X-Rated taboo erotica

little brother 2

Natalie has some food shopping to do before dinner and ends up doing a huge restock. Her young step-brother sees her at the supermarket loading up the car. She offers him a ride home if he helps her lug the groceries up the stairs to the apartment. “Do you have time, Micky, honestly?” He had seemed in a hurry.
“Yeah, it’s cool. I just have to get something for Dad at the hardware. Can ya wait five minutes?”
“Sure! Go on, then.”
They are soon parked at the door of Natalie’s apartment building. She takes one load of bags up and Micky takes three to get everything upstairs. Micky parks the car in the garage and brings back the keys.
“Are you sure you don’t mind waiting for Brian? I can run you home now.”
“Na, that’s fine. I got Dad’s thing before the shop shut, so there’s no rush now.”
“Ah okay. Do you want a glass of Coke?”
“Yes, please.”
Natalie pours them both a drink. Micky sits at her breakfast counter chatting with her while she unpacks her groceries.
“You again!” Brian jokes, scuffing Micky’s hair as he passes and drops his briefcase on the floor.
“He helped me with the shopping. I bought heaps of stuff,” Natalie says, meeting her husband’s kiss. “Do you wanna stay for dinner, Micky?”
He shrugs. “Sure. What are we having?”
Natalie cooks up a quick bolognaise, which they eat with a bottle of red. They laugh and joke throughout the meal. Brian takes a call from work at the breakfast counter phone, and Natalie washes the dishes.
Her brother approaches behind her and touches her ribs. She clamps her arms down and blushes. He worms his fingers under her arms and clutches again. “Micky!” she scolds, catching Brian’s glance. Micky reaches down and clutches above her knee. She wriggles and blushes deeper as she looks more directly at her husband.
Brian hangs up the phone and remains sitting across the counter on a stool.
Natalie questions him with her look. Micky tickles her ribs again. “Um. Micky,” she whispers, squirming with her arms pressed tight. She looks to her husband again, and he just looks back at her without saying anything. “Uhh…hh, Micky! What are you doing? That tickles,” Natalie cries.
She takes hold of his wrists, holding onto them while he clutches her ribs again, probing with his fingers and making her giggle and squirm. “Okay, okay.” She peers back at him, relaxing her arms and letting him hold her belly.
“What did work want?” she asks Brian, reaching up her back and unfastening her bra clasp as she speaks. She has on a lace trim tank top and bra, and cut-off jean shorts. With her bra loosened, her breasts fall freely, jiggling with every movement.
Brian watches as she folds her tank top up to expose her belly. “My new boss was just lettin’ me know he’ll be away, just some work instructions.”
Micky clutches Natalie’s sides, digging his fingers in and making her squirm and smile back up at him. “Hey, you, I already gave in!” she scolds, and she takes one of his hands and guides it beneath the front of her top. He feels under her bra and squeezes her tit. She parts her lips as he kisses her over her shoulder, immediately inserting his tongue into her mouth. She opens, and he pushes it in deep while groping her and pinching a nipple. His other hand is still upon her belly. She undoes her shorts, lowering the zipper. She breaks off the kiss and squirms back against him, holding her husband’s gaze as her brother worms his fingers under the waistband of her panties and feels down through her little bush to her opening.
Natalie smiles. “I think I’m about to be taken again, Brian.”

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