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series best seller And along with the cool series best seller rating for All Night Long is the bonus boost in overall Author Ranking on Amazon. #28 is smoking hot! Couldn’t resist a snapshot while being mentioned on the same page as Fifty Shades and E.L. James.

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Another new release on the way soon! Watch for “The Trade-off”.

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Matt Coolomon

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Sisters share a used condom….

Portrait of a naked girl with red-haired

Angela snuck along the landing. She could hear the bed squeaking in her room. In spite of all she had seen and done so far that weekend, the sight of her little sister on hands and knees being slammed into a pillow still shocked her. The view was from the side of the mating couple. Tanya’s face was turned away. Mark was holding the back of her neck and thrusting into her, his body slapping against her bottom and jolting her little breasts. He was drawing back slowly then thrusting hard. Tanya let out a moan as he pounded against her again.
Her pants had of course been removed. They were on the floor. Her dress was bunched right up to her neck. Another powerful thrust had Mark jammed hard against her with his head tossed back and a strained expression twisting his face.
“That’s it – he’s done,” a voice whispered at Angela’s shoulder.
Paul was there, yawning and looking dishevelled form a pillow. Angela claimed his hand and led him away from the door before her sister realized they had been watching. “Wait, I need the bathroom,” he said, pulling her into the common one next to the room where Jack was.
“I don’t want to come in and watch,” she complained in horror at the thought.
“No – I’m only brushing my teeth.” Paul grinned. “Come on, the guys told me you gave them another kiss. I want one too but I need to brush first.”
“Oh,” Angela said, blushing a bit. She liked that he wanted to brush before kissing her. That was nice. She leaned back against the wall gripping a towel rail behind her back and watched him scrub his mouth vigorously.
He approached, wiping his face on a hand towel. She bit her lip, peering up at him. “Sexy,” he said, grinning and glancing down at her breasts.
“Uh huh….”
He lifted her chin and pressed his lips to hers. There was a door beside where she was leaning. It adjoined the small bedroom. Jack was right there on the other side of the thin wall, and Angela knew he would not be sleeping yet.
“Do you like my dress, Paul?” she asked, loud enough that he would hear. “Do you like how see-through it is?”
“I like it,” Paul answered, also speaking normally, his deep voice resonating in the small room.
Even the sound of his kiss was loud. Angela deliberately moaned into his mouth. She scuffled her elbow against the wall.
“Your nipples are dark. I always wondered, but you never show them,” Paul said. “You’re always very well covered – conservative.”
“I know…. I still will be after this too. Don’t you like mystery?”
“Oh I like it. You’re all class, Ang…. Makes this all the more exciting.”
“Good,” she said. “I’m excited too.”
His powerful thigh was flexing between hers. She couldn’t help lowering onto it and allowing pressure against her sex. He lifted his leg slightly and helped her. “Jack said no touching, but that isn’t touching, right? As long as I don’t use my hands.”
“That’s okay. It’s nice with your leg between mine like that,” she answered for Jack’s benefit.
Paul kissed her harder, searching her mouth with his tongue. His thigh continued to flex and soften. He was rubbing her very deliberately with it. She was going to orgasm again if he kept it up. She pressed against his rippling taut belly, scuffling the wall inadvertently now. She broke off another kiss and whispered to him. “You’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop.”
He grinned. “Good.”
Angela clung to him as he lifted her, spreading her legs and getting between them. He held her against the wall and ground his covered erection against her crotch. “Like that?” he groaned into her mouth. “Do you like that, Ang?”
“Uh huh…. Just slow like that, Paul. I can feel you so nicely.”
“I can feel you through those little panties too, Ang. You feel so fucking wet.”
