Giving in to little brother

little brother 1

X-Rated taboo reading:

There is a knock at the door and Natalie gets up to answer it. Brian goes to grab a beer from the fridge but there are none left.
“Hey, man,” Micky says from the kitchen doorway. He is holding a six-pack.
“Legit, dude. Just what I was lookin’ for.” Brian takes one of the beers. “What are ya doin’ here? I thought you were gonna help ya bro with his car.”
“Nah, he’s gotta wait for a part. I knew we drank all ya beer so I brought some more.”
“Ah cheers, dude.”
Natalie is watching television. She is sitting with her legs tucked up on the end of the lounge. Brian kicks back in his recliner. The other one has junk on it. Micky sits on the other end of the lounge to Natalie and puts his feet up on the coffee table. They all watch a line-up of amateur comedians performing at a club.
Natalie is wearing a short straight skirt with a white top and bra. She has been out all day running errands. Brian can see the crotch of her pink panties from behind her legs. her little brother seems to be checking them out too.
She goes to the kitchen to get an apple. Brian gets more beers then kicks back again. Natalie finishes her apple and reaches to put the core on the saucer with her tea cup. When she sits back her young step-brother touches her bare foot. She glances over but he has folded his arms and is innocently watching the television. A few minutes later he does it again, earning a glare this time, which makes him smile. The next time he does it Natalie pushes his leg with her foot, smiling too. Micky leans over on an elbow and reaches to poke her ribs.
“Hey, you!” she scolds.
She is still smiling. Brian starts to get an erection, having to shift in his seat to make room.
Natalie’s annoying little step-brother pokes her side again but she catches his arm this time and glares. “What are you trying to do, pest?”
Micky chuckles and squeezes her knee with his other hand. She giggles and pushes him with her foot again. He gets up on his knees and tickles her ribs, clutching them and making her shriek with laughter. He eases up, and she holds his wrists, panting.
She looks over and Brian meets her eyes. Micky grabs her ribs again. She keeps looking to Brian as she squirms and wriggles. Brian is fully erect by now.
Micky relents again. Natalie holds his wrists but only lightly, and he touches her knee. He squeezes it and she flinches. He grips her ribs, and she flinches again, looking to Brian once more. She holds her husband’s gaze as her brother clutches both sides of her ribs and makes her squirm.
“Okay, you win,” she concedes giggling when he digs his fingers in again. “You win, okay, Micky? Just wait a minute.” She undoes a button on her blouse. “Just let me up a bit for a minute.”
He lifts, and she sits up. She glances at her husband again as she continues undoing her blouse. “Look at what he won, Brian. He keeps tickling me, so I have to give in.”

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