This site is all about reading erotica…. because the book is always better than the movie!

30+ titles featuring sweetly submissive heroines.

Man-friendly and couples-friendly hotwife/cuckold novels and novellas (a positively charged libertine focus on sex and eroticism rather than the common negatively charged themes of drawn-out husband angst or humiliation). Also some powerful romantic suspense novels that sizzle with sweet new-love making, and a few light horror and fantasy novellas for variety. All titles are R/X-Rated based on graphic depictions of raunchy, gooey sex.

And just a few words about my take on erotica in general: To me, no matter whether I’m writing a wife being taken in front of her hubby, a sweetly romantic couple making love, or some young guy’s girlfriend being gangbanged – no matter what the circumstances, my take is always that of how absolutely beautiful a woman is when she is opening her legs or mouth for a man. Simply how beautiful she is during that act of submission… This absolute respect and natural adoration for the female is the under-pinning motivation for every sex scene I’ve ever written, and it offers an ever-flowing fountain of motivation for more.

All titles are available to download onto any device via Amazon, and all free with Kindle Unlimited.


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