Angela’s orgasm hit. She clung to Paul’s shoulders, her legs wrapped around him. The head of his dick was poking into her, their clothing restricting the penetration. He adjusted his position to keep the head of his penis in place, humping slowly with his pelvis. She relaxed and allowed that. His hands were beneath her bottom, his fingers spreading her pussy lips open.
Mark walked past the open door, fixing his clothing. Angela squirmed from Paul’s clutches. “I need to go and check on my sister,” she said and left Paul standing there holding his cock, the front of his pants quite wet. “You can do that more later,” she tossed back over her shoulder with a grin.
Angela hurried to her room and closed the door. Tanya was in the bathroom. There was an open condom packet and used condom on the bedside table. “Hey, Tan – what about this apple pie?”
Tanya flushed and came out. “I know – I came back but you were being groped and kissed, so I didn’t want to disturb.” She flopped on the bed. “That’s it. No more sex with me today. I’m exhausted,” she huffed.
Angela found her blue bikini in her bag and stripped her dress to put it on. She had a little floral beach dress that she pulled out of her bag as well. “It’s dangerous getting around here half-dressed. Those guys ARE horn dogs.”
“Tell me about it. I’m going to be sore tomorrow. But it’s because of these stupid things.” She grabbed the condom and lay back down. Angela flopped beside her. She felt the full end of the condom too. It was still warm.
“Eww,” she said, screwing up her nose.
Tanya just smiled. She had the knot undone. She put the open end in her mouth and lifted the end making the gooey fluid pool against her closed lips.
“No!” Angela cried. “Don’t you dare!”
Tanya continued grinning with her eyes. She parted her lips softly, and the contents of the condom leaked into her mouth. She got up on an elbow and opened to show Angela the thick stringy pool under her tongue.
“You’re disgusting!” Angela scolded, but she also grabbed her sister’s ribs and tickled her. “You little tramp. You’ve been watching that nasty Vera too much already.”
Tanya was squirming and laughing and squealing as best she could with her mouth full. She let out a clear squeal and Angela relented. Tanya sat up, swallowing at the taste of the semen it seemed.
“Well, you can’t just waste it. It takes them so much effort to make such a tiny – not even mouthful – of semen, and you’re just going to toss it in the trash? Here – do you want a taste?” Tanya asked teasingly. She had poked the condom inside-out.
Angela frowned. Actually she did want to taste it.
“Go on – it can’t hurt you,” her sister said more seriously.
“Alright, but give it to me. I’m not licking it off your fingers…. I’m sure the guys would love that.”
“Careful, there’s still some in there,” Tanya said, pinching the deflated tube with her nails and keeping a small pool of fluid captured in the narrow extended end.
Angela took the thing, keeping that bit upright. The latex was wet. She recognised the same smell as from Jack. The semen wasn’t from Jack, though, and that made her belly tingle as she took the little nodule on the end into her mouth and tasted the fluid that seeped from it onto her tongue.
“That’s so hot. Don’t waste any,” Tanya said, watching closely.
Angela was blushing, but she poked her fingers into the tube and spread them while she licked the semen from it. She rolled her eyes at her sister. “Don’t worry – I know what a guy’s cum tastes like. I probably should have done this with Jack’s all the while we were using condoms – now that you mention how much effort it takes them to produce this stuff.” She shook the condom off her fingers at her sister. “Eww – now my fingers are wet, and that would be from you. That really is yucky!”
She went to the bathroom and washed her hands, licking her lips and still swallowing at the strong taste in her mouth. “Bet they wouldn’t want to kiss us now,” she scoffed as she flopped back on the bed.
“So – is it different to Jack’s?”
“It’s different because it’s not Jack’s…. I think it tastes about the same, but it feels nice knowing I have a couple of billion little sperm from a different guy swimming around in my mouth right now. Or at least that’s what I imagine as long as I can still taste it like this.” Angela blushed at the next bit of that thought. “Too bad he doesn’t know I licked up his cum……………..”

