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lovely blond #3

Tamika kissed me and wriggled away as the bathroom door opened. She went back to her housework, but a little while later she wanted to move the couch so she could clean behind it.
“Here, let me help with that,” Jeremy said, making my heart pound instantly.
Jeremy took hold of one end of the coffee table, which is huge and quite heavy. Tamika stood at the other end but didn’t bend down right away. She looked from me to Jeremy with a smile forming through the blush. She bit down on the smile and slowly bent to take hold of the end of the coffee table. She leant over and her top gaped beneath her chest and completely revealed both of her tits. They were totally exposed, and I glanced at Jeremy, whose eyes were wide and fixed directly upon them.
“That’s not too heavy, love?” he asked her.
“No, it’s fine,” Tamika answered, and she looked down at her breasts then turned her head, biting even harder on her smile as they shifted the table.
Both of us men stood there watching Tamika roll up the rug in front of the couch. She was on her hands and knees with her perky little tits jiggling about, completely exposed again.
When she had finished with the rug she got up, still red faced, and she and Jeremy took hold of the couch. Her top gaped well clear of her tits again and Jeremy was staring at them with a big grin on his face.
“You know, they really are lovely,” he said.
Tamika turned a deeper shade of red and folded an arm across her chest.
“No, it’s all right,” Jeremy went on quickly. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”
Tamika looked to me, then her eyes lowered. She was plucking at her top. She obviously didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry. I can’t help looking,” Jeremy went on, grinning playfully. “Tell me you’re not offended.”
“No, I’m not offended,” Tamika said. She was beginning to smile.
“I’ve actually seen them a few times this morning but that was the best,” Jeremy added. “You must have known you’d be displaying them with that top and no bra.”
Tamika’s blush deepened again. “Yes, I knew,” she admitted. “I thought you might like a better look at them. And I didn’t think he’d mind since he’s always trying to get me to go topless at the beach,” she added, challenging me playfully………

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Paying the Rent

paying rent 1

Our house guest Jeremy and I were sitting out on the balcony having a beer while my wife Tamika was having her bath. I was trying to think of how to broach the subject of the older man checking out my wife. I had fully reasoned that it was perfectly normal and fine by me. I wanted to say something about it to keep things light and easy. Suddenly Jeremy said something.
“It’s hard not to notice your wife, son.”
Calling me ‘son’ was odd but somehow comforting. It confirmed he was a generation my senior and that we weren’t on the same level, or in direct competition.
“Can’t really blame ya for lookin’,” I said, meeting his eyes.
Jeremy smiled. “No harm, then?”
“No, it’s fine…” I didn’t want to give any more of an open invitation than that but couldn’t think what else to say, and just then Tamika came out with a glass of wine. She had on a little satin robe over her shorty pyjamas. The robe was open, as was the top button of her pyjama shirt. She smelled beautiful.
“We were just talking about how nice you look,” Jeremy said to her.
I couldn’t believe he was going to tell her what he’d confessed. Tamika smiled and blushed a little. “I admitted to noticing how pretty you looked in that short dress you had on earlier, and your husband agreed it was alright that I noticed.”
“Oh, he did!” Tamika was still smiling, though shifting a little nervously as she swiped at her hair, trying to pin it behind an ear.
“Well, it would be hard for any man not to notice,” I said defensively.
“Then I guess I’ll take it as a compliment,” Tamika said sweetly.
“And well you should,” Jeremy added. “A model of femininity.”
“Um, not really a model,” Tamika challenged, giggling.
“Oh, why do you say that?” Jeremy was grinning broadly and looking Tamika up and down deliberately.
“Well, I’m not exactly built,” she said, scoffing at his apparent wonder.
“Built? You mean your breasts?”
The guy was something else – talk about frank and to the point.
“Yes, I mean my breasts.”
“What, you think they’re too small?”
“Well, they’re not exactly full,” Tamika declared, looking down at her chest, and therefore inviting our house guest to do the same.
I couldn’t believe we were discussing my wife’s tits.
“I think they suit your build perfectly,” Jeremy went on. “You should be proud of them. Shouldn’t she?” He directed the last bit at me, and Tamika looked down at me, waiting.
“They’re perfect, baby.”
She smiled and squeezed my hand. That seemed to end the strange moment, and Jeremy started going on about the local area, asking what was where and so on. We sat out on the balcony chatting until midnight, and the whole time I was semi-hard at the way Tamika’s little satin robe was parting and showing her legs.
It was the thought of her having nothing on under her pyjama shorts, and the fact that Jeremy was staring at her crotch sometimes when she wasn’t looking.

