Matt Coolomon

Couples-friendly hotwife/cuckold novels and novellas with a positively charged libertine focus on sex and eroticism. All titles are X-Rated based on graphic depictions of raunchy, gooey sex.

And just a few words about my take on erotica in general: To me, no matter whether I’m writing a wife being taken in front of her hubby, a sweetly romantic couple making love, or some young guy’s girlfriend being gangbanged – no matter what the circumstances, my take is always that of how absolutely beautiful a woman is when she is opening her legs or mouth for a man. Simply how beautiful she is during that act of submission… This absolute respect and natural adoration for the female is the under-pinning motivation for every sex scene I’ve ever written, and it offers an ever-flowing fountain of motivation for more.

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New Wife’s Nude Beach Surprise

Daughter Gives in to the Local Boys

Daughter Seduced by Older Men

Wife Goes Naked at the Lake

Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless

Young Wife Gets a Sensual Massage

Pretty Wife Agrees to be Gang Banged

Wife Has Sex with the Man Next Door

Pretty Wife Really Likes Men

Bride-to-be Tries Other Men

Free Love Weekend: Girlfriend Gang Banged

Young Wife Shared on a Desert Island

Wife Tries Oral at a Party

Wife Tries Flashing the Neighbour

Married Couple Visit a Swinger Club

Wife Offered to the House Guest

Wife Shared with Dirty Old Men

Glory Hole Wife