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Girlfriend Agrees to Sex with his Buddies”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

Hotwife Miranda

X-Rated story excerpt:

Adin sees Miranda over the back of the restaurant at a table with their friends. He leaves his uncle and walks around the crowd, picking up a tall scotch from the bar before joining her. The young, dark-haired Julian is with a group nearby and continually exchanges glances and smiles with Miranda throughout dinner. Adin catches his gaze several times and gets smiled at quite pleasantly, each time attempting to offer something positive in reply, but sensing failure in that. Sienna is as bubbly and talkative as ever. Miranda seems as subdued and distracted as Adin is.
Immediately after their meals, and with the band setting up, Miranda leans close to whisper to Adin, “I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”
“Yeah…. Already?”
Miranda squeezes his hand and kisses his cheek. “I love you,” she further whispers and stands and walks over to where the guy Julian is standing with another couple of men. Miranda approaches beside him and is welcomed with his arm going around her waist. Adin meets Sienna’s eyes and does a little shrug in defeat. He lifts his hand to wave her a goodbye and stalks over to the bar.
Adin sits there with his back turned to his wife. He can see her in a mirrored wall behind the bar. She glances at him a few times but is chatting and laughing with the group of men. Before long her lover takes her hand and leads her towards the stairs. Adin turns on his bar stool and watches them. Miranda looks back from the top of the stairs and he holds her gaze for a few seconds before she does a little finger wave and turns away.
Adin can’t bring himself to follow his wife right away. He leans forward on his elbows and covers his mouth with his hands. His gut is tight and his blood is fizzing and causing a spell of light-headedness. The band suddenly starts and the blast of sound hits him hard and shocks him out of the haze that has descended upon him. He downs his drink and stalks through the restaurant to the stairs. His heart is in his throat as he trudges up and along the hallway to the viewing room. He opens the door and slips in, going to the window and looking through to see Miranda nude on the bed and Julian kicking away his jeans and crawling over her.
The lighting is as Adin had set it. He watches his wife open her mouth and accept the kiss of the man on top of her. It’s a tender kiss that becomes searching then passionate. It’s a mutual kiss, with Miranda giving as much as she’s being taken.
Adin watches while this other man feels his wife’s opening and prepares it for entry. The guy is simple and direct. He just fingers Miranda for a minute then positions the head of his cock and pushes into her.
Miranda spreads her legs wide and grips his butt, holding him while he thrusts then raking up his back when he starts pounding her. She has her head turned aside and is looking at the mirror. It appears to Adin that she has hardly built much excitement at all before the guy between her legs is jammed hard against her and obviously blowing his load.
Adin’s wife strokes down the back of her young lover and grips his bottom to hold him close. He’s propped on his elbows with her face in his hands. He resumes kissing her. His hips are rolling gently, his butt clenching with each thrust into Miranda. Her legs are relaxed aside, her knees bent up and her feet planted. Adin can’t quite see their coupling at the angle he’s viewing from, as they are lying diagonally across the bed. The guy is alternating between kissing Adin’s wife and watching her tits bounce as he thrusts into her.
Miranda begins lifting and grinding against him. She is undulating up off the mattress and fucking herself on the young guy’s cock. Adin squeezes his own erection and watches her build and go into orgasm before the guy on top of her takes control again and resumes pounding her.
Adin watches intently until the guy powers up into his wife and holds firm, pumping a second load of cum into her belly. Adin then slumps on the couch behind him and lies there staring at the ceiling and holding his limp cock in his pants, agonizing over the feel of his beautiful wife’s nude body pressed against him – over the thought of it, and the knowledge that this other man is experiencing that right then.
After probably a half hour lying there, Adin gets up to check through the window again. The bedside lamp is off, and in the dim glow he can see Miranda cuddled up to the guy’s chest. They’re talking and he’s stroking her back. She lifts to kiss him. He holds her head and takes her deeply for a while before releasing her – her head returning to rest upon his chest again.
Adin stands there watching for an hour until he’s sure they’re sleeping. He then abandons his vigil and just checks every now and then over the next few hours. He’s drinking steadily and feeling less pain. He dozes on and off too, and it’s about three in the morning when he checks the window and finds his wife being fucked again. They are under the bed cover. The guy is on top – Miranda’s legs obviously bent up and spread as he thrusts between them. This seems to go on for ages before he finally jams hard against her and pumps his third load of cum into her fertile womb, as Adin pictures it.
The kissing then resumes and Adin turns away and slumps onto his couch to give in to his drunkenness and welcome the mind-numbing relief of sleep…………

