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This latest release Hotwife Awakening novel is proving extremely popular with Amazon erotica readers. It’s been hovering around the top 5000 (all Kindle books) and the top 50 (erotica) for the past week. This is terrific for an indie author and I’m so appreciative of all who have downloaded the book onto their eReader or read it through the Kindle library. Thanks guys!!!

series best seller And along with the cool series best seller rating for All Night Long is the bonus boost in overall Author Ranking on Amazon. #28 is smoking hot! Couldn’t resist a snapshot while being mentioned on the same page as Fifty Shades and E.L. James.

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Another new release on the way soon! Watch for “The Trade-off”.

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Matt Coolomon

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A sweet young wife on her knees servicing two older men….

Nature 11

Annabelle senses a presence and rolls her eyes aside to see Michael watching from through the open door and down the few stairs. He’s examining her crotch again. He climbs the steps and closes the door behind him, the narrow corridor thrown into semi-darkness.
“Hey, man,” Paul says to him.
“Hey,” Michael echoes and moves close beside Annabelle, looking down at her face. He places a hand upon her belly and strokes her hair from her neck with his other hand. Paul kisses Annabelle’s ear and whispers, “Is this alright?”
Annabelle gulps and sucks in a nervous breath. “Um…. I um….” The older man lifts her chin and presses his lips to hers. She’s stunned but responds a little. Paul feels a breast. She gulps again and lifts her head away from Michael. “But just like we talked about,” she says to Paul. “Not um….”
“I know…. Just oral,” he breathes into her neck and sucks on her tender skin there – his big hand kneading her breast more firmly now.
Michael touches her chin, turning her to face him, and he covers her mouth with his more insistently. Paul kisses her shoulder and slips her cardigan from her arms, trailing kisses down her back and side as he kneels and lifts her skirt to suck hard on her upper groin. The older man kisses beneath her chin and sucks on her neck. He’s undoing her blouse. He opens it and gropes her breasts while returning his kisses to her neck. Paul lifts one of her legs and shoulders beneath it. Annabelle grabs his head as she rocks back against a wall. Michael pulls up her bra and covers a tit with his mouth. Paul nuzzles her pussy through her panties, pressing with his nose and sniffing deeply to draw the scent she can smell herself right then. He bares his teeth and nips her. Her lower body convulses and she lets out a little squeal. Michael lifts and covers her mouth with his again and Paul stretches aside the crotch of her panties and breathes on her exposed pussy.
Annabelle’s eyes are wide in the near dark but they roll back in her head. She can’t quite identify all the sensations. Her right nipple is being firmly tweaked. There’s the tongue of a man old enough to be her father swirling around hers inside her mouth. She thinks there’s a finger pressing around her clit, parting her folds to isolate it – or it could be the tip of Paul’s nose doing that. It feels like his breath is the thing cooling her down there. The chill is of wetness and air movement and it’s dripping from her pussy down her leg. She can distinctly feel the trail of that dribble now but suddenly it is being licked – the warmth and coarseness of a tongue traveling up her inner thigh, and she shudders a breath into the older man’s mouth as the tongue slices directly through the centre of her opening.
“Aw fuck that’s wet,” Paul groans into her down there, and Annabelle’s belly immediately clenches in mild orgasm. The sudden little climax grips and thumps through her, seemingly urging Paul on, as he parts her folds with a thumb and forefinger then gets in under her to cover her pussy with his mouth and tongue her deep.
“Uhh…hhh….” Annabelle moans and clings to two handfuls of his hair while mashing her gash against his whiskery face. Her peak has passed now though. The tongue inside of her has pushed it deeper into her belly where it’s building with more substance as the two men continue to eat her against a wall.
Annabelle is pleased that the older man has stopped kissing her mouth and is now focused on her breasts. She needs the clear head space to concentrate on what’s happening inside her pussy – a long thick finger has been inserted and is moving in and out. The mouth of the man down there is pressed over her clit and the sensations centred there are a combination of sucking and lashing with a broad or pointed tongue.
The older man’s hand travels down the back of her panties and his bony fingertips probe past her anus and into the base of her vagina. This seems to release a flood of her juices because she suddenly feels a trickle run down past her knee. Those fingertips only ply and tease her open though, while the other finger spearing in and out of her has curled back to massage her G-spot.
The two men work Annabelle relentlessly until her entire body is a mass of nerve endings that explode and have her convulsing and crushing the head in her hands against her pussy. “Uhh…uhh…uhh…” she pants with each contraction deep in her belly and extending the length of her vagina to throb against the fingers now holding firm inside of it.