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Paying the Rent 1

Posing for Uncle Chino

Beautiful slim model undresses in studio

“So, are you saying it’s just going to be us?” I asked my husband.
He was double checking a text from his office, frowning at it. He looked at me, grimacing kind of sheepishly. “Marge says your step-dad cancelled the rest of the team yesterday.”
“Oh good, we can turn around and go home then.”
“No, he still wants to see us.”
“Huh!” I scoffed.
My step-father is my husband’s boss. I got Brian a job with the family firm when we started dating, about a year before we got married, nearly three years ago now.
“We’re nearly there, baby. It would be silly to turn around now.”
“No it wouldn’t,” I said, defeated though. It was just like my dad to have that text sent when we were already on our way. He would have timed it. We’d spent half the day on a train from the city where we live. It wasn’t really an option to turn around as we would have ended up stuck at the station waiting until tomorrow for a train home anyway.
Brian reached across the back seat of the taxi and squeezed my hand. “He’s not that bad, baby. He’s been pretty good lately.”
I just pouted.
“Plus you haven’t seen him in ages anyway. And he is your old man after all, not just my boss.”
“I haven’t seen him in a year, and it’s too soon already,” I sulked. Although I glanced at the meter on the taxi and saw it had passed $100, which made me smile a bit inside, since the fare was on my step-father’s account.
I sat forward. “Could we stop here for a minute please, driver?”
“Here, ma’am? Certainly.”
The driver pulled into a café parking lot.
“Come on,” I said to my husband. “I’m hungry and I’m not waiting until we get there.”
Brian eyeballed the meter too as he got out of the taxi. He glared worriedly at me.
“Oh don’t worry, Dad’s got plenty of money,” I told him. “Just keep the meter running please, sir,” I called back to the driver.
The café was crowded and it took twenty minutes to get a sandwich and coffee. I made my husband sit with me and eat without rushing. By the time we got back into the taxi the meter was over $200.
I was starting to feel better about the whole visiting-my-step-father idea now. He had manipulated Brian and tricked me into visiting, on the pretence of some big new management team bonding weekend.
The taxi meter was nearly $300 by the time we pulled up at the driveway to a highset old mansion on a huge gardened block of land.
The driver dumped our bags on the sidewalk and sped off (He looked worried too, but my step-dad tends to have that effect on people in general).
“Looks like something out of a horror movie,” I said to my husband. I’d never been to my Uncle Chino’s new big renovation project house before, but the place resembled the one I’d seen in photos my cousin had once sent me.
“Brian… Natalie sweetheart! Welcome!” called a familiar voice from somewhere, and my step-father appeared from around the side of the house.
My step-dad is a fat man in his early fifties. Brian had gotten a promotion within our family owned furniture import firm and gained a substantial pay increase. Dad is the CEO. Uncle Chino has been sort of retired for the past few years but still likes to keep in touch with things. It had made sense that the weekend bonding thing was here. Though I was sure right then it hadn’t been for real.
“Hi, Daddy,” I said into a cheek kiss. I guess it had actually been a long time since I’d made an effort to visit him. Plus Brian had only just been promoted, so Uncle Chino would be wanting to meet him and have a chat. So the visit was still kind of business orientated, I figured.
It was mid-summer and quite hot. I tugged at my short dress as I felt my step-father’s eyes flash to my legs. My husband was looking the other way, and Dad was grinning as I met his eyes.
This was nothing unusual. He has always been sleazy and inappropriate with me and my sisters.
“Through here,” he said as he ushered us up the steep stairs and into the house. We followed him through a spacious living area and toward a hallway and an open bedroom door. I squeezed past him and felt the firmness of his huge gut as he seemed to lean forward and press it against me. Then he followed behind and ended up standing right beside me as my husband arranged our suitcases to be unpacked.
It was a small room, and I was trapped between the dresser, the bed, and the huge sweaty mass of my step-father. I could smell his body odour with his arm around me and his massive hand squeezing my waist, pulling me even closer. My breast was pressed against the side of his gut, and my nipple was firm and poking through my sweaty dress.
I stood there horrified as the two men laughed and talked.
The house was quite isolated, surrounded by a golf course and with a big swimming pool way down the back yard.
Dad is a keen golfer (always using a buggy to save actual exercise of course) and Brian would be required to accompany him the next day no doubt. I had brought my eReader full of books and plenty of suntan lotion. I would just have to get through the weekend to help consolidate my husband’s job security.
Even the hired help here was a man, though. There was an old gardener who did the cooking and housework. He smiled and greeted me with an appreciative look up and down my body when I was introduced.
After being shown around the place for an hour, I still hadn’t met my reclusive Uncle Chino, who I hadn’t seen in over ten years.
“You go first,” my husband said, offering me the shower. It was time to freshen up for dinner.
“I wish I had brought some jeans or something,” I complained. “I feel like that gardener guy is undressing me with his eyes! And Dad obviously hasn’t changed with that either.”
“I know, baby, but I thought the whole team was going to be here.” Brian said, cuddling behind me looking in the mirror. “Although I notice how your old man is always checking out the ladies at work, so it can’t hurt to play up to him a bit if he’s still that way inclined with you, like you’ve said.”
I gave my husband a look. “Oh, so you wanted to show me off to the guys huh? And now you want me to wear something revealing to show me off to my sleazy step-father?”
“No. Well, it’s hot weather, isn’t it?” Brian replied quickly. “It’s a good chance to get a tan.”
“But you also wanted to show me off?” I pressed. “To everyone, and now to my dad? My step-uncle? To the old gardener too, I suppose?” I wasn’t as angry as I was pretending to be. I don’t mind Brian wanting his colleagues to see me looking sexy.
Brian was quiet for a moment, watching me sort through my suitcase looking for something to wear to dinner. I found a maxi dress that covered me from neck to ankles.
Finally Brian spoke again. “You look so good though, honey, and you usually don’t mind men noticing. Plus this old uncle of yours especially requested meeting us together, after he saw our wedding photos.”
That shocked me. “You didn’t tell me that. He saw our wedding photos?”
“Yeah, well he’s an artist apparently and he was hoping you might pose for one of his paintings or something.”
“He what?” I cried. “You can’t be serious, Brian!”
“Well, why not? Your old man just said old Chino thinks you have a pretty face and it would make a good portrait.”
“What, he said that just now, or did you know my uncle wanted to do a portrait of me?” I eyeballed my husband. “How much of this whole set up did you actually know about?”
Dad called out to Brian, so I didn’t wait for a response, just turned and left to have my shower. When I came out I hurried back across the hall hugging my bathrobe tight around my naked body. Brian was looking decidedly guilty as he immediately headed out the bedroom door to have his shower.
I pulled my panties on and looked at the matching bra I had picked out. I decided right then that if my husband wanted to show me off to my weird step-family like this, I might just have to teach him a lesson, so I tossed the bra back into my bag and took out a cute little stretch cotton dress that hugged my figure.
I would never dream of wearing that particular dress without a bra because it is very revealing. My nipples were instantly firm and stood out distinctly beneath the soft, stretchy fabric. My breasts swayed and jiggled very obviously as I moved about the bedroom. I nearly lost my nerve, but it was too late because Dad poked his head around the door grinning at me.
His eyes lowered to my breasts and then to my legs where my dress was so tight it was bunched up almost revealing my panties. I quickly tugged it down then folded my arms across my breasts.
My disgusting step-father just smiled. “Dinner’s ready,” he said, and he left me standing there totally embarrassed.
What to do now, I thought. I couldn’t put my bra on because he had already seen what I was wearing, and it would be too obvious that I was denying him.
Oh my god, he knows I’m dressed like this to show myself to him and now he’s going to expect it.
When Brian came from his shower his eyes widened. “Honey, you don’t have to do this. I was wrong. I’m not going to pimp my wife out to a couple of incest weirdos for some stupid job.” He took my hands and held them as he faced me. “I’m an idiot sometimes, hey? Come on, get dressed properly, and we’ll make some excuse to get the hell out of here in the morning, okay?”
“Really?” I asked softly. This was more like the guy I married.
“Honey, this whole thing has just gotten out of hand. It’s little by little. You go so far, and it seems okay to go a little bit further. I was thinking while I showered, there’s no way on Earth I would have asked you to dress sexily for another man six months ago. No chance! Then I get invited to a few dinners and drinks with your old man, and I get caught up in the idea of promotions and power, and money!” Brian shook his head. “No, baby. I want to apologize to you, go home, and take what comes as far as work goes. I can get another job easy enough if I have to. We’ll be fine.”
I kissed my husband. “Well, that makes all the difference, Brian. Now I can do this comfortably. I can handle a couple of sleazy old codgers checking me out if you can.”
Brian frowned his confusion. “What? How is it any different now than ten minutes ago?”
“Because now we’re working together and taking advantage of them, instead of them taking advantage of me and you. It’s totally different. I’ve been playing up to my step-dad and his brother since I started growing boobs. Easiest thing ever.”
Brian looked down at my boobs admiringly. I took his hand. “Come on.”

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Uncle Chino cover

Got to man-up with her

beautiful girl posing nude

There was something different going on here. I didn’t know what, but there was something about the look in Renee’s eyes. It’s like she was smiling deep down and trying to hide it.

And okay, I get it, I’m a bit of a fucking loser. I think the fact I had everything handed to me growing up didn’t help. My parents are winners, no doubt about that. They each own their businesses and have always been successful. I grew up an only child on an allowance and didn’t fucking bother much. I guess I got used to being looked after, got used to a big gold-lined safety net.

I’d been doing it tough lately, adding one night shift a week and picking up Saturdays as well. I was going to try changing it up with my music and hopefully get a few gigs around town. There’s a good range of covers I can do, and maybe slip in a bit of my own work. Better than sweating it out on a fucking production line.

“What are you thinking about?” Renee asked.

I had taken over driving, just mulling shit over.

“Nothing much. Do you wanna see where that goes?” There was a sign: Naturist Beach. Clothing Optional.

I pulled up just past the turn off. Renee was looking back at it. She turned to me blushing and bit down on her grin.

“Well?” I challenged her. After the shit she pulled with Keith the other night, I was fucking game if she was.

“Hmm, that’d be interesting,” she said.

I shrugged. “We’ve got plenty of time. It isn’t much further to the lake house. We can check in a bit later.”

“I guess we could have a quick look for now. Maybe come back another day to try it out?”

My cock flexed at the thought of Renee stripping off at a beach. I’d been checking out her legs all trip in her little floral skirt. It was tight across her thighs and damn short, almost flashing her panties. She’s got fucking amazing legs.

I swung the SUV around and headed down the sandy track. I reached over and squeezed Renee’s thigh. Her hands closed over mine, holding me there. I was sure I felt her roll her pelvis a little, like she wanted to dry hump but subdued it—just like that fucking smile she’d definitely had in her belly all day.

Yeah, Renee had my fucking measure alright. She had everything under control and the way she wanted it. I was all too aware that she was my meal ticket these days, but I was still the fucking man, right! Fuck she was gonna get it when I got her into bed that night. I hadn’t screwed her in ages. I had to stop jacking off over internet porn and fucking man up with her.

I squeezed into her, feeling back further and touching the hot dampness of her inner thigh. She definitely humped my hand a bit. She was looking straight ahead but that smile was right there in her eyes. I glanced down her beautiful body and remembered one night only a couple of months ago, my mate Jordan had dropped by and Renee had walked out of the bedroom topless and just with her arm across her tits. Jordan was sitting on a lounge chair with his mouth open and his eyes bulging out of his head. Renee walked right past without seeing him there, too busy yabbering on at me. She went into the laundry and rummaged through the wash basket. Then she turned in the doorway with a bra in her hand and stood facing me and Jordan with her tits bare while she was still going on about me not having put away the washing or some shit. Then she looked up and her eyes popped open. She had her hands behind her back, doing up her bra clasp. The little lacy trim thing was hanging down and her tits were full on bare!

Jordan was staring at them. Renee seemed to freeze. The bra slipped from her grasp and one side of it flung around, and she dropped it and put her hands over her tits. Her face went bright red and she just stood there gawking back at Jordan. Then she kind of grimaced and half grinned, and she lowered to pick up the bra, flashing her tits again when she adjusted one arm to cover both.

The thing about it though—like, the thing I remember most—she stayed facing us the whole time. She could have backed into the laundry and that, but she didn’t, she walked towards us and was all fucking giggly and saying hi to Jordan. And he was getting a fucking eyeful, with her just holding that one arm over her tits for a good couple of minutes while we all chatted and laughed.