From “All Night Long: A Hotwife Awakening”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

Free love weekend…


“Well, this has taken on a life of its own, wouldn’t you say, sweetheart?” Jack had flopped on the bed. Angela closed the door and sat on the edge beside him. He rolled up onto an elbow to face her, taking her hand to fiddle with. “I mean, it’s not something I saw coming at all.”
“Me either, Jack. I think it’s something I’ve been needing, though…. I don’t want to marry anyone else, but it’s so amazing to feel the lips and touch of other men like this. I would have died of curiosity if we never did it.”
Jack nodded. “I know….” He shook his head. “I’m really sorry about that other time….”
“I know,” Angela said, intertwining fingers and squeezing his hand. “I know, Jack. I’ve always known.”
He blushed guiltily. “It was this stupid party, and we were apart and…. I don’t know – I just fucked up.”
Angela took a moment to respond. She didn’t want to make a big deal about that now. It had hurt at the time. She hadn’t seen Jack for three months after, and had convinced herself she was wrong about the guilty signals he had displayed. Then he had given himself away completely with stupid questions about fidelity. It had been the beginning of her own curiosity. Up until then she had dreamed of being with only one man – the romance of that. Jack cheating on her had changed her mind. She forgave him without ever confronting him. She accepted his weakness and didn’t want the details. She didn’t want them now. She wanted what was happening – the free love game!
“I think I’m more jealous than angry or upset or anything.”
“Jealous! No, sweetheart. She was just some faceless chick at a party. Nothing to be jealous of. She slept around. I meant nothing to her.”
“No, not jealous of anything between you and her. Jealous of you knowing what it was like to do this, like we’re doing right now. I wished I had been the one to ‘fuck up’ and do it with another guy.”
Jack smiled and frowned all in one. “Well, yeah – that’s fair enough…. And that’s a big part of what I have always felt about it too. I knew I ruined our ‘being exclusive’ thing, and yeah – I felt wrong having had something that you never did…. That’s why I suffered through the last 24 hours pretending this wasn’t bothering me – to punish myself, and also to let you have what I had.”
Angela grinned. “I knew that too…. It made teasing you so much fun.”
“Hmm – fully deserved…. But I actually don’t want you to stop teasing me, Ang. It’s like, good pain. It’s damned sexy! A real fucking rush!”
“Good!” Angela declared flatly. “Because I’m enjoying it, and I want to keep enjoying it until the party ends, but I want to be more quiet sometimes too. Just to lie around and watch movies or something – letting them cuddle me and have their hands all over me – kissing me lying on the lounge…. I’d love that…. Or just sitting on one of their laps to watch the movie – getting my nipples played with or a hand up my skirt if they want.”
“Sounds like our movie days.”
“Yes – exactly. I love our movie days. Only this will be with another man, which is precisely the point.” She offered a little grin. “And with me being quite a bit more open to being touched and played with of course…. I like the way it’s working so far. I want the guys to feel free to just grab hold of me anytime they want – especially in front of you.”
Jack chuckled. “I noticed…. Every time I walk into a room one of them has hold of you.”
Angela giggled, but she wanted to dig deeper. “And what do you think of the way they have hold of me? Is the touching okay?”
“I did it with Tanya before so you would see it’s okay,” Jack answered. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you with that – just to let you know I had decided to play along.”
“Good. I’m glad you’re playing along. I didn’t mind you manhandling my sister. She seemed to like it…. But what about the actual WAY the guys are touching me, Jack – it’s under my top now – what if it was under my panties too? Not just rubbing me through them, but what if it was with their hand down them and with their fingers um…. Well, what if their fingers were inside me – would that be okay?”
Jack didn’t respond right away. He was rubbing at Angela’s hand, his eyes lowered.
“I’d like them to be allowed, Jack. It would be so hot being kissed and fingered by them – their tongue in my mouth and their fingers up me…. Wouldn’t you like to see that?”
Jack looked up, his gaze steady. “I don’t know…. Maybe.”
Angela bit her lip. “It wouldn’t mean anything more than being kissed to me – whether they have something in my mouth or down there – their fingers or tongue” She squeezed Jack’s hand. “It was nice when Paul was inside me….”
“Yeah, that was interesting…. I was kind of stunned for a minute – seeing him actually in you.”
“I know…. I couldn’t help cumming. I was already on edge, and when he slipped in it just sent me over the edge. Just the thought of having our friend’s dick inside of me. And Stan’s got a nice one too. He went in me once but I moved before he got all the way in.”
“Yeah? And he was a getting good enough feel there in the laundry too,” Jack said without looking up. “There was only your wrap between his fingers and your pussy – was he feeling inside you at all?”