She extracts the huge penis from her mouth and kisses her way down to the man’s balls. They’re heavy in her hand. She lifts them gently and moans as she sucks on the left one.
Paul smooths her hair from her face and tilts his head to watch her. “You like them?”
“Yes,” Annabelle tells him. “I love them – they’re so huge.” She peers from one man to the other, their features just distinguishable in the dimness of the corridor. She moves from Paul’s left ball to his right one. It’s sweaty with his musk and a bit too hairy, but she hums softly as she takes the full side of it into her mouth and sucks and massages with her tongue. She then nuzzles them both, allowing them to rest upon her face and over her nose and eyes. “Mmm – I just love the feel of them,” she utters and resumes kissing and licking them. The scent of him is strong underneath at the base of his sac. She nuzzles between his bulging thighs and licks more of his ball sweat, sucking the loose skin then licking her way up the side of his shaft. She lowers it and squeezes, milking a dribble of semen then sucking the head into her mouth. She peers up at the two men again and bobs her head. The older man is stroking his cock. She rolls her eyes to it then peers up at him again.
“Are you ready for another load?” he asks her.
Annabelle releases Paul’s cock and turns to face Michael with her mouth open and her tongue extended in readiness. He snarls and grits his teeth, his hand vibrating on the end of his dick. He shifts forward and positions the head then pushes it down against Annabelle’s tongue and snarls again as his semen spurts in heavy ropes into her mouth.
Annabelle swallows the pool of stringy goo and takes the narrow head of the man’s cock into her mouth and holds it there. She cups his balls. They’re quite small compared to Paul’s. They’re completely hairless though, and smooth and loose in their sac. Michael holds her hair aside as she gets in under him and gathers one of his nuts with her tongue, softly sucking the whole thing into her mouth and crushing her hand between her thighs as the powerful scent of him washes through her.
“That’s it – the other one too,” he encourages her. “Ooh yeah – suck on it,” he snarls. “You fucking love that, don’t you?”
“Uh huh….” Annabelle utters as she lets that ball pop from her mouth. “I love what you men make inside these…. I wish I could have it all in my belly instead of having to swallow it.”
“And we want to pump it into your belly too – don’t worry about that,” Michael says, including Paul with a chuckle.
“Yes – but you can’t…. I’m not allowed and it wouldn’t be safe for me anyway.” Annabelle licks the older man’s balls and kisses them, peering up at him watching. “Plus I didn’t know I was going to have to swallow yours as well…. I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my husband.”
Michael shrugs. “Serves the guy right if he doesn’t satisfy you himself.”
“Don’t say that,” Annabelle protests but has to squeeze her hand between her thighs again as the man’s words flutter in her belly. She kisses her way back up the underside of his cock. She takes the head into her mouth while gazing up at him.
He touches the back of her head and holds her while slowly rocking forward. He does his snarling grin. “Yeah, the husband’s obviously not enough man for her eh, Paul?”
Annabelle’s blush rises and she clamps her thighs tighter while her fingertips slip inside. She bobs back and forth, sucking the resurgent cock in her mouth.
“I say he’s a good guy though – letting us play with his wife,” Paul tells his friend. “Maybe not quite man enough but…. Lucky us!”
Michael chuckles, the hand on the back of Annabelle’s head relaxing and he strokes her hair. “I need an hour to build up again, okay?”
Annabelle takes his fully erect cock from her mouth and squeezes against the flex of the shaft. She swallows and takes a breath. “Okay, but don’t make fun of my husband,” she utters and tilts beneath to kiss his balls again. She licks between and all around them, letting them roll over her nose and face while drawing the heady scent of such a mature man into her senses.
Michael continues stroking her hair while she nuzzles and smooches. “Alright, no more making fun of your hubby, but only if you promise not to cross your legs at this bar we’re going to for lunch.”
Annabelle glares up, stopping what she’s doing. “What bar…………….?”

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Shared Wife Annabelle: Nature’s Game”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

Taking his hot young wife to a bar….