“So, you know that time when you came out topless and Jordan was there?” I reminded my wife and met her immediate little blush in response. “I actually don’t mind that that happened so much now. It was pretty fucking hot when I think about it.”

“Oh yeah?”

I shrugged. “It would be hot if you went topless while we’re here at all. I wouldn’t mind you getting checked out a bit.”

“Hmm, I’ve been wondering how you felt about that kind of thing nowadays. It was a complete accident that time with Jordan.”

I felt my face flush a little. “Complete accident, huh?”

“Yes, it was an accident!” Renee defended, glaring through her smile and blush.

I glanced from the little track I was negotiating. “I think it was an accident at first, up until you dropped your bra.” I glanced again. “Then you came over with just your arm across your tits!” I looked at my wife’s chest then back at her face. “I think we just laughed it off, didn’t we? So did Jordan.”

“Hmm, I guess,” Renee said softly. “And has Jordan ever mentioned another time he caught me less than fully dressed?”

“What?” My entire body flushed. “When?”

“About a month later, one Saturday night you guys came home really drunk and stoned, and I only half woke up at the noise you were making. Then I was just lying there on our bed but with the covers kicked off because it was so hot. I was completely naked and lying on my back. I was barely even awake but kind of registered that you guys were back. Then I saw the door move a little and I woke up a bit more, enough to make out Jordan’s face in the light coming from the living room.”

“Aw fuck, seriously! He was fucking perving on you?!”

“Yes, but he was swaying drunkenly there in the doorway, holding the door handle with one hand and feeling his package with the other. And I didn’t quite know what to do because it was turning me on, Martin. I had my legs open and the light from the living room was across my whole body.”

“Oh fuck me!” I cried, shocked.  I don’t know what else I was feeling. My cock was firming though. “So, what happened then, baby? Did you say anything to him?”

Renee grimaced. “I was just watching him look at me. He was swaying so badly and was staring between my legs mostly but he looked at my face and saw me watching him.”

“Aw fuck!”

“I know, Martin, but he was so drunk and out of it. He just stood there holding his crotch and rubbing his mouth.”

“Yeah, but what did you do, baby? I never knew anything about this.”

“I know. You were crashed out on the lounge, so I realized later.” Renee squeezed my hand, pulling it across and over her thigh again. “I didn’t do anything, Martin. I just laid there and let him look at me for another minute before he turned and walked away.”

“Oh shit. Holy fuckin’ shit, baby. That’s fucked up, isn’t it? Why haven’t you said anything?”

Renee grimaced guiltily again. “Because I liked it.” She held my gaze as I glanced from the track again. “Because things have been so unexciting between us, and I loved the attention, I suppose.”

That struck a chord. That was fair enough, I had to admit to myself. I just swallowed hard and intertwined fingers with Renee as she squeezed mine.

She took a big breath and grimaced. “I often let you guys look up my skirt or dress… All your friends try to sneak a peep when they come over, don’t they?”

I swallowed hard and looked to my wife again. I looked at her legs, where she had bunched the hem of her dress up a bit and had the crotch of her panties exposed. She was right about the guys always trying to check her out.

“Have you ever noticed how I always go and get changed when I come home and any of your friends are there, Martin?”

I took a breath. “Yeah, I’ve noticed.”

“And always into something short or revealing up top.”

“You always look sexy, baby.” I swallowed hard again.

“Hmm, I try.”

Renee’s panties were chequered blue and white. I’d seen them around home plenty of times. I’d seen my buddies checking those particular ones out a few times too. I knew they always tried to get a look up her skirts. I wasn’t aware she had been dressing to deliberately flash for them.

“But you wouldn’t ever let anything happen though, would you, love? Nothing beyond a bit of flashing and tease, right?”

Renee’s blush fired up. “No! Of course not!”

I swallowed hard, nodding stiffly. “Okay, good.”

“But..?” Renee’s eyes changed to tease.

“But what?”

She shrugged a little. “What about the way I was dressed with Keith the other night? You haven’t said anything.”

“That was pretty fucking revealing, love. Those tiny panties were wedged inside of you. It’s like they were stuck to you.”

“Mmm I know.” Renee moaned as she cuddled closer and reached for my cock. “They were completely soaked. That’s why they were stuck to me, Martin.”

“Aw fuck.”

“Uh huh, and I’ve got more tiny lace panties like that for our holiday too. And I’ve got even shorter nighties to wear with them.”

“You have?” I was boning up hard, my wife’s small hand squeezing through my shorts.

“Yes I do. But are you going to do anything about it or what?”

“Anything about it? You mean?”

Renee glared playfully. “Or do I have to find some other man to start taking care of me?”

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard, groping her body and searching her hot open mouth with my tongue. I was ready to fuck my beautiful woman right there in the car but some people appeared from the scrub right in front of us.

“Oh my god!” Renee cried.

“Holy shit!”

It was two middle-aged men and a woman. They were leathery-skinned, sun-browned and completely naked, apart from footwear and hats. They all waved. Renee waved back. I raised my hand slowly and offered a smile as they walked by my open window.

“Afternoon. Lovely day for it,” one of the men offered, beaming a smile back at us. He had quite a large member. The other man’s was small. The woman was flat-chested, her pussy waxed bare.

They opened one of the parked cars and started getting dressed. Renee and I watched them quietly. “That’s so amazing,” she whispered to me. “Should we go check it out?”

My bravery had waned a bit. “I don’t know, they were totally bare-arsed.”

“Yes, but the sign says optional. I’m sure you don’t have to strip down completely.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Just take off your shirt. Those shorts will be fine.”

I swallowed hard and looked at my wife. She was undoing the halter neck of her dress.

“But what are you going to wear, love?”

“My bikini is right on top in my bag.”


Renee got out of the car and went to the back, lifting the door open. She unzipped her bag and slipped off her bra. Both men were watching her. She stood with her bikini in her hand, her dress hanging down around her waist and her tits bare as she sorted the strings. The guy with the smaller dick nodded to me then followed his friend’s gaze back to my wife. That guy had on a shirt but was still bare below the waist, his long uncut cock hanging there. I craned over my shoulder to see Renee blushing but facing the men full-frontal, her nipples tight, her tits rising and falling as she breathed, and tied the bikini string around her waist.

She did the knot and swivelled the bikini top around, just tugging it up a little then leaving it with the cups and neck strings still hanging down.

The woman was watching from the front seat of their car. The smaller dick man was standing in the open doorway and stroking her hair. The other guy was staring openly at Renee. He raised his arms and stretched, his cock seeming to lift upward slightly. There was another guy I hadn’t noticed before. His head had appeared above some scrub and he was watching intently too. There was a sound to my right and I turned to see another two men had appeared and were there beside the open passenger side door.

“Hey, how’s it going?” one of them asked, smiling in at me. “Are you guys heading down to the beach?” He had a towel around his waist and his cock poking at it. His friend was dressed in swimmer briefs.

“Na, man, we just stopped for a minute,” I said and spun further around that way to see Renee was tying her bikini top behind her neck and blushing and smiling at the two new guys. They were both about my age, maybe a couple of years older—late-thirties at most.

Those two guys moved on, walking close by Renee and getting her to smile at them as they looked her over. She glared playfully at me through the back of the SUV as she picked up her bikini bottoms. I glared back but she just grimaced and kept on smiling defiantly.

The two older guys and the one looking over from behind them were still watching. The two guys who had just walked past the car were leaning on their car and watching my wife as well. She peered around at them all briefly then hooked her thumbs in her dress at her waist.

My heart was thumping in my throat. What the fuck! No, don’t, baby!

Renee pushed down her dress and her panties with it. One of the younger guys whistled low, and her blush deepened. She keeps only a thin strip of pubic hair. Her slit was bald and clearly on display to the men.

The old hung dude was holding his huge cock to one side now.

I gripped my head and just swallowed hard.

Renee separated her panties from her dress, dropping the panties in her open bag and folding the dress. She had turned away from the guys, side-on to the older ones, and the younger guys were both tilting to have a look at her from behind. She was still holding her bikini pants as she searched in her bag for something else. She pulled out a small zip-up vanity case and took a hair band from it.

She met my glare again and just stared back at me. Her eyes looked kind of glazed.

“Baby, they’re all fucking watching you.”

“Uh huh, I know,” she said, and she reached for me.

I reached and squeezed her hand. She was then bending all the way over and the older men approached and joined the younger ones to look in behind her legs.