Angela nodded. “A little bit…. First he was rubbing my clit, but when he reached down further he was opening me…. I wanted him to finger me right then, Jack.”
“Yeah?” Jack looked up and met Angela’s eyes. “You really wanted him to?”
He nodded slowly. “You’re right about the kissing – about them sticking something in you, sweetheart. It’s far more intense watching that than when they are just feeling you up…. It’s a form of penetration.”
“Yes, it is,” Angela uttered softly. “I like being penetrated by a man.”
Jack held her gaze.
She blushed. Her heart thumped. “What if we let them fuck me properly?”
Jack’s stare didn’t waver. It took a few long seconds before, “Okay, Ang.”
Angela’s blush intensified, filling her face. “Really?” She swallowed at the dryness of her throat. “I think that would make this perfect. I love all of this playing and teasing, but later on when thinking back on this, it would be so much more satisfying if the three other men here had actually fucked me.”
Jack took a breath and huffed a little. “All three of them, huh?”
“I know – but I’ve been teasing them all, so it wouldn’t be fair if I denied one of them and let another. Plus that’s not a lot of different lovers to have before you get married.”
“Yeah, I guess. It’s more that the four of us guys are so close as friends…. Though I suppose it’s no different with one of them having gotten onto you than if all three of them have.” Jack met Angela’s eyes. “Just with the bragging rights, baby.”
“Uh huh.” Angela bit her grin. “I think I like that your friends will always have bragging rights about me. I like the idea that later when we’re with any of them I’ll always be a girl they’ve fucked. It will be so exciting giving in to them this weekend.” She whispered close, “Spreading my legs for them.”
“You like to spread your legs for them, don’t you?”
Angela nodded. “I want it, Jack….” She suddenly felt demanding. “I want them to take turns with me over and over…. Let’s make it completely free love? You can fuck Tanya. You can keep fucking her all weekend. We talked about it. She wants you to.” Angela rambled her head off. “We could both experience this, Jack. They’re all single. Tan’s single. It’s only our relationship we’re risking, and I know we wouldn’t have worked without this – so I don’t see we have anything to lose. We were already stale and we’re not even married yet.”
Jack squeezed her hands. He nodded. “Yes! Yes, Ang, let’s do it. Let’s just go full-on free love. Why the hell not? We’ve gone this far – might as well go all the way!” He flopped back on the bed. Angela went with him, cuddling to his chest. “It will be so weird letting them actually fuck you, baby. Hell – they’ve always wanted to!”
“Oh yeah? And are you going to give it to my sister? Have you always wanted to do that?”
He frowned, guiltily. “Um – can I take the fifth?”
Angela giggled. “So, you’d need to, huh? I think that answers the question.”
Jack paused for a thought, it seemed. “Tan’s also just the right kind of girl for this. I think I can have sex with her and never feel uncomfortable about it at a family function later. She’s always so much fun. I think she’ll take it the right way, don’t you?”
“Yeah – I know what you mean. She thinks you’re hot, but it will mean absolutely nothing to her. You’ll just be another of the guys who she got with one wild weekend – no big deal.”
“Yep. That’s what I was thinking. And I’m not going to insult your intelligence by saying it will mean nothing to me either – same as the party chick meant nothing. Which I’m sure you knew.”
“I knew,” Angela said softly, kissing Jack’s lips. “None of this means anything to me either. It’s just make-believe. I’m just pretending these guys are alternate boyfriends – so I’ll kinda know what it was like later when we’re old and grey.”
Angela rested her head upon Jack’s chest. He stroked her hair. “I think you will have to share Tanya with Wes. She told me I have to keep my hands off when he comes back tomorrow.”
“That’s cool. Wes and I get on great. We’ll probably double team her.”
“Jack! Are you going to be crude now?” Angela scolded.
He chuckled.
“Hmm – well, what about that, anyway? I don’t think I want them to gangbang me. I think I’d prefer one at a time. Tanya would probably like it with you and Wes…. I’d like to try oral as well, though.” She peered up from Jack’s chest. “I suddenly like the idea of swallowing cum for a guy. I bet they’ll enjoy those bragging rights as well.”
“No doubt,” Jack said. “When did this happen? You always say it’s gross.”
“I know, but Tanya taught me. She was tasting some, and I figured – if my little sister can….”
“Tasting some?”
“Yep. You don’t want to know.” Angela giggled. “Trust me. It’s a picture you don’t want in your head. But since she was doing it and I was feeling curious about the taste from another guy, well – I tried some too, and I liked it. Not so much the taste, but the idea of doing it was really exciting.”
“Whose load was it?” Jack asked.
Angela blushed. She figured a half-truth would be best. Drinking Paul’s from the glass was more information than necessary. “It was from Mark. From the condom he used.”
“You drank cum from a condom?” Jack’s grin was big.
“Um…. Yes…. But only because Tanya was…. My sister is a bad influence,” Angela concluded. “It’s not me – it’s all her. You need to deal with her, Jack. Put her over your knee and give her a spanking or something…. Although she’d probably love that too.”