Nature's Game 3

Annabelle gives her husband an excited look as he opens her door. Luke gets into the driver’s seat and buckles up. Annabelle is watching his face. “I chickened out,” she says.
“Chickened out?”
“Yes, I put on panties…. I could easily take them off later, but I just felt too naked in this dress. It’s pretty short.”
“That’s okay, baby. You still look hot. Can still see your tits – like, that you’re braless.” Luke gives his wife’s breast a little squeeze as he drives. She covers his hand with hers and checks around. He lowers his hand to her thigh and rests it there. “What else have you fixed up to wear – any more short skirts or dresses?”
“No, but I tried on the skirts I bought for work before and I think they’ll be fine. They’re about the same length as this dress, so way shorter than my usual ones, but I’ve seen shorter around the building…. Plus there are quite a lot of nice looking guys who I could start dressing for a little bit.” Annabelle is still watching Luke’s face. “A few of the ones who often say hello to me are really tall and obviously work out.”
“Oh yeah? They just say hello?”
“Well, they like chatting of course. The ones I like are mostly just fun.”
“Anyone in particular?” Luke asks warmly, squeezing his wife’s thigh.
Annabelle takes a breath. “There’s a guy I was thinking of when I bought the skirts. He’s in my building but I don’t see him all that often…. He’s really huge in the shoulders and chest – almost like a body builder but not one of those pumped up ones – more natural looking…. Plus he does more than just smile – he lets me know he’s looking.”
“Wow, baby, I never knew anything like that…. I mean I know guys check chicks out all the time, but I never really thought much about it.”
“Well, yes it does happen all the time, Luke. It’s nothing unusual, and lots of women play up to it.”
“Right. Of course…. And you want to with this body builder guy?”
“Um yes – with the others as well, but especially with him – now that we’ve started this…. I was thinking of getting one of those contour bras in white and maybe undoing my blouse a little bit next time I have to deliver anything to his office.”
“And let him have a look?” Luke groans, lifting to feel a breast again.
“Uh huh – unless I chicken out of doing that too…. Mmm – if I could do everything I fantasize about I’d be able to just undress completely for him – right there in his office.”
“Aw fuck,” Luke groans, glaring from the traffic for as long as he can.
“And then he pulls me onto his lap, and I can’t even imagine after that,” Annabelle goes on.
“Wow that’s some fantasy, baby.”
“I know and it’s so real…. I even get wet at work from him, Luke. Right in the middle of the office with everyone around and I’m supposed to be working.”
Luke nods. “What’s his name?”
“Paul Jamison. He’s a bit older – about 40, I think.”
“And what about the others – any of them that old too?”
Annabelle shakes her head. “No, more so our age…. I don’t usually think much about older men – except this one.”
“And he has his own office? There’s no one else around when you drop stuff off to him?”
“No it’s a private office, except for the door being open of course, and sometimes the secretary is there and I don’t even get to go in at all.”
“Okay, so this really has been going on for a long time, baby…. You’ve been fantasising about this older man and like bigger guys in general?”
“Well, yes, but everyone has their fantasies, don’t they? I’m not even sure how we got this far into talking about mine…. Or even if we should be talking about this.”
“No – it’s good. I’m glad we’re talking like this. I think it’s the right thing – being this open with each other.”
“Yes usually, but even with me and other men? Are you sure you’re okay with it, Luke? Doesn’t it make you angry at all?”
Luke takes a moment. He doesn’t have a ready answer for this. “I’ve been thinking about how it would be if this was totally natural…. It’s like if we were in nature and some huge dude wanted you, I’d be forced to stand back and let him – simply through physical size. And I’m sure that’s what turns women on deep down – the idea of the guy’s physical power and the feeling of being dominated by him. I mean, if it was nature with no society and law you wouldn’t have any more choice than me, baby. He’d just take you anyway. You’d be getting raped by more powerful men than me all the time and I’d just have to stand there and watch.”
