X-Rated Step-Daddy Taboo


Once in our bedroom with the door closed, Brian and I made love. We had raved about how amazing it had been, how exhilarating it was for me to strip naked like that in front of my step-father and uncle, and how exciting it was for Brian to watch me do it.
After Brian rolled off me and went to sleep, I went to get a drink of water and found my step-father in the kitchen, sitting at the small table there with another glass of peach brandy.
“Hi, Daddy.”
He looked at me. I was wearing one of Brian’s tee-shirts and was bare beneath it.
I approached my step-father. He was sitting there in boxer shorts holding his cock to one side in them. I touched his bald head, stroking down the back of his neck to his shoulder as he kept feeling his erection and trailed his other hand up my thigh to my hip beneath the tee-shirt and squeezed.
It had never been anything more than him looking at me before.
I could still feel his touch as he felt my breasts earlier.
I lowered to my knees in front of him. He touched my shoulders, resting big strong trembling hands there.
His boxer shorts were loose fitting and the fly was gaping. I could see the thick shaft of his cock, the head poking hard against the thin white cotton and there was a damp spot.
I used a single finger to hook the open fly aside and free the swollen almost purple head of my step-father’s cock. He tensed and gripped my shoulders hard as I closed my hand softly around his flexing shaft.
I peered up, biting my lip. “No one can know,” I uttered.
My step-father gulped hard and nodded. He took hold of the back of my head and pulled me down. I opened and took his cock into my mouth. He held me down and thrust, his cock filling my mouth and the head of it probing my closed throat.
I took my step-father’s hands and he allowed me to push them away. I guided them to the sides of his chair.
“Just let me do it,” I told him………
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