“What about watching, baby? Do you want me to avoid doing anything with Tanya in front of you? You looked a bit shocked earlier.”
“I WAS shocked. I wasn’t expecting it, though…. I don’t think I want to watch you actually having sex with her. Maybe if you did that in a bedroom. I don’t think she would like it in front of everyone either. But just playing is fine. I won’t be shocked next time you do that in front of me.”
“Okay, baby. That’s fine. Just so I know not to cross any lines and make you uncomfortable.” Jack gave a little back scratch and tickle. “I wouldn’t mind, though – with you. Not all the time – but if one of the guys fucked you properly while I was there, I wouldn’t hate that. I’d want to watch, painfully I suppose, but it would be a rush – seeing a cock in you again like that – watching your face while he fucked you.”
Angela was blushing excitedly. “Um – okay….” she uttered. “I mightn’t want anyone else watching now that I think about it. It would be sexy being taken in front of you, but I’m not sure I’d want these guys watching each other do me – like some porno show. I’m going to have to make rules.”
“You make whatever rules you want, Ang. These guys will agree to anything you say.” Jack was blushing too. “I know they all want to do you – to be able to just look at you and know they’ve been up you.”
“Hmm….” Angela peered up, biting her grin. “I was just thinking about how many times. We’ve never done it a lot in one day or night, have we? It’s always once and then that’s it until next time. We rarely even do it twice in the same week anymore…. I was thinking I might let each of them have me a few times – maybe tonight, and then again in the morning, and again tomorrow night…. I want the three of them to fuck my brains out.” She blushed. “I don’t mind if I end up sore afterward.”
“Now who’s being crude?” Jack scolded.
“I know. I’m feeling very naughty,” Angela confessed.
“I think Mark might be fairly huge, Ang. He uses extra-large condoms.”
“That’s okay. I don’t mind if he stretches me a bit…. I wonder how deep he will be when he’s all the way in me…. I love yours, Jack, but it will be interesting to be fucked really deep. Tanya said it was a little bit painful. I can’t wait to find out.”
“They’ve been using their rubbers with Tan,” Jack said. “I think they bought more, so we’re all good there.”
“Oh…. I guess….” Angela peered up, shrugging a little. “Would they really need to use protection with me?” She turned onto her belly resting her chin on Jack’s chest, smiling up at him now. “I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t.”
Jack’s face reddened. “But wouldn’t that be um…. Wouldn’t it be a bit risky?”
Angela’s blush rose as well. “Um – yes – I’m not on the pill anymore, so there would be the chance of course….”
Jack swallowed hard. “And what if you fell pregnant to one of them, sweetheart?”
“I know, but it would be so amazing to let them have me fully…. It would be so amazing to be held by them afterwards – like, with it inside me…. Plus I’m sure they’d feel more satisfied – just with the knowledge that I’m walking around full of their cum. That would definitely be better for them, wouldn’t it?”
“Yeah, they’d love it alright! It’s like the ultimate prize for us men – to cum inside a woman.”
Angela giggled. “I know. A wise old man told me that….” She bit her lip, blushing more seriously. “I’d like it if they all took me completely, Jack – to make me take their loads – to take me into the bedroom and bring me back to you with their balls empty and their semen inside of me…. I want them to cuddle me and hold my belly after they’ve filled it up with their cum. That’s why I always put your hand on my belly. I really like the thought of billions of your tiny sperm swimming up into my womb…. Mmm, I just love the thought of that, Jack.”
“Ah, so that’s why you do that now. I was wondering, baby. It’s really nice – very sexy and sweet.”
Angela smiled. “Mmm – and just imagine watching your friends do that with me – watching one of them cuddle me from behind – his hand on my belly making it tingle inside and draw his sperm up into my womb…. Mmm – imagine that, Jack.”
“I’m picturing it,” Jack said, grimacing. “I guess it would make the whole thing that much more intense. It’s certainly felt that way for me since you went off the pill.”
“Mmm – for me too! Maybe we could just use the pull-out method from now on, Jack. What do you think? Just to do it unprotected when I’m fertile but pull out?”
“Oh yeah? And that would be when exactly, sweetheart – your next fertile time?”
“Hmm – soon…. Probably from about now and for the next week or so….” Angela took a breath and peered up – her blush rising. “But I still don’t want them to use condoms or pull out…. I’d rather we just took the chance.”
Jack took a big breath and expelled too. “Just take the chance, huh…?” He stroked hair over Angela’s ear. “This is making it that much more intense now, baby…. The thought of them inside of you – and letting them unload in you with the possibility that you’re close to ovulating. It’s pretty crazy.”
“I know, but I want to do it, Jack…. You want it to happen too, don’t you?”
Jack swallowed hard. “I’m not saying no, baby…. I don’t know what I’m thinking or feeling, but I don’t want to stop anything………..”