“Yeah, like that, sweetheart, let’s have a look,” the old hung guy called out.

Renee looked back at them but remained bent over.

“Baby, what the fuck!”

“I know, but it’s so exciting,” she said to me, and she looked over her shoulder again.

The men had edged closer to form a half-circle around the back of our car. There were five of them, including the one from the scrub, a fat old guy with nothing on and a thick stumpy cock in his hand. The woman was watching from her car but was standing now and feeling a tit in through an open shirt with one hand and had the other down a pair of shorts.

“Fucking get in the car!” I growled at my wife and I pulled her by the arm, into the back with our luggage. I hit the ignition and drove, keeping hold of Renee and spinning the car around and the hell out of there.

The men were cheering. Renee was just lying there between our bags and gazing blankly back at them, her free hand between her thighs and covering her pussy.

I drove for a bit then got out and slammed shut the back door. I got back in the driver’s seat and waited while my wife climbed through and pulled a dress back on.

“What the fuck, Renee?”

She looked at me. There was spirit in her eyes again. “I don’t know, Martin. I don’t know what I was thinking. Sorry.” She grimaced. “It was just so exciting seeing them all naked like that. It was amazing, don’t you think?”

My cock had receded but I had been erect throughout that whole ordeal. I couldn’t be angry with my wife. It wouldn’t have been fair to accuse her of what had somehow aroused me as well. I didn’t get it though, and I didn’t like the way those guys were checking her out.

Well, if Renee hadn’t been my wife, I would have been lined up with them. But she was my wife!

I huffed a breath. “That just got a bit fucking crazy, love. I thought they were going to try and jump you.”

“I know, they were so obvious about it, weren’t they? I didn’t know it would be like that exactly. I thought it was just about getting with nature at nudist places.”

We were only five kilometres from our destination on the navigator. The dress Renee had pulled on was a different one. It was a short pale blue and white striped smock, the arm holes all the way down to her waist and her red bikini top on show. She was fixing her hair into a band and glanced at me checking out her tits.

“I can’t believe the way you stayed topless with those guys, love. That was pretty full-on.”

She left her hair in a ponytail and plucked at the side of her bikini top. “Did you enjoy me doing that?”

I huffed a breath and glanced from the road again. I nodded a little. “Until they started crowding ya.”

Renee smiled and arched forward as she stretched back in her seat. The broad skirt of her dress was nearly revealing her down below. I noticed it was up at the back and she would have been bare-arsed on the leather seat. I looked up from her legs to meet her gaze.

“It feels so exciting being dressed like this, Martin.”

I glanced from the road and at her legs again. She was fiddling with her dress at her waist, straightening it beneath the seatbelt, and in doing so, tugging it up a bit. I leant forward slightly and had a look at her cunt. My cock flexed in my shorts again. Renee reached across and squeezed it, biting her smile playfully now.

There was a truck parking area 300 meters ahead. It was empty. I swung from the road and sprayed gravel skidding to a halt beneath a tree.

Renee laughed and squealed as I grabbed her. I pushed up her dress and pushed down my shorts. I had her pressed against her door and I got in behind her and forced my cock up her like that. She clung to the seatbelt, winding it around her hand up high, while gripping the headrest of the seat in her other hand. I pounded into her with the handbrake poking my arse cheek uncomfortably, though I didn’t care about that. I was fucking my beautiful wife for the first time in ages, and I pounded her hard and fast until I was about to blow, then I pulled out and spurted up her side and back.

Corporate Incognito 3d

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She’s too drunk to notice

too drunk temp

After a fun afternoon swimming and drinking beer at the river, the party is moved along down the road to a small sports stadium where a line-up of amateur bands get the place rocking. Anny keeps accepting the drinks her husband Jake is giving her. She was feeling tipsy after the beer. Now he has her drinking tequila. “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Yeah, baby!” he cheers, walking backwards and stumbling over a seat, his tequila splashing down his front and setting everyone off laughing again.

It’s a great night. Anny likes to get a buzz on at a party, but she’s way past that as they all stagger and sway back along the road to the camp site. Her head is absolutely spinning when it hits the pillow. Jake is worse. He crashes immediately. Anny tries to sit up but she’s woozy now. She manages to pull off her clothing and drag a nightie over her head then flops back down and closes her eyes, sleep overpowering the urge to throw up.

A couple of guys walking by the window whooping it up wake her. She checks her phone to find it’s 3AM. She’s feeling okay in the stomach but her head is still spinning and she needs to go to the toilet. She steps into her sandals and hugs her arms around tight for the run to the amenities. The place is dead. She’s tripping over her feet, her legs wonky, the world on tilt. She quickly does her business and makes her way back to the cabin with her eyes virtually closed as she climbs the steps and sneaks back into bed.

Jake is out to it, still facing the far wall. Anny goes back to sleep but feels him cuddling up, his breath pure alcohol fumes against the back of her neck. She’s slipping in and out of consciousness and thinking about showing her boobs at the river. She has a little rub of her pussy and smiles to herself about it as she pulls her nightie off. Jake is erect against her back, as usual. She enjoys a squirm and finds moisture inside her pussy. She tilts her pelvis and feels for her husband’s cock head. He obligingly thrusts and she guides him in. She’s not quite wet enough but she presses back onto thrusts until he’s fully seated inside of her. He pulls back then slides in again – easier this time. He holds her hip and starts fucking her.

Anny hides her head in her pillow to get away from her husband’s alcohol fumes. He’s gripping her shoulder with one hand and her hip with his other. She tilts her pelvis, presenting herself to him. He drives up her hard and grinds against her, his cock probing so deep at this angle. She loves the feel of him but can’t keep awake enough to get very excited. She smiles to herself at the feel of him losing control and getting off in her, his cock feeling so huge and amazingly deep as it throbs and gushes cum.

Anny’s dozing off now. She can feel her husband’s cock still quite firm inside of her. He continues to slow fuck her, cuddling to her back and feeling her breasts. She’s almost asleep when she feels him tense and ejaculate again, his hand on her tit squeezing hard as he nuzzles for her neck under the pillow. She puts up with his breath and rubs her face against his. He kisses her cheek but suddenly jerks back.

“What the fuck?” he cries in a startled whisper. “Anny, what the fuck?”

“Huh?” she turns in horror at the sound of that voice. “Phil? What…? Where’s…?”

“Anny, what are you doing here?” He backs against the wall and turns on a lamp.

Anny squints at the light, shielding her eyes. She doesn’t understand what’s happening. Her mind is whooshing. She looks around the room and doesn’t see her stuff. This isn’t her cabin. “Oh shit. Phil, I um. Oh shit.”

“How did you get here, Anny? What’s happening?”

“Um I went to the toilet. I thought this was my. Oh my god!”

“Oh no, Anny, I thought you were Carmen. It was dark and I woke up and. Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”

Anny gulps. That wasn’t a dream and it was Phil behind her. “Oh my god – we. Did we just do something?”

“Yeah. God, I’m so sorry, Anny. I didn’t know it was you. Believe me – I didn’t know.”

Anny can feel how wet she is between the legs. She has the bed cover pulled up to cover her breasts. “I think you came inside me,” she says, her head clearing a little, her heart still pounding.

Phil’s nodding. “Yeah. I didn’t mean to.” He rubs his face, his hand over his mouth. “Are you safe at least, Anny? Are you on the pill?”

“Yeah. Yes, I’m on the pill.” Anny shakes her head slowly, taking a breath and calming a little more. “Oh shit, Phil, this is crazy, isn’t it? I mean – it’s my fault not yours. It’s completely my fault.”

“Yeah, but it’s easy to get confused around here. I had enough trouble finding my own cabin just before. Oh, but you can’t tell Carmen! Please, Anny? We just had a fight. She went to sleep with Olivia. I thought you were her.”

“She just wants you to take her with you, Phil.”


“That’s what you were fighting about, right? About how she wants to go?”

“Yeah I guess – that’s pretty much it. I’m just not ready for her to spend a whole week with my parents yet.”

Anny rubs her nose, sniffling a burgeoning tear. “Just work it out, Phil. If you can’t take her, then don’t go yourself.”

Phil swallows hard. He nods, sucking in a breath. “Yeah I guess. I’ll work it out somehow.” He presses hands to his temples. “This didn’t happen, Anny. Can we make it so this never happened?”

Anny sniffles again. “Yep. That’s what I’m thinking.” She feels her pussy. She’s open and dripping. She giggles hopelessly. “Damn it, Phil, you got me good.”

