New series Best Seller…!


This latest release Hotwife Awakening novel is proving extremely popular with Amazon erotica readers. It’s been hovering around the top 5000 (all Kindle books) and the top 50 (erotica) for the past week. This is terrific for an indie author and I’m so appreciative of all who have downloaded the book onto their eReader or read it through the Kindle library. Thanks guys!!!

series best seller And along with the cool series best seller rating for All Night Long is the bonus boost in overall Author Ranking on Amazon. #28 is smoking hot! Couldn’t resist a snapshot while being mentioned on the same page as Fifty Shades and E.L. James.

author rank

Another new release on the way soon! Watch for “The Trade-off”.

Thanks again readers!

Matt Coolomon

All Night Long on Amazon

Amazon Erotica Author Ranking

Writing erotica for profit…

X R rated

The more sexually explicit, and the more the storyline focuses on sex, the better the sales.

Just passing on simple facts here: I have over 30 titles and have been selling eBooks for years. I don’t pay for advertising, so my customers are those using search and browse on Amazon, also flow-on sales from one book to another.

All of my books have erotic content. I categorize them as being X-Rated (about sex) or R-Rated (containing sex). The books that are ABOUT sex outsell the ones that only CONTAIN sex by a country mile – month after month.

I conclude two things from this:
1) Sex is awesome, natural and beautiful.
2) The customer is right.

An eReader on audio. Awesome!

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I’m an Amazon Kindle man myself, but the other brands are probably just as good.
There are two situations where listening to a book being read to you simply rocks.
While driving or doing some mindless mundane work.
And lying in bed or reclined in an easy chair in the dark.
I do a 4 hour drive quite regularly and have a bit of mundane work to do each week.
Open a book on Kindle – hit play – immerse into the story and the driving hours drift by.
Then there’s the naughty night-time fun.
Open an erotic book – hit play – forget on-line porn, the book is always better than the movie.
Yep – an eReader on audio is awesome.
You get used to the robot voice. Don’t even worry about that.
Try one of my clips for a sample from my Amazon Kindle.
Happy reading… happy ending!