From the X-Rated novel “Girlfriend Agrees to Sex with his Buddies”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

Writing erotica for profit…

X R rated

The more sexually explicit, and the more the storyline focuses on sex, the better the sales.

Just passing on simple facts here: I have over 30 titles and have been selling eBooks for years. I don’t pay for advertising, so my customers are those using search and browse on Amazon, also flow-on sales from one book to another.

All of my books have erotic content. I categorize them as being X-Rated (about sex) or R-Rated (containing sex). The books that are ABOUT sex outsell the ones that only CONTAIN sex by a country mile – month after month.

I conclude two things from this:
1) Sex is awesome, natural and beautiful.
2) The customer is right.

An eReader on audio. Awesome!

ipadlt_823x978 (8)

I’m an Amazon Kindle man myself, but the other brands are probably just as good.
There are two situations where listening to a book being read to you simply rocks.
While driving or doing some mindless mundane work.
And lying in bed or reclined in an easy chair in the dark.
I do a 4 hour drive quite regularly and have a bit of mundane work to do each week.
Open a book on Kindle – hit play – immerse into the story and the driving hours drift by.
Then there’s the naughty night-time fun.
Open an erotic book – hit play – forget on-line porn, the book is always better than the movie.
Yep – an eReader on audio is awesome.
You get used to the robot voice. Don’t even worry about that.
Try one of my clips for a sample from my Amazon Kindle.
Happy reading… happy ending!