“Yeah – sorry about that,” he says again, grinning a little too. “Don’t know if I wanna totally forget about this to be honest.”

Anny shakes her head, rolling her eyes. “I’ll bet.” She wipes her wet fingers on her leg and finds her nightie hanging off the edge of the bed. “So I hope you were safe. You don’t screw around, do you?”

“No! Hell no!” His gaze lowers to her chest then back up.

Anny feels her blush rise. “I’m definitely not gonna tell anyone. I don’t know what to do about Jake exactly. Even if I have to tell him, he certainly won’t be telling anyone.”

“Yeah, I guess. You guys are married. That’s kind of serious, so I can understand you might need to talk about it. Just make sure he knows I was asleep minding my own business, okay?”

Anny giggles again, her chest lightening more. “I’ll make sure he knows that, Phil.” She feels another blush tingle through her cheeks. “Plus I don’t wanna totally forget either, to be honest.”

He smiles. “You don’t?”

“No. I’m glad it was a completely honest mistake, but it was nice too.”

Phil grins cheekily this time. “I could have done better.”

She glares back at him. “Settle down, stud. I think it was pretty good for drunk sex, anyway.” Her cheeks heat again. “You felt nice inside me like that. I can’t believe how wet I am from you right now.”

“Wet? From me?”

“Uh huh. From your cum.” Anny bites a lip. “Did you cum twice? I’m not sure which part I just dreamed. I think you were really deep in me.”

He stares back at her. His eyes are intense now. “You were so relaxed. I was all the way up you for that first load. The second one I was kind slipping out a bit. You felt so tight and sexy – I came pretty hard both times.”

Anny breaks away from his eyes and sorts out her nightie. She pulls it in the right way, allowing the bed clothes to fall away and reveal her breasts. Phil’s looking at them. “Aw fuck,” he groans under his breath. Anny’s blush rises and she bites her grin. She has her nightie sorted but just fiddles with it and waits. She meets Phil’s eyes again and reaches up to rake her matted curls.

“It felt really nice when you were cumming in me that first time. I thought it felt deeper than usual. I like the thought of having your cum in my belly right now as well as it making me all gooey between the legs.” Anny pulls on her nightie and slips from beneath the bed cover. She stands facing Phil to rake her curls back again. She feels a trickle of cum down her leg.

Phil’s looking at her down there. “Aw fuck. That’s from me?”

She nods. He’s on his knees holding his erection to one side. A slurp of cum splashes on the floor between her feet. She presses the bottom of her nightie against her pussy. “I’d better go and clean up or something,” she utters softly.

“You’d better before I grab you,” he says, again meeting her eyes with that intensity she isn’t entitled to.

“You’re not allowed to grab me. It wouldn’t be an accident anymore.” Anny crosses her thighs, her nightie wedged between them, cum trickling down to her knee. “Can I have some of your water, please?”

He hands her his water bottle. She rocks back against the wall to stop from falling over, her head spinning with the seeming resurgence of her drunkenness.

“Are you okay to walk?”

“Yeah – just need a minute.”

He gets up and steps close, slipping an arm around her waist. She leans against him and grips a shoulder. “I never noticed until your hair – it’s so long,” he says. She closes her eyes as his hand lifts and cups her breast. “Yours are a bit bigger but I never noticed when I was feeling them.” Anny rocks back against the wall again, her hands in her hair as Phil feels her tits. She’s looking down at his hand, pressing her chest forward. He stops feeling her and hooks a finger into her neckline and pulls it open, looking down her front. “Your nipples are different too.”

“Uh huh. Carmen’s are more pink,” Anny says, looking down her front too. Phil undoes her two buttons. He shifts her nightie from her shoulders and it falls to reveal her breasts. She watches dazed as he feels them, teasing her nipples erect. She giggles and presses an arm across her boobs. She pokes Phil’s chest with a finger. “I have to go now. This isn’t an accident anymore, bad boy!”

She squirms from the guy and waves awkwardly from his door. The number on his stair rail is 5. She wanders across a row and finds her number 5 and sneaks in to peep at her husband still sleeping. It’s definitely him. She finds panties and pulls them on. Phil’s cum has dribbled down to her ankle. She cuddles up in the bed cover and feels down her front into the heat and wetness there, smiling to herself at the thought of what just happened and still drunk enough to refuse to think about the consequences right now.

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The Landlord’s Son



Miranda is sunning herself on their tiny first level bedroom balcony when she hears Adin arguing with the guy from upstairs. This is yet another episode in a running battle between the two of them. Adin particularly dislikes any invasion of privacy from the landlord. The guy, Corey, is the son of the building super and does some of the maintenance around the place. He’s actually pretty good, Miranda thinks, always ready to fix any little job she has for him. But he clashes with her husband no end.
“Well, it’s happening whether you like it or not, Adin. The owners want all the bathrooms in the building refurbished and it’s in your lease that they’re entitled to access to do repairs.”
“So send the builder, Corey. Or the renovation dude, whoever that’s gonna be. I don’t see why we need to have half the city crawling through the apartment.”
Corey chuckles. “You mean you don’t see why I should be allowed to crawl through your apartment. That’s what you really mean, right?”
“Yeah look, it’s nothing personal, man. Let’s just keep things professional, okay? That’s all I’m asking. You send up a tradie and he gets in and does the job and gets out. Easy as!”
Corey is an overweight man of about 40. He huffs and turns away from Miranda’s husband washing the car. “Whatever, man,” he shoots back over his shoulder. “I don’t see the big fucking deal. They only want me to take measurements.”
“Just send the tradesman, Corey. Talk to your old man about it,” Adin fires back dismissively.
Miranda tosses an apple core down and hits her husband square on the head. He jumps, swiping at his hair and ends up glaring at Miranda before his face splits in a smile. “I didn’t know what that was.”
“Are you nearly done? I know what shops I want.”
“Oh yeah? Which ones?”
“You’ll see! But I want to get going. Come up and get ready soon, okay?”
“Sure, baby. Nearly done.”
The shopping Miranda has planned is for her new fridge and washing machine. There are five different suppliers around the city she wants to compare and haggle with for the best price. By the end of the day they have the deal done and delivery arranged for early the next week.
That night Sienna calls in, avoiding going home to her husband. The girls start with a private party but Adin joins in and they turn on him over the marital sex game he and Miranda are playing. Miranda hasn’t said much so far.
“Well, how far have things gone, exactly?” Sienna asks them both.
Miranda chews a lip and looks to Adin.
Adin shrugs. “Pretty much what you saw at The Boardwalk, but with another guy as well.”
“The guy at the beach,” Miranda adds, having mentioned him. “And it was kind of nicer with him since I wasn’t drunk at all.”
“And he got his fingers wet too?”
Miranda nods to her friend. “A couple times. One was a bit awkward, standing up, and he was way too excited. Then after that he did it much more sensually, kissing my neck.”
“Ooh, neck kissing is nice,” Sienna coos.
Miranda looks to her husband again. “Yeah, he fingered me to orgasm while giving me a love bite, and right in front of Adin.”
Adin’s cheeks flush. “And feeling ya tits with his other hand.”
“Mmm, and such a rough, strong hand too. I can’t wait to go and see him again,” Miranda says, holding her husband’s gaze steadily. “Will you take me to him again soon?”
Adin does a tiny nod. “I suppose I’d better if he’s got what you need, baby.”
“Oh fuck, this is so sexy,” Sienna moans. “When’s my turn? When’s your turn, Adin? You can finger me if you want. Or he could just fuck me instead,” she says to Miranda. “You could watch him do me.”
“No way!” Miranda cries. “Forget it. He’s all mine!”
Adin chuckles.
“And anyway, he’s already got his eye on some chick at work, haven’t you, scumbag?”
“Yeah, but she’s more sweet than hot,” Adin says and drains his beer.
“Well, you’re definitely not getting with her, then,” Miranda declares.
“Yeah, sweet is dangerous,” Sienna adds supportively. “You need to stick with plain and slutty.” She points at herself. “Aaaaaright here.”
They all laugh. Adin gets another beer and refreshes the girls’ wine glasses.
“But seriously, you’re okay with these guys and Miranda?” Sienna asks Adin without the banter.
He holds Miranda’s eyes for a moment then includes Sienna. “It’s not easy. It’s pretty painful to watch. It’s a little bit arousing because of how fucking sexy my wife is, just watching her give in to some guy. It’s about half and half, excruciating and hot.”
Miranda smiles. Adin covers her hand and squeezes.
“It’s hard to watch her being kissed by them. It’s like they’re touching something from deep inside our marriage when she closes her eyes and gives that up to them,” he goes on.
“Really?” Miranda utters. “That really gets to you?”
Adin nods. “I get that it has to be part of it, though. You obviously enjoy it, baby.”
“Oh shit, can I at least have a kiss, then?” Sienna whines. “You guys are killing me with this.”
They all laugh some more and talk and drink for another hour before Sienna gets a cab home to her husband and Adin takes Miranda to bed and fucks her.