Annabelle’s blush has lifted again. She’s looking directly ahead and shaking her head slowly. “Raped by them? I don’t know about that.”
“Well, you’d probably feel the same way as you seem to now and be turned on by them. Which means you would probably be quite submissive anyway if it was a strong enough guy. And I’d just have to get used to watching bigger men taking you in front of me…. But that would be in a totally natural and primitive situation, and we’re a long way above that kind of stuff as civilised humans.”
“Yeah, I guess,” Annabelle responds softly. “That all sounds logical but that isn’t how things really work, is it? I mean we fall in love and get married. It’s not like the wild animals.”
Luke squeezes his wife’s hand in her lap. “I know, baby. I’ve just been trying to figure out how I feel and why this has been so exciting for me…. I just think that maybe some of those instinctive things are still in us deep down, and maybe they influence how we react a little bit – in the way we get turned on.”
“Oh okay. That’s good then. It’s always best to understand why we feel the way we do.”
“I know, and I think it’s more complicated for me, baby. I think with you it’s just that basic physical power and attraction. But with me it’s kind of like being the less physical male is a truth somehow – like it’s hard to step aside and see the bigger guy getting his way, but it’s also good in that it’s just natural deep down…. It’s definitely exciting, and I think it’s that jealous yet accepting mix that creates the intensity.”
“Wow, Luke, you really have been thinking about this, haven’t you?” Annabelle has turned to face Luke with a warm smile now. “That all makes good sense to me.”
“Hey, I’m just trying to figure out why I like the idea of other guys checking you out. There’s no need to think about it too much – it just feels exciting…. I’m so glad you’ve been taking up the hems on your skirts. You’ve got great legs – especially with the sexy gap between your thighs.”
“Hmm, I know! I love my thighs,” Annabelle agrees, smoothing her hands down them. “And I like my thigh gap. Thanks to mum for that.”
“It makes it easier to see all the way to what these guys are really interested in, baby. All the way up to it if your skirt’s short enough.”
“Oh yeah? And what exactly are these guys really interested in?” Annabelle challenges.
Luke returns her smile but is overpowered by a more serious notion. “Well, they want to see your tits of course, but their real interest is in your pussy…. Ultimately to fuck you no doubt – if they ever got the chance.”
“Hmm – just like in nature, huh?” Annabelle is biting down on her smile now. “Or to pretend and play games about that….”
“Exactly!” Luke glances and nods. “That’s perfect, baby – to play games about these deep down natural feelings…. That’s exactly what this is, isn’t it?”
“Yes, and only as a game, right? Not to ever go past playing.”
“Oh yeah definitely. There’s no way I’d ever want this to go further than just looking and teasing. That was hard enough to watch with that first guy, and there’s no way I was waiting for him to try and actually touch you.”
“Good,” Annabelle agrees firmly. “I like the idea of them looking at me and a little bit of flirty talk or whatever, but I only want to fantasize about anything more than that…. Fantasies are safe. The safest sex there is.”
“Yeah, and the guy gets to fantasize too, so all’s fair in that.”
“Mmm….” Annabelle peers smiling from where she has legs tucked up sideways in her seat. “I like the thought of a guy with a really huge one fantasizing about fucking me with it.”
Luke looks at her legs then up to meet her eyes. She checks her legs too. He squeezes one, feeling down her inner thigh. She holds his wrist as he rubs further and touches the crotch of her panties. They’re damp. He pulls the elastic edge aside and his fingers slice into her. He swallows hard and glances at her face. She squirms her thighs together, crossing them and pushing against his arm.
“When we get to this bar, would you like to walk in separately – maybe to sit at the bar alone?” Luke asks.
Annabelle shakes her head. “You have to stay with me or I’ll chicken out…………………”