She thought it was her husband…


Anny giggles again, her chest lightening more. “I’ll make sure he knows that, Phil.” She feels another blush tingle through her cheeks. “Plus I don’t want to totally forget either, to be honest.”
He smiles. “You don’t?”
“No…. I’m glad it was a completely honest mistake, but it was nice too.”
Phil grins cheekily this time. “I could have done better.”
She glares back at him. “Settle down, stud…. I think it was pretty good for drunk sex, anyway.” Her cheeks heat again. “You felt nice inside me like that…. I can’t believe how wet I am from you right now.”
“Wet? From me?”
“Uh huh. From your cum….” Anny bites a lip. “Did you cum twice? I’m not sure which part I just dreamed…. I think you were really deep in me.”
He stares back at her. His eyes are intense now. “You were so relaxed…. I was all the way up you for that first load. The second one I was kind slipping out a bit…. You felt so tight and sexy – I came pretty hard both times.”
Anny breaks away from his eyes and sorts out her nightie. She pulls it in the right way, allowing the bed clothes to fall away and reveal her breasts. Phil’s looking at them. “Aw fuck,” he groans under his breath. Anny’s blush rises and she bites her grin. She has her nightie sorted but just fiddles with it and waits. She meets Phil’s eyes again and reaches up to rake her matted curls.
“It felt really nice when you were cumming in me that first time…. I thought it felt deeper than usual…. I like the thought of having your cum in my belly right now as well as it making me all gooey between the legs.” Anny pulls on her nightie and slips from beneath the bed cover. She stands facing Phil to rake her curls back again. She feels a trickle of cum down her leg.
Phil’s looking at her down there. “Aw fuck. That’s from me?”
She nods. He’s on his knees holding his erection to one side. A slurp of cum splashes on the floor between her feet. She presses the bottom of her nightie against her pussy. “I’d better go and clean up or something,” she utters softly.
“You’d better before I grab you,” he says, again meeting her eyes with that intensity she isn’t entitled to.
“You’re not allowed to grab me. It wouldn’t be an accident anymore.” Anny crosses her thighs, her nightie wedged between them, cum trickling down to her knee. “Can I have some of your water, please?”
He hands her his water bottle. She rocks back against the wall to stop from falling over, her head spinning with the seeming resurgence of her drunkenness.
“Are you okay to walk?”
“Yeah – just need a minute.”
He gets up and steps close, slipping an arm around her waist. She leans against him and grips a shoulder. “I never noticed until your hair – it’s so long,” he says. She closes her eyes as his hand lifts and cups her breast. “Yours are a bit bigger but I never noticed when I was feeling them.” Anny rocks back against the wall again, her hands in her hair as Phil feels her tits. She’s looking down at his hand, pressing her chest forward. He stops feeling her and hooks a finger into her neckline and pulls it open, looking down her front. “Your nipples are different too….”
“Uh huh. Carmen’s are more pink,” Anny says, looking down her front too. Phil undoes her two buttons. He shifts her nightie from her shoulders and it falls to reveal her breasts. She watches dazed as he feels them, teasing her nipples erect. She giggles and presses an arm across her boobs. She pokes Phil’s chest with a finger. “I have to go now. This isn’t an accident anymore, bad boy!”
She squirms from the guy and waves awkwardly from his door. The number on his stair rail is 5. She wanders across a row and finds her number 5 and sneaks in to peep at her husband still sleeping. It’s definitely him. She finds panties and pulls them on. Phil’s cum has dribbled down to her ankle. She cuddles up in the bed cover and feels down her front into the heat and wetness there, smiling to herself at thought of what just happened and still drunk enough to refuse to think about the consequences right now……