There’s a loud knock on the door in the morning. Adin and Miranda are still cuddled up in bed. “Oh hell, that would be that idiot Corey,” Adin says. “He’s got to measure up the bathroom for the renovations they’re doing next month.”
“Okay, that’s fine,” Miranda replies with an exciting idea. “Go and show him in then come back, okay?”
“Yeah alright.” Adin pulls on a tee-shirt and shorts and closes the bedroom door on his way out.
Miranda quickly finds panties and uses Adin’s singlet from the night before. She models it in the mirror, the drape of the white undergarment not quite covering the crotch of her panties and the arm holes big enough to show the full roundness of her breasts from the sides. When Adin returns, closing the door behind him again, she goes to him smiling and shushing him.
His eyes are wide. “What?” he whispers.
Miranda just keeps smiling and lifts her brows, rolling her eyes toward the door.
Adin frowns urgently. “No, baby! No way!”
Miranda nods, putting her finger to her lips. “Yes.” she says defiantly.
“No, baby. Not with him!” Adin gulps.
Miranda presses close and lifts to his ear. “Come on, you’ll love it,” she entreats and cups his package. “His tongue in my mouth, his fingers up inside me. Mmm, let Corey have me, Adin. Share me with him.”
“Aw fuck no. I really don’t like the guy, baby. And he doesn’t like me!”
“Ah huh, I know, and he’s going to have your wife,” Miranda teases mercilessly. “It’s so exciting, isn’t it?”
“It’s gut-wrenching is what it is,” Adin growls under his breath.
“Mmm, but it’s a perfect opportunity right here in our apartment. Just watch through the crack in the door. I’ll stay in the bathroom doorway so you can see.” Miranda moves away, with her husband clinging to her. She glares at him, defiant again.
He is shaking his head, his eyes tragic now.
“Just remember I love you,” Miranda tells him as she opens the door and slips around it. She pauses and peers back. “Be really quiet, okay?”
Adin just gulps again and shakes his head. “Aw fuck, baby.”
Miranda bites her grin and leaves him standing there behind the open door. She can see Corey’s legs. He’s on his hands and knees on the bathroom floor. Miranda looks back and sees Adin’s eye pressed close to the crack in the bedroom door, the two rooms directly across a hallway.
Miranda sneaks into the bathroom and goes to the wash basin, squeezing tooth paste and quickly scrubbing her teeth.
“Oh shit. Miranda! Hey!” Corey says, turning over to be sitting on the floor grinning up at her.
Miranda rinses. “Hi, Corey. How are you going?”
He swallows hard. His eyes lift from her crotch. They’re wide open. “Yeah good. Just got to get these measurements done.”
“Yes that’s fine,” Miranda says sweetly and winds her hair into a pony tail.
Corey is staring at her panties, his grin broadening now.
“What?” Miranda challenges playfully. “I just got out of bed. It’s supposed to be Sunday morning sleep-in.”
“Hey, I’m not complaining,” Corey says. “Those are cute.”
Miranda stretches the singlet down, biting her grin. “Hmm, I don’t think you’re supposed to be looking, though. I’m a married woman, don’t forget.”
Corey nods, still just sitting there resting back on his hands. He cranes his neck toward the open door. “Where’s Adin?” he asks, just silently mouthing the words.
“It’s okay, he went to the shop to get a few things,” Miranda fibs. “He’ll be back soon, though.”
Corey’s gaze lifts from Miranda’s panties to her breasts. She looks down at him. His grin has ended and his eyes have intensified. Miranda feels her face heat and flush a little.
“You’re looking hot. I always notice, you know?” Corey rises to his knees with a swift, controlled movement that surprises Miranda. He’s a big man, his head at her chest. “Easily the hottest woman in the building,” he goes on and touches the back of her legs.
“Mmm, thank you. I’m glad you notice me, Corey. That’s very flattering.”
“Yeah? I think you want me to notice you right now, Miranda. I think you came in here to tease me.”
“Um. Maybe a little,” Miranda utters sweetly. “I was feeling naughty here all alone with you.”
“I’m feeling naughty too,” Corey says and traces fingers up and down the back of Miranda’s thighs, making her catch a breath and bite harder on her lip. He stands to tower over her.
Miranda instinctively places her hands against his chest. “Um. Corey. What are you doing?”
He strokes her face with a huge hand.
“But, Corey.” she utters, tilting upward and parting her lips.
The guy surprises Miranda with the tenderness of his kiss. She immediately and involuntarily closes her eyes and melts into his strange new essence. He takes her into his arms and deepens the contact, still tender as he teases her tongue and plays with it inside her mouth. He kisses her one way for a while then lifts from her and turns his head, moving in again and getting more forceful as he probes deeper with his tongue.
Miranda is able to see the crack in her bedroom door now, and she meets her husband’s eye still pressed there. She holds his anxious gaze while continuing to be kissed by their neighbour.
Corey’s hands start rubbing and exploring. He gropes Miranda’s sides beneath the singlet. She can feel his cock hard against her belly. She grips it there through his thin track pants, squeezing and holding as he thrusts into her hand.
He breaks off kissing her and pulls the singlet up to expose her breasts. “Aw fuck,” he groans, looking at them.
“Take it off me,” Miranda says loud enough for her husband to hear, and she lifts her arms and has the singlet stripped and dropped on the floor.
“Aw fuck.” the big man groans again, his eyes boggling as he feels a tit.
Miranda turns and backs against him so that she’s facing her bedroom fully. She puts both hands behind her back and grips Corey’s stubby erection. He gropes her tits and kneads them and tweaks the hard little nipples. Miranda rubs her head back against his neck and shoulder. She can clearly see Adin’s eye there below the top hinge of the bedroom door. “Take my panties off, Corey. Strip me completely then you can finger me if you want.”
“Yeah?” he responds excitedly. “Just like…?”
“Yes, just push them down so you can see my pussy while you play with it,” Miranda tells the man on her back and thrusting his exposed cock into her hand. His pre-cum has wet her fist enough for his erection to slide through. He pushes down her panties and parts her slit with a finger. She’s also wet enough for him to slide on in. He lifts one of her legs and spreads her then starts finger banging her deep and slow. “Uhh…huhh. Yes take me,” Miranda moans against his bearded face. “Finger me, Corey. I’ve been thinking about you doing this so much.”
Miranda’s words urge the guy on and he pounds her with his hand, his huge thick finger spearing and squelching into her slick hole. He has her leg lifted high and her thighs spread completely. He slows his banging of her and carefully inserts a second finger. “Uhh…hhh…” she moans as she squirms down onto them. He pulls those digits out and adds another, forcing the three of them up inside of her and just beginning to work her when her orgasm hits.
“Uhh..hhh..huh…don’t stop,” Miranda moans, glaring and frowning across at her husband, and she stops squeezing the fat little cock in her hand and resumes stroking it as her huge neighbour thrusts hard and holds firm, his ropes of semen slurping up her bare back.
“Aw fuck yeah,” Corey groans low and deep, and he takes Miranda’s mouth in a hard kiss again. She turns and clutches his tee-shirt in front, his cum running between the cheeks of her bottom and down her thighs. It had felt like so much and she is curious about it. She pushes away from his kiss and wipes her lower back with her hand. She brings her hand forward with semen dripping from it. She blushes to herself and looks at the bedroom door as she sucks and licks her fingers, grimacing at the strong taste as she swallows.
Corey chuckles and wipes her back as well, offering her his fingers.
She just blushes deeper and pulls a towel from the top of the shower, giving it to him. “You had better go before Adin gets back, Corey. You had better go and let me have a shower to clean all this goo off me.”
He’s beaming a smile and feels her tits again. She waits while he does that, thrusting against his huge hand and peering across at Adin still spying there. She licks her fingers some more, cleaning between them and licking a small rope of semen from her wrist.
“Can I come back for the measurements another day?” Corey asks, looking around the floor. He picks up her panties and holds them to his nose for a sniff then puts them in his pocket.
“Can you do them quickly right now?”
He nods. “Okay, real quick.”
Miranda sneaks across to the bedroom door and looks in to find her husband still there behind it. The neighbour is shuffling around on the floor right there, so she just shushes him as she pulls the singlet back on. She wipes her lower back and wets her fingers in a gluggy strand of semen. She spreads her fingers and shows her husband, questioning him with a teasing smile.
“Go on, then,” Adin groans under his breath.
Miranda captures the string of goo with her tongue and eats it. She wipes her back to find more cum, sucking her fingers clean then searching for more and just rubbing it into her bottom. She leans close to whisper, “I love the way he was kissing me, Adin. I love his prickly beard against my face.”
Adin strokes her hair and kisses her forehead. “You know you’re really killing me with this guy, don’t you?”
“Yes, I know.” Miranda flashes her eyes. “I love that it’s a man you’re fighting with, that you have to watch while he takes me like this.”
Adin nods grimly. “I bet he’s fucking loving it too.” He peers through the crack in the door then rolls his eyes for Miranda to check.
Corey looks to be finished. Miranda shoots her husband a parting smile and returns to the guy, taking his hand and leading him to the front door. “So this was fun, but you can’t tell anyone, okay?” she whispers to him.
He nods. “Yeah, of course. It was amazing, Miranda. You’re so fucking hot.”
Miranda is pulled into a kiss. She closes her eyes and relaxes into the guy. He feels down over her belly and softly parts her labia with a finger. His tongue is in her mouth. She holds his hairy arm as he inserts his middle digit and begins fingering her again. Miranda presses back against the wall. Her leg is lifted. A second digit is added and her orgasm quickly ignites again as she is banged hard and fast. “Uhh..hhh…hh… oh yes… yes… oh fuck yes!” she cries out loud as her belly clenches and the intensity of her climax pulses through her.
Fingers are still jammed up her. The singlet is lifted and the big hairy man sucks hard on her left tit. She holds his head and thrusts her chest forward as he moves and sucks half of her right breast into his mouth.
“Ah huh, that’s nice,” she utters softly. “Mmm you can suck on them, Corey. I love that.”
“I love your sexy body, Miranda. I’ve always wanted to touch you like this.”
“Yeah? Have you really?” Miranda asks sweetly. She strokes his wiry brown hair, the feel of his beard and whiskers interesting against her breast.
He’s still got a finger up her. “You’re so wet and slippery inside. It feels amazing,” he groans against a nipple. He has released her leg and she’s standing with her thighs pressed together. He extracts his finger and sucks it while she watches, his eyes upon hers. “Did you like the taste of my cum?”
Miranda nods and turns her head to discretely check for her husband. “I loved it, Corey. Yours tastes so strong. But please.”
“Okay, I’ll go now,” he says, kissing her hair then taking her lips softly once more.
Miranda tilts her head and opens as he inserts his tongue into her mouth. He cuddles her tight and she melts into him again. He breaks off and nuzzles her face. She meets his eyes and stares into them as he baulks more soft kisses then takes her lips once more. “Maybe you could stay just a little longer?” she breathes into his mouth. “Just for a little while?”
He seeks her eyes again. “Love to.”
She bites a smile, blushing. “Hmm, we could sit on the lounge.”
Corey leads her the few steps and guides her onto his lap as he sits. Miranda ends up resting against the arm of the big leather couch with just her legs across him. He squeezes her hip as he kisses her neck. She holds his head close and lifts her bottom as he tugs the singlet she’s wearing up above her waist. He tilts his head to have a look at her.
Miranda looks beyond the guy to see her husband watching from the hallway to the bedroom. Corey squeezes her thigh and she lets him part her legs. He moves one aside and teases her labia open with his middle finger. “Uhh..hhh..nn,” Miranda moans, breathing raggedly, holding Adin’s eyes as the other man’s finger is inserted into her again.
Corey peels open her slit with his other hand and watches intently as his thick finger slides in and out. Adin’s head shakes slowly. His eyes are dead. He turns and disappears back into the bedroom.
Miranda closes her legs and presses her hands over Corey’s. His finger remains inside of her. He pulls her head toward him and kisses her hard. Miranda stares at the vacant hallway, hoping Adin will come back while their neighbour continues fingering her and tonguing her mouth. She can’t stop her orgasm from building once more and she allows her thighs to be spread again. Corey stops fingering her though and works her onto her back to be lying beside her. “You can’t have sex with me,” she breathes into his next kiss. He’s fully erect and dry humping her hip.
“I know,” he says and huffs a big breath. “Can I shoot off in your mouth, just stroking it myself?”
Miranda shakes her head resolutely. “No, Corey! Oh my god!”
She reaches behind her bottom and feels his bare cock. He releases it to her and grabs her tit, crushing it as he humps her fist and mauls her neck. Miranda writhes her head against his and her breast against his hand. She frigs herself with her fingers and urges on her orgasm while holding Corey’s thrusting dick.
Miranda’s climax hits hard. She squeezes down on the pulsing cock in her hand and the guy thrusts and holds firm against her groin, his cum gushing up onto her belly. The thick strands of semen cling to her quivering skin. She squeezes the guy off and gathers another congealed glob on her thumb. She licks that then carefully scoops a strand from her belly and eats it off her fingers.
“Yeah, and the rest,” Corey groans into her neck.
“Ah huh,” Miranda utters and pulls her skin taut to wipe up as much of the last few ropes as she can. She sucks her fingers and swallows the powerful taste of the guy. “Mmm, I love that it’s from you, Corey. It tastes so strong.”
“Yeah, ya like that?” he breathes into a soft neck kiss. “You like it strong?”
“Yeah,” Miranda says sweetly and she licks her lips and swallows at the powerful essence of the guy again. She is lying back against his chest and he has both hands up her singlet feeling her breasts. She turns her head and meets his next kiss. He tweaks her nipples hard, twisting them as she writhes back against him and accepts his tongue deep into her mouth. “Ahhh..hhh, not too hard,” she moans, and he immediately relents and massages her full globes softly.
“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he whispers to her. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Miranda.” He lifts a hand to her face and holds her while deepening another kiss. He edges from beneath her to move over her and take full control, mashing his mouth over hers while stroking her face and hair.
Miranda submits completely to the guy, letting him tease her with half kisses then take her hard again and ravage her mouth. He has a leg over one of hers and her pussy is split over his thigh, the flex of it massaging her clit and keeping her close to another peak. His cock is covered by his track pants but is firm against her groin. She rakes his back and cuddles him, his paunch stomach squashing her, his thick chest heavy upon her breasts. He kisses her one way for a while then turns his head to kiss her the other way some more. Miranda has to stop and swallow at the build-up of their saliva in her throat. He’s cupping her face in both hands and looks into her eyes. She parts her lips and waits. He lowers and inserts his tongue deep into her mouth, his own mouth wide open over hers and another pool of saliva building quickly.
Corey shifts his lower body across and Miranda moves her leg aside, spreading for him. He immediately rolls his pelvis and forces the bulge of his erection against her opening.
“Alright, that’s enough,” her husband’s voice growls from the front doorway.
Corey scoots up the lounge and tumbles over the back of it.
Adin is standing there glaring at him. He pulls open the door and stands aside. “Get the fuck out of here, man.”
Corey says nothing and edges past to the door then disappears. Miranda is left sitting with her legs tucked up and the singlet stretched down over them. Adin’s face is set tragically. He sits on the end of the lounge and huffs a huge breath, sighing and gripping his head in his hands.
Miranda swallows hard. “Are you okay?” she tries softly.
Adin shakes his head and exhales another big breath. “Fuck, Miranda, that was harsh. I can’t believe I let you do that with him.”
Miranda scoots across to her man and starts kissing his face. She kisses his neck and then up the other side of his angry expression. She kisses down his chest and bites his cock through his shorts. He grips her head, making her smile. She pulls down the waist band of his shorts and takes his cock into her mouth. It’s wet and tastes of pre-cum. She moans over it and starts bobbing her head. He holds her in place and she grips his long shaft as he begins fucking her mouth. “That’s it, suck it you little slut,” he growls and she moans louder and sucks harder. She keeps her eyes squeezed shut tight and lets her husband release his anger and tension into her throat with a series of powerful bursts of hot salty cum.

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Creamed her good



Catherine filled her mother’s shopping list and lugged two big grocery bags back over the hill thinking she should have brought her dad’s car that was sitting there doing nothing. It was already after ten, but she figured the guys could wait for her. She did her nails and fixed her makeup, then she considered which bikini to take in case they went swimming. She chose a white one because she felt like wearing white today. Then she slipped off her bra and checked her boobs in the mirror with the tank top. She tossed it and picked a white one of those too. Her nipples were almost visible through that, and she considered wearing it next time she went for a walk on the pier with all the old fishermen.

She waited until her dad was busy and snuck out so he didn’t see her top, turning left up the road in the direction the guys had told her. They appeared from nowhere as soon as she was out of sight of the house.

“Hi.” Tod greeted her with a grin while Paulo just smiled at her.

“Hello,” Catherine said sweetly. “Sorry I’m late.”

“That’s okay,” they both said, still smiling. “We’ve been cleaning the house,” Paulo added. “It was pretty clean already, though.”

“Are you sure it’s all right for us to go there?” Catherine asked. “Won’t we be trespassing?”

“I guess, but no one cares round here,” Tod informed. “Sergeant Pratt doesn’t even care when there’s parties, and we’re going to be quiet and not make a mess or anything.”

It was only a short walk until they reached a clearing in the forest. “There it is,” Tod said, presenting a small timber cottage nestled at the base of a rocky ledge. “The swimming hole’s up there,” he added. “I checked it out, and it’s full and not too cold.”

Catherine was ushered into the house and shown an empty kitchen, laundry and living room. “The mattress is in here,” Tod said, and he took her hand and led her along a hallway to the first door, which was to a small bedroom. “We thought it would be better in here so we can have turns bringing you in one at a time.”

“Oh.” Catherine uttered through her blush.

“Is that okay?” Tod went on. “Did you like it yesterday when we all had you, or is it better like this?”

“No, one at a time sounds nice,” Catherine replied softly.

“Okay, so I’m going first,” Tod said to Paulo, and he saw him out of the room and closed the door.


It was happening faster than Catherine had imagined. She stood wringing her hands while Tod took off his shirt. She didn’t know whether to undress herself or let him do it.

“I’ve been thinking about this all morning.” He stepped close and kissed her. “Your tits look good in this,” he added, looking down at her top. He felt her, squeezing both breasts then lifting her top up over them before feeling them bare. He kissed her again while groping up under the front of her skirt and rubbing her pussy. Then he reached his other hand under there as well and he pulled her panties down. She stepped out of them and out of her sandals too. Then Tod turned her around to face the mattress. “Just kneel on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind again.”

Catherine did as she was told. She knelt on the mattress and leaned over onto her hands. Tod got on his knees behind her with his pants down and his penis standing directly upright. He took a bottle of baby oil from a bag there against the wall and poured some into his hand. “I brought this to make it easier.” He applied it to his penis, lathering it all over. Then he lifted Catherine’s skirt up over her hips and edged in closer behind her.

“Just gently at first,” she said to him. “Just put it in slowly, okay?”

“Okay.” He levered his cock down and pressed the head against her pussy lips. It slipped in. “It goes in easy with the oil,” he said.

“Ah huh,” Catherine uttered, and she rested back against him as he slowly inserted all the way. Then he withdrew then sunk his cock in again, pressing firmly up behind and grinding against her. “It’s okay now,” she said back over her shoulder. “You can do it harder.”

He lay over her back, resting on his hands and knees like she was. His knees were between hers, and she lowered to her elbows so he would have a better angle to penetrate her. He started rolling his hips and humping her, his cock just spearing a few inches in and out and his balls rubbing against her clit. “Yeah, that feels good,” he groaned, with his body slapping against her bottom and jolting her now. “Ooh yeah, baby, you ready for a load?” he gasped into the back of her neck, raising goose bumps all over her skin. “You ready for my cum?” he teased her.

“I’m ready for it,” Catherine uttered, feeling her blush heat and intensify. “Cum in me,” she said to the guy, gathering herself a little and looking back at his face. “I want it all in me today.”

Tod bucked and jammed himself in deep. “Aaw fuck,” he cried, and a thick burst of semen shot into her, followed by another and another, and then the thinner fluid continued gushing from his balls and flooding her. “Yeah that’s a big fucking load,” he groaned, lifting from her holding her hips, with his cock still inside of her. He smiled. “Did you feel how big it was?”

“Ah huh. It felt like a lot,” Catherine answered shyly.

“Hmm, really creamed ya.” Tod chuckled, looking down at where he was playing in her. “Sure beats using a rubber.”

He pulled out and got up. Catherine rested on her side, tugging down her top and smoothing her skirt into place. He opened the door and called to his friend. “You’re up, Donkey Dick!”

Paulo appeared in the doorway, and Catherine met his eyes. “Do you want to rest for a while between?” he asked kindly.

She nodded, and she found her panties and pulled them on while both of the boys stood watching her. There was a dribble of cum running down her leg, so she got a tissue from her bag and wiped it, with them still watching and grinning like idiots.

Tod chuckled. “Creamed her good!”

Catherine shook her head, blushing. “Yes, you did!” she said defiantly. She could feel her pussy lips were slimy as she moved.

“Should try and keep her creamed up all day,” Tod suggested to his buddy.

“Sounds like fun,” Paulo agreed, and Catherine looked up at them both still standing there grinning.

“Fun for who?” she asked, pouting. “It’s fine for you guys. I’m the one who has to walk around all day with your goo inside me down there.”

She had approached where they were standing in the doorway. Paulo had a feel of her nipple. Then he pinched and twisted it, and she squirmed, hunching her shoulders a little, but he grabbed the other one and did the same. When he released them they were bullets poking distinctly at her top.

He chuckled. “Should keep them pointy today too.”

“Yeah, keep her pussy creamed and her tits pointy!” Tod joined in, laughing.

Paulo pinched and twisted Catherine’s nipples again.

“Oww – not too hard. I like it but not too hard,” she said, giggling a little as a warm rush of goose bumps covered her skin.

“Do you like that?” Paulo asked softly.

Catherine glanced up at him and at Tod as well. “Ah huh. It feels nice.”

“Are you gonna go topless for us today?” Tod asked.

“Not in the sun. I don’t want to get a tan like that.”

“Do you play cards?” Paulo asked her. “We brought some, or we could go swimming.”

“What if we go and have a look at the swimming hole and then come back and play cards?” Catherine suggested. “I’d like to see it.”


The two guys took Catherine out the back and up a steep rocky trail. Paulo was leading the way and Tod was right behind, teasing her. “You still nice and creamy?” He chuckled, flicking her skirt up.

Catherine ignored him, but he grabbed her and felt her breasts.

“Fuck, I’m ready to go again,” he said. “Give ya another load of cream!”

“But it’s not your turn,” Catherine teased back. “It’s Paulo’s turn to cream me.”

Tod felt up under her top, squeezing her breasts, and grabbed her between the legs with his other hand. Catherine relaxed back against him while he rubbed the front of her panties. Then he slipped his hand down them and felt her pussy. He probed into her. “Yeah, still nice and gooey,” he whispered into her ear. Then he forced her forward against a rock and tore at his shorts, and fed his cock in through the side of her panties and up inside of her.

Catherine held onto the rock while she was being fucked again. The guy pumped her hard and fast, ramming into her over and over, then he jammed his dick up her and blew his load.

“Aw fuck yeah!” he cried.

“I can feel that again,” Catherine uttered, peering back at him. She could feel him throbbing, his semen squirting just inside her pussy lips. He was that short in length and she was at an awkward angle for him. She reached beneath and felt the head of his cock still inside of her, but it slipped out, and warm cum flooded out with it and gushed down her leg.

Tod was grinning, and Catherine smiled back at him as she smoothed the crotch of her panties into place. “I’m definitely all gooey again now!” His cum was running down to her knee. She looked down at it, holding her skirt up a bit.

He chuckled. “Wipe it with your dress. You made me do it, so you have to clean it up too.”

Catherine dabbed at the trickle with her skirt. “I made you do it? You virtually raped me that time!”

“Who raped you?” Paulo asked as he jumped down from above.

“He did!” Catherine accused, giggling.

“Yeah, creamed her again, man. When are you gonna fuck her?”

“When we get back to the house. Do you still wannna have a look at the swimming hole first? It’s just up there,” Paulo asked Catherine.

“Okay,” Catherine said, blushing at the offhand way he had declared he was going to have sex with her too. It seemed she was going to be serviced whenever they felt like it, or possibly even raped if she protested. Although she had decided upon walking out her door that morning that she was going to let them have her whenever they wanted. She only hoped there wasn’t going to be any others, that they weren’t planning to invite a bunch of other island boys to have sex with her as well. Though she had actually dreamed of being passed around a bar room full of drunken old fishermen last night and awoke from a wet dream.

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