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Shared Wife Annabelle: Nature’s Game”.

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Girlfriend felt up in the back seat….

sexy beauty relax on sea

Evan guides young Lisa with a hand upon her back. She scoots across the seat next to George. He helps her find the seatbelt. “It’s tricky,” he says and searches beneath her for it. She lifts, and he quickly gathers the skirt of her dress in back so when she sits, her bottom is bare on the leather seat. He then clips the seatbelt across her, and both men tug the skirt of her dress from beneath and straighten it carefully across her thighs, inched up slightly. Trent – Lisa’s teenage neighbour – is watching what they’re doing from the front passenger seat. He looks up to meet Lisa’s eyes but she’s sort of spaced out and can’t think straight.
Lisa’s boyfriend, Alan, is behind the wheel and drives out from under a streetlight and onto the road. Lisa can just feel the older men’s legs touching hers. They drive quietly through the city and onto the expressway for the 15 minute run down the coast.
George is first to do something. He clutches Lisa’s leg above her knee and makes her bite down on a giggle. Evan then probes her side and makes her squirm and squeak. “Yeah, she likes getting tickled,” he says and grips with two hands, kneading and digging into her ribs and making her shriek. “You do her legs, George,” Evan says and keeps up his attack. George clutches one leg then the other, tickling mercilessly and making Lisa wriggle and kick out. Her neighbour is watching intently and her boyfriend is craning back over his shoulder as much as he can.
The two older men relent and have Lisa panting and giggling. She has her seatbelt undone and is pressed back against Evan with her legs across George. Evan touches her sides, threatening again. She claims his wrists. “No more crazy tickles – just nice ones, please?”
“Just nice ones, huh?” Evan says and starts stroking softly up and down. “Like that?”
“Uh huh…. That’s better,” Lisa utters. “It still tickles.”
“What about like this?” George asks, tracing slowly back and forth along her thigh.
“Mmm – that tickles too,” Lisa says, clutching the skirt of her dress and holding it tight where it’s hiked up to nearly reveal her. “Uhh..hhh – that’s almost the wrong kind of tickles,” she tells them both then catches her boyfriend’s gaze.
They’re all watching George. He strokes over Lisa’s knee then gently up her inner thigh. Her legs are together but her thighs are slender. He traces all the way up to the hem of her dress. “Does that tickle, love?”
“Uh huh….” Lisa’s eyes roll past her neighbour watching intently. He’s looking diagonally across at where Evan is behind Lisa and is watching where a hand is hidden beneath her arm and moving discretely. There’s a finger inside the edge of her dress playing with a nipple. “Uhh..hhh,” she moans as George’s fingers brush up her inner thigh again and caress beneath where she’s holding her hem so tight.
“Ah, so that’s the spot,” George says with a low chuckle and he clutches softly high up her inner thigh. He then runs his fingers downward then flays them gently back up.
“Um – that’s um….” Lisa presses her dress down between her legs, biting a grin and blushing fully.
“I think that’s enough now,” Alan says, his voice raspy and dry. “I think that’s enough tickling.”
“No, that’s fucking awesome. You should keep doing it,” Trent says.
“Shut up, you!” Lisa tells her young neighbour. She bends up her legs and pushes George with her feet. He claims them and massages.
“That doesn’t tickle, does it, love?”
“No, that’s just nice, thank you.”
Trent tilts his head to see under Lisa’s legs. She smooths a hand beneath there but can’t find the skirt of her dress and is still sitting bare on the leather seat. Trent chuckles. “What happened to your panties, Lisa?” He tilts his head for another look.
“Hey! Cut that out you little pervert!”
They’ve left the expressway and stop at lights. Alan turns for a look as well. Lisa waits while he does, not trying to cover herself this time. She’s not sure how much they can see anyway, especially since it’s quite dark and shadowy in the back seat. She feels exposed, with the cool air against the heat from her crotch. She also feels quite wet down there, her pussy lips slippery. George is casually rubbing her feet. She’s still lying back against Evan’s chest. She bites a lip as she meets her boyfriend’s eyes. The lights turn green and he faces forward and drives.
Evan strokes Lisa’s hair from her face as she peers back at him. “Are you comfy there?” he asks mildly.
“Uh huh…. This is fine,” she utters softly.
He strokes up and down her arm as they drive through the streets towards the edge of town. She has her arms against her sides, her breasts squished between them and no skin visible. Evan’s fingers traveling slowly upward extend across to caress over her nipple. It’s tight and aroused, and he’s teasing it with each stroke, well out of Alan’s line of site, being directly behind him. George is looking, however, and Lisa meets her young neighbour’s gaze again as he glances up from watching what Evan’s doing with her.
Lisa just blushes at trent, who then smiles at Evan. “Awesome,” he whispers, glancing to check that Alan is distracted. Lisa then holds a breath as Evan’s hand closes over her breast and squeezes. He feels that one then relaxes with his hand coming to rest upon the other one. He’s sort of cuddling her against his chest now, and he just holds her breast and softly thumbs the nipple.
“So, what’s next? The night’s only young,” Evan says.
“Bedtime’s next for me,” Lisa replies with a yawn.
“For me too,” George agrees. “I’m done in, but what about tomorrow – are we going to the lake?”
“The lake? I thought we were just going to the beach here,” Evan says, still feeling Lisa’s erect nipple. She peers back up at him and he grins and squeezes her full breast. She can’t help arching up against his big hand. She bites her lip and squirms as he moves to her other breast and feels for that nipple as well. “We don’t need to go all the way to the lake, do we? Plenty of ladies go topless here.”
“Yeah, I guess. The lake has the option of full nude, though – in case Lisa wants to see some more naked dicks.”
Lisa giggles. “Hmm – but would I have to go full nude as well, or could I just go topless?”
“Hey – topless is fine…. Some just go as tourists and not undress at all.”
“What do you think, Alan?” Evan asks. “Are you cool with Lisa going topless for us?”
“Um….” Alan pulls up at the house and looks around. “I don’t know – do you want to, baby?” He looks at where Evan is still holding Lisa’s breast – his hand just resting there at the moment.
Lisa lifts her arms to fix her hair, sitting up and displacing Evan’s hand. “I guess I don’t mind. It might be fun to try it at least………”

This short excerpt is from “Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless”…. Things heat up. A lot!

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Hotwife shared with husband’s co-worker….

Swinger Club 2a

Adrian edges away from the closed bedroom door. He slips quietly along the hallway and goes out the back to sit in the sun. It’s a while before Sara approaches and cuddles him from behind. “Hey, husband, are you okay?” she asks softly.
Adrian covers her hands with his and nods, pressing his head to hers. “I’m okay. Just soaking it in, baby.”
“Hmm – me too. I’m soaking in a nice big load of Frank’s cum…. My pussy is so gooey with it right now,” she whispers into his ear. “Did you hear me being fucked? I didn’t know he would be like that.”
“Me either, baby.” Adrian peers back at the door. “Where is he now?”
“He said he’d come back in a couple of hours. He thought we would want to be alone for a while.”
Sara slips onto Adrian’s lap. He can feel the moist heat of her pussy against his thigh. “I saw him really pounding you, baby. He had you spread open and pinned down, but you sounded like you were enjoying it.”
“I was enjoying it. It was nice to be taken like that. He made me cum so hard and just kept fucking me….”
“I can feel how hot you are down there right now, Sara. It’s weird that it’s from Frank.”
“I know. I have panties on in case I drip too much. I hope his load was as thick as the one’s last night.” She kisses and whispers close again, “I’d like it to stay inside me. I bet it’s really heavy with sperm….” She kisses Adrian’s cheek and nibbles then breathes in his ear again, “It’s so exciting to have been fucked by a man who can get me pregnant.” She moans softly. “I think our marriage just got cummed in, Adrian. I’m a wife who’s been nailed and pumped full of another man’s seed.” She has her hands wedged between her thighs and she’s squirming against her fingers. Adrian’s cock has lifted. It’s sore but erect.
The idea of fucking his wife when she’s slick from Frank’s load doesn’t appeal enough to keep him hard for long. Sara goes back inside and gets him breakfast. He watches some golf on TV for a while. Sara does her nails and spends some time online with her chat groups. Frank comes back just after lunch. Adrian’s dozing in his lounge chair. Sara lets their friend in, holding his hand as she brings him into the lounge room to face Adrian. “You men talk. I’m going to get changed,” she says.
“Hey, man,” Adrian begins.
“Hey,” Frank replies, half smiling. “Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, it’s all good. I know you won’t go bragging at work or anything, man…. I get you would probably feel pumped over nailing my wife like that, but as long as it’s just between us.”
“Thanks, man. Yeah, I do feel pumped about it, I have to admit. Sara’s hot. I’m fucking stoked I got onto her.” Frank sits opposite. “Plus that was my first fuck in ages, man. I came in her so fucking huge.”
Adrian nods. He feels his face flush. “Yeah that bit is kind of freaky – you actually cumming inside of her.”
“Yeah, it must be strange for you, man. I get that it would be…. Feels great for me though – knowing that she’s probably been dripping from me all morning.” Frank meets Adrian’s eyes. “I’m going to fuck her and cum in her again later, okay? I don’t want to have to pull out or anything.”
“No, you don’t have to pull out,” Adrian replies and takes a breath. He nods. “I want you to stay in when you cum. I’ll just have to get used to it a bit.”
Frank smiles. “Awesome! And I’ve got another fucking huge load building too. I can feel it.” He grabs his package. “The way her tight little pussy sucks your cock, I’ll have her belly full of cum by tonight.”


Sara comes back wearing her tee-shirt dress, her tits unfettered beneath it quite obviously. She sits on the lounge and tucks her feet up, her bare pussy and little landing strip visible for a moment before she spreads a cotton blanket to cover her legs.
They settle back watching the end of the golf then a movie. Adrian is half dozing when he sees Sara motion to Frank with a smile and toss of her head. Frank meets his gaze as he stands and walks to the lounge. Sara looks to Adrian as well, biting down on her smile. She lifts the blanket and tugs on Frank’s hand for him to get in behind her………….

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Married Couple visit a Swinger Club”.

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Sisters share a used condom….

Portrait of a naked girl with red-haired

Angela snuck along the landing. She could hear the bed squeaking in her room. In spite of all she had seen and done so far that weekend, the sight of her little sister on hands and knees being slammed into a pillow still shocked her. The view was from the side of the mating couple. Tanya’s face was turned away. Mark was holding the back of her neck and thrusting into her, his body slapping against her bottom and jolting her little breasts. He was drawing back slowly then thrusting hard. Tanya let out a moan as he pounded against her again.
Her pants had of course been removed. They were on the floor. Her dress was bunched right up to her neck. Another powerful thrust had Mark jammed hard against her with his head tossed back and a strained expression twisting his face.
“That’s it – he’s done,” a voice whispered at Angela’s shoulder.
Paul was there, yawning and looking dishevelled form a pillow. Angela claimed his hand and led him away from the door before her sister realized they had been watching. “Wait, I need the bathroom,” he said, pulling her into the common one next to the room where Jack was.
“I don’t want to come in and watch,” she complained in horror at the thought.
“No – I’m only brushing my teeth.” Paul grinned. “Come on, the guys told me you gave them another kiss. I want one too but I need to brush first.”
“Oh,” Angela said, blushing a bit. She liked that he wanted to brush before kissing her. That was nice. She leaned back against the wall gripping a towel rail behind her back and watched him scrub his mouth vigorously.
He approached, wiping his face on a hand towel. She bit her lip, peering up at him. “Sexy,” he said, grinning and glancing down at her breasts.
“Uh huh….”
He lifted her chin and pressed his lips to hers. There was a door beside where she was leaning. It adjoined the small bedroom. Jack was right there on the other side of the thin wall, and Angela knew he would not be sleeping yet.
“Do you like my dress, Paul?” she asked, loud enough that he would hear. “Do you like how see-through it is?”
“I like it,” Paul answered, also speaking normally, his deep voice resonating in the small room.
Even the sound of his kiss was loud. Angela deliberately moaned into his mouth. She scuffled her elbow against the wall.
“Your nipples are dark. I always wondered, but you never show them,” Paul said. “You’re always very well covered – conservative.”
“I know…. I still will be after this too. Don’t you like mystery?”
“Oh I like it. You’re all class, Ang…. Makes this all the more exciting.”
“Good,” she said. “I’m excited too.”
His powerful thigh was flexing between hers. She couldn’t help lowering onto it and allowing pressure against her sex. He lifted his leg slightly and helped her. “Jack said no touching, but that isn’t touching, right? As long as I don’t use my hands.”
“That’s okay. It’s nice with your leg between mine like that,” she answered for Jack’s benefit.
Paul kissed her harder, searching her mouth with his tongue. His thigh continued to flex and soften. He was rubbing her very deliberately with it. She was going to orgasm again if he kept it up. She pressed against his rippling taut belly, scuffling the wall inadvertently now. She broke off another kiss and whispered to him. “You’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop.”
He grinned. “Good.”
Angela clung to him as he lifted her, spreading her legs and getting between them. He held her against the wall and ground his covered erection against her crotch. “Like that?” he groaned into her mouth. “Do you like that, Ang?”
“Uh huh…. Just slow like that, Paul. I can feel you so nicely.”
“I can feel you through those little panties too, Ang. You feel so fucking wet.”
Angela’s orgasm hit. She clung to Paul’s shoulders, her legs wrapped around him. The head of his dick was poking into her, their clothing restricting the penetration. He adjusted his position to keep the head of his penis in place, humping slowly with his pelvis. She relaxed and allowed that. His hands were beneath her bottom, his fingers spreading her pussy lips open.
Mark walked past the open door, fixing his clothing. Angela squirmed from Paul’s clutches. “I need to go and check on my sister,” she said and left Paul standing there holding his cock, the front of his pants quite wet. “You can do that more later,” she tossed back over her shoulder with a grin.
Angela hurried to her room and closed the door. Tanya was in the bathroom. There was an open condom packet and used condom on the bedside table. “Hey, Tan – what about this apple pie?”
Tanya flushed and came out. “I know – I came back but you were being groped and kissed, so I didn’t want to disturb.” She flopped on the bed. “That’s it. No more sex with me today. I’m exhausted,” she huffed.
Angela found her blue bikini in her bag and stripped her dress to put it on. She had a little floral beach dress that she pulled out of her bag as well. “It’s dangerous getting around here half-dressed. Those guys ARE horn dogs.”
“Tell me about it. I’m going to be sore tomorrow. But it’s because of these stupid things.” She grabbed the condom and lay back down. Angela flopped beside her. She felt the full end of the condom too. It was still warm.
“Eww,” she said, screwing up her nose.
Tanya just smiled. She had the knot undone. She put the open end in her mouth and lifted the end making the gooey fluid pool against her closed lips.
“No!” Angela cried. “Don’t you dare!”
Tanya continued grinning with her eyes. She parted her lips softly, and the contents of the condom leaked into her mouth. She got up on an elbow and opened to show Angela the thick stringy pool under her tongue.
“You’re disgusting!” Angela scolded, but she also grabbed her sister’s ribs and tickled her. “You little tramp. You’ve been watching that nasty Vera too much already.”
Tanya was squirming and laughing and squealing as best she could with her mouth full. She let out a clear squeal and Angela relented. Tanya sat up, swallowing at the taste of the semen it seemed.
“Well, you can’t just waste it. It takes them so much effort to make such a tiny – not even mouthful – of semen, and you’re just going to toss it in the trash? Here – do you want a taste?” Tanya asked teasingly. She had poked the condom inside-out.
Angela frowned. Actually she did want to taste it.
“Go on – it can’t hurt you,” her sister said more seriously.
“Alright, but give it to me. I’m not licking it off your fingers…. I’m sure the guys would love that.”
“Careful, there’s still some in there,” Tanya said, pinching the deflated tube with her nails and keeping a small pool of fluid captured in the narrow extended end.
Angela took the thing, keeping that bit upright. The latex was wet. She recognised the same smell as from Jack. The semen wasn’t from Jack, though, and that made her belly tingle as she took the little nodule on the end into her mouth and tasted the fluid that seeped from it onto her tongue.
“That’s so hot. Don’t waste any,” Tanya said, watching closely.
Angela was blushing, but she poked her fingers into the tube and spread them while she licked the semen from it. She rolled her eyes at her sister. “Don’t worry – I know what a guy’s cum tastes like. I probably should have done this with Jack’s all the while we were using condoms – now that you mention how much effort it takes them to produce this stuff.” She shook the condom off her fingers at her sister. “Eww – now my fingers are wet, and that would be from you. That really is yucky!”
She went to the bathroom and washed her hands, licking her lips and still swallowing at the strong taste in her mouth. “Bet they wouldn’t want to kiss us now,” she scoffed as she flopped back on the bed.
“So – is it different to Jack’s?”
“It’s different because it’s not Jack’s…. I think it tastes about the same, but it feels nice knowing I have a couple of billion little sperm from a different guy swimming around in my mouth right now. Or at least that’s what I imagine as long as I can still taste it like this.” Angela blushed at the next bit of that thought. “Too bad he doesn’t know I licked up his cum……………..”

This short excerpt is from the eBook “Girlfriend Agrees to Sex with his Buddies”.

Hotwife & Cuckold

Hotwife Miranda

X-Rated story excerpt:

Adin sees Miranda over the back of the restaurant at a table with their friends. He leaves his uncle and walks around the crowd, picking up a tall scotch from the bar before joining her. The young, dark-haired Julian is with a group nearby and continually exchanges glances and smiles with Miranda throughout dinner. Adin catches his gaze several times and gets smiled at quite pleasantly, each time attempting to offer something positive in reply, but sensing failure in that. Sienna is as bubbly and talkative as ever. Miranda seems as subdued and distracted as Adin is.
Immediately after their meals, and with the band setting up, Miranda leans close to whisper to Adin, “I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”
“Yeah…. Already?”
Miranda squeezes his hand and kisses his cheek. “I love you,” she further whispers and stands and walks over to where the guy Julian is standing with another couple of men. Miranda approaches beside him and is welcomed with his arm going around her waist. Adin meets Sienna’s eyes and does a little shrug in defeat. He lifts his hand to wave her a goodbye and stalks over to the bar.
Adin sits there with his back turned to his wife. He can see her in a mirrored wall behind the bar. She glances at him a few times but is chatting and laughing with the group of men. Before long her lover takes her hand and leads her towards the stairs. Adin turns on his bar stool and watches them. Miranda looks back from the top of the stairs and he holds her gaze for a few seconds before she does a little finger wave and turns away.
Adin can’t bring himself to follow his wife right away. He leans forward on his elbows and covers his mouth with his hands. His gut is tight and his blood is fizzing and causing a spell of light-headedness. The band suddenly starts and the blast of sound hits him hard and shocks him out of the haze that has descended upon him. He downs his drink and stalks through the restaurant to the stairs. His heart is in his throat as he trudges up and along the hallway to the viewing room. He opens the door and slips in, going to the window and looking through to see Miranda nude on the bed and Julian kicking away his jeans and crawling over her.
The lighting is as Adin had set it. He watches his wife open her mouth and accept the kiss of the man on top of her. It’s a tender kiss that becomes searching then passionate. It’s a mutual kiss, with Miranda giving as much as she’s being taken.
Adin watches while this other man feels his wife’s opening and prepares it for entry. The guy is simple and direct. He just fingers Miranda for a minute then positions the head of his cock and pushes into her.
Miranda spreads her legs wide and grips his butt, holding him while he thrusts then raking up his back when he starts pounding her. She has her head turned aside and is looking at the mirror. It appears to Adin that she has hardly built much excitement at all before the guy between her legs is jammed hard against her and obviously blowing his load.
Adin’s wife strokes down the back of her young lover and grips his bottom to hold him close. He’s propped on his elbows with her face in his hands. He resumes kissing her. His hips are rolling gently, his butt clenching with each thrust into Miranda. Her legs are relaxed aside, her knees bent up and her feet planted. Adin can’t quite see their coupling at the angle he’s viewing from, as they are lying diagonally across the bed. The guy is alternating between kissing Adin’s wife and watching her tits bounce as he thrusts into her.
Miranda begins lifting and grinding against him. She is undulating up off the mattress and fucking herself on the young guy’s cock. Adin squeezes his own erection and watches her build and go into orgasm before the guy on top of her takes control again and resumes pounding her.
Adin watches intently until the guy powers up into his wife and holds firm, pumping a second load of cum into her belly. Adin then slumps on the couch behind him and lies there staring at the ceiling and holding his limp cock in his pants, agonizing over the feel of his beautiful wife’s nude body pressed against him – over the thought of it, and the knowledge that this other man is experiencing that right then.
After probably a half hour lying there, Adin gets up to check through the window again. The bedside lamp is off, and in the dim glow he can see Miranda cuddled up to the guy’s chest. They’re talking and he’s stroking her back. She lifts to kiss him. He holds her head and takes her deeply for a while before releasing her – her head returning to rest upon his chest again.
Adin stands there watching for an hour until he’s sure they’re sleeping. He then abandons his vigil and just checks every now and then over the next few hours. He’s drinking steadily and feeling less pain. He dozes on and off too, and it’s about three in the morning when he checks the window and finds his wife being fucked again. They are under the bed cover. The guy is on top – Miranda’s legs obviously bent up and spread as he thrusts between them. This seems to go on for ages before he finally jams hard against her and pumps his third load of cum into her fertile womb, as Adin pictures it.
The kissing then resumes and Adin turns away and slumps onto his couch to give in to his drunkenness and welcome the mind-numbing relief of sleep…………

From “All Night Long: A Hotwife Awakening”.

Hotwife & Cuckold