She’s too drunk to notice

too drunk temp

After a fun afternoon swimming and drinking beer at the river, the party is moved along down the road to a small sports stadium where a line-up of amateur bands get the place rocking. Anny keeps accepting the drinks her husband Jake is giving her. She was feeling tipsy after the beer. Now he has her drinking tequila. “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Yeah, baby!” he cheers, walking backwards and stumbling over a seat, his tequila splashing down his front and setting everyone off laughing again.

It’s a great night. Anny likes to get a buzz on at a party, but she’s way past that as they all stagger and sway back along the road to the camp site. Her head is absolutely spinning when it hits the pillow. Jake is worse. He crashes immediately. Anny tries to sit up but she’s woozy now. She manages to pull off her clothing and drag a nightie over her head then flops back down and closes her eyes, sleep overpowering the urge to throw up.

A couple of guys walking by the window whooping it up wake her. She checks her phone to find it’s 3AM. She’s feeling okay in the stomach but her head is still spinning and she needs to go to the toilet. She steps into her sandals and hugs her arms around tight for the run to the amenities. The place is dead. She’s tripping over her feet, her legs wonky, the world on tilt. She quickly does her business and makes her way back to the cabin with her eyes virtually closed as she climbs the steps and sneaks back into bed.

Jake is out to it, still facing the far wall. Anny goes back to sleep but feels him cuddling up, his breath pure alcohol fumes against the back of her neck. She’s slipping in and out of consciousness and thinking about showing her boobs at the river. She has a little rub of her pussy and smiles to herself about it as she pulls her nightie off. Jake is erect against her back, as usual. She enjoys a squirm and finds moisture inside her pussy. She tilts her pelvis and feels for her husband’s cock head. He obligingly thrusts and she guides him in. She’s not quite wet enough but she presses back onto thrusts until he’s fully seated inside of her. He pulls back then slides in again – easier this time. He holds her hip and starts fucking her.

Anny hides her head in her pillow to get away from her husband’s alcohol fumes. He’s gripping her shoulder with one hand and her hip with his other. She tilts her pelvis, presenting herself to him. He drives up her hard and grinds against her, his cock probing so deep at this angle. She loves the feel of him but can’t keep awake enough to get very excited. She smiles to herself at the feel of him losing control and getting off in her, his cock feeling so huge and amazingly deep as it throbs and gushes cum.

Anny’s dozing off now. She can feel her husband’s cock still quite firm inside of her. He continues to slow fuck her, cuddling to her back and feeling her breasts. She’s almost asleep when she feels him tense and ejaculate again, his hand on her tit squeezing hard as he nuzzles for her neck under the pillow. She puts up with his breath and rubs her face against his. He kisses her cheek but suddenly jerks back.

“What the fuck?” he cries in a startled whisper. “Anny, what the fuck?”

“Huh?” she turns in horror at the sound of that voice. “Phil? What…? Where’s…?”

“Anny, what are you doing here?” He backs against the wall and turns on a lamp.

Anny squints at the light, shielding her eyes. She doesn’t understand what’s happening. Her mind is whooshing. She looks around the room and doesn’t see her stuff. This isn’t her cabin. “Oh shit. Phil, I um. Oh shit.”

“How did you get here, Anny? What’s happening?”

“Um I went to the toilet. I thought this was my. Oh my god!”

“Oh no, Anny, I thought you were Carmen. It was dark and I woke up and. Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”

Anny gulps. That wasn’t a dream and it was Phil behind her. “Oh my god – we. Did we just do something?”

“Yeah. God, I’m so sorry, Anny. I didn’t know it was you. Believe me – I didn’t know.”

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Teaching Little Brother

Beautiful slim model undresses in studio

Natalie clutches her step-brother’s arm and grinds herself down onto his fingers. Her belly clenches, an orgasm obviously thumping through her. She pushes his hand away and closes her legs. “That’s enough now.”
She gets up, leaving her little brother with a cushion pressed in place again. She looks from there to her husband. “What if I sit on Micky’s lap for a minute, what do you think?”
Brian blushes. “Do you mean…?”
Natalie nods. “Just quickly?”
Micky peers from Natalie to Brian, gulping hard. “What do you mean?”
Natalie kneels on the lounge and reaches for Brian over the backrest. She takes his hand and pulls him close. “It wouldn’t be fair not to, don’t you think?”
“Not to what?” Micky asks, his face red.
Brian huffs a breath. “I don’t know, I s’pose.”
“Just to let him finish,” Natalie says softly to her husband. She peers at her brother. “Do you want to finish, Micky?”
“Finish? Do you mean?”
“Yeah, just quickly, if I sit on your lap. Would you like to be inside me, to finish in me?”
Micky’s face reddens further. “Um. Hell yeah, I wanna. What a question!”
Natalie looks to her husband again. “It would be purely physical, Brian. Just to let him experience finishing inside a woman. He’s obviously hard, and I’m really wet. It seems just natural for me to submit and let him, as a female.”

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Her New Uncles: X-Rated Reading

uncle 1

I cleared away my breakfast and was about to sit down with a coffee when there was a knock at the door. I was still in my pyjamas but figured, Ah, what the hell. I pulled up my shorts and tied them a bit tighter then opened the door to find my nephew’s young wife standing there in a bikini with a little sash of a skirt tied around her gorgeous little waist. Mmm, I can probably fit my hands around that, I thought.

I chuckled. “Well, what have we here?”

Her face reddened and her nipples firmed.

“Come in, excuse the mess,” I added, stepping aside and waving my arm to usher her through the doorway before she ran away.

She looked as if she was beginning to regret whatever she was up to.

“I came to ask about what sights there are to see around here,” she said shakily, then walked through and turned to me with her arms folded across her chest.

I closed the door. Ooh, that’s nice how she does that, makes her tits bulge at the top.

I grinned. “I’ve been wondering about what sights there are to see myself,” I said to her.

She looked away nervously. I decided she must have dared herself to come and see me. I could see the fear and excitement in her eyes. I looked at her breasts again, partially obscured behind her thin arms.

Ooh yes, nice. How I’d love those in my mouth.

She had on a different bikini, mostly pink. Her nipples were hard, and her creamy white skin was virtually quivering in goose-bumps.

“Show me ya tits,” I said to her. I figured the direct approach might be best.

She blushed. “You can’t just say that to people. It’s crude.”

I nodded – looked down at her chest. Her arms were still folded across.

I looked back up. “Can I have a look at them, pleeeeez?” I asked. “I’ve been thinking about ya since you arrived yesterday. I don’t often get attractive girls come to stay. Mostly go to the resort.”

She inched her arms lower and straightened them, hunching her shoulders and pressing her breasts together, creating a perfect bulge of warm, soft cleavage.

Ooh yeah baby, that’s it. Hmm, I’ll put my face in there given the chance.

“Well, I’m a married woman. And I don’t usually go around undressing for other men. Plus we’re related! You’re my uncle too, you know, not just Eddie’s.”

I grinned. “Ah well, was worth a try, young lady. No offence meant or anything. As long as ya know I’d like to have a look at you topless. Maybe you’ll give it a go while you’re here? Make an old man’s year.”

I ushered her through to the kitchen. “Would you like a cold ginger beer?”

“Oh that sounds nice, thank you.”

I poured two glasses and sat at the table. The girl sat as well, her little sash of a skirt opening to reveal a thigh, and offering a view between her legs to the crotch of her bikini pants. I was checking them out. “We used to swim naked here when I was your age, back in the 60’s. I have a telescope. I like watching for you girls on the beach, but it’s only topless nowadays. It’d be nice if there was still the full nudity with how you modern girls shave everything off. I noticed yesterday, looks like you’re almost fully shaved. Looks to me like a tiny strip of bush, but not much. Waddya call that nowadays?”

“A landing strip,” the girl said, blushing a bit deeper. “Or Brazilian if all the hair is waxed off. You’re an old perv, aren’t you?”

I shrugged. “Perverts are sneaky. My telescope is right by an open window. Everyone can see it, and see that I’m looking at people on the beach. Don’t see the problem. I like lookin’ at women.”

I took my ginger beer and motioned for the young wife to follow. I had seen a woman sunbathing topless earlier. She was still within the focus of my scope.

“Here, have a look. Olivia, isn’t it?”

She nodded. “Yes Olivia.” She was biting a lip, her eyes wide with curiosity as she approached the telescope. “Oh my gosh! That’s bad.”

I grinned. “Looks damn fