licks between and all around them, letting them roll over her nose and face while drawing the heady scent of such a mature man into her senses.
Michael continues stroking her hair while she nuzzles and smooches. “Alright, no more making fun of your hubby, but only if you promise not to cross your legs at this bar we’re going to for lunch.”
Annabelle glares up, stopping what she’s doing. “What bar…………….?”

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Shared Wife Annabelle: Nature’s Game”.

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X-Rated story

lovely blond #3

Tamika kissed me and wriggled away as the bathroom door opened. She went back to her housework, but a little while later she wanted to move the couch so she could clean behind it.
“Here, let me help with that,” Jeremy said, making my heart pound instantly.
Jeremy took hold of one end of the coffee table, which is huge and quite heavy. Tamika stood at the other end but didn’t bend down right away. She looked from me to Jeremy with a smile forming through the blush. She bit down on the smile and slowly bent to take hold of the end of the coffee table. She leant over and her top gaped beneath her chest and completely revealed both of her tits. They were totally exposed, and I glanced at Jeremy, whose eyes were wide and fixed directly upon them.
“That’s not too heavy, love?” he asked her.
“No, it’s fine,” Tamika answered, and she looked down at her breasts then turned her head, biting even harder on her smile as they shifted the table.
Both of us men stood there watching Tamika roll up the rug in front of the couch. She was on her hands and knees with her perky little tits jiggling about, completely exposed again.
When she had finished with the rug she got up, still red faced, and she and Jeremy took hold of the couch. Her top gaped well clear of her tits again and Jeremy was staring at them with a big grin on his face.
“You know, they really are lovely,” he said.
Tamika turned a deeper shade of red and folded an arm across her chest.
“No, it’s all right,” Jeremy went on quickly. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”
Tamika looked to me, then her eyes lowered. She was plucking at her top. She obviously didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry. I can’t help looking,” Jeremy went on, grinning playfully. “Tell me you’re not offended.”
“No, I’m not offended,” Tamika said. She was beginning to smile.
“I’ve actually seen them a few times this morning but that was the best,” Jeremy added. “You must have known you’d be displaying them with that top and no bra.”
Tamika’s blush deepened again. “Yes, I knew,” she admitted. “I thought you might like a better look at them. And I didn’t think he’d mind since he’s always trying to get me to go topless at the beach,” she added, challenging me playfully………

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Paying the Rent

paying rent 1

Our house guest Jeremy and I were sitting out on the balcony having a beer while my wife Tamika was having her bath. I was trying to think of how to broach the subject of the older man checking out my wife. I had fully reasoned that it was perfectly normal and fine by me. I wanted to say something about it to keep things light and easy. Suddenly Jeremy said something.
“It’s hard not to notice your wife, son.”
Calling me ‘son’ was odd but somehow comforting. It confirmed he was a generation my senior and that we weren’t on the same level, or in direct competition.
“Can’t really blame ya for lookin’,” I said, meeting his eyes.
Jeremy smiled. “No harm, then?”
“No, it’s fine…” I didn’t want to give any more of an open invitation than that but couldn’t think what else to say, and just then Tamika came out with a glass of wine. She had on a little satin robe over her shorty pyjamas. The robe was open, as was the top button of her pyjama shirt. She smelled beautiful.
“We were just talking about how nice you look,” Jeremy said to her.
I couldn’t believe he was going to tell her what he’d confessed. Tamika smiled and blushed a little. “I admitted to noticing how pretty you looked in that short dress you had on earlier, and your husband agreed it was alright that I noticed.”
“Oh, he did!” Tamika was still smiling, though shifting a little nervously as she swiped at her hair, trying to pin it behind an ear.
“Well, it would be hard for any man not to notice,” I said defensively.
“Then I guess I’ll take it as a compliment,” Tamika said sweetly.
“And well you should,” Jeremy added. “A model of femininity.”
“Um, not really a model,” Tamika challenged, giggling.
“Oh, why do you say that?” Jeremy was grinning broadly and looking Tamika up and down deliberately.
“Well, I’m not exactly built,” she said, scoffing at his apparent wonder.
“Built? You mean your breasts?”
The guy was something else – talk about frank and to the point.
“Yes, I mean my breasts.”
“What, you think they’re too small?”
“Well, they’re not exactly full,” Tamika declared, looking down at her chest, and therefore inviting our house guest to do the same.
I couldn’t believe we were discussing my wife’s tits.
“I think they suit your build perfectly,” Jeremy went on. “You should be proud of them. Shouldn’t she?” He directed the last bit at me, and Tamika looked down at me, waiting.
“They’re perfect, baby.”
She smiled and squeezed my hand. That seemed to end the strange moment, and Jeremy started going on about the local area, asking what was where and so on. We sat out on the balcony chatting until midnight, and the whole time I was semi-hard at the way Tamika’s little satin robe was parting and showing her legs.
It was the thought of her having nothing on under her pyjama shorts, and the fact that Jeremy was staring at her crotch sometimes when she wasn’t looking.

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Paying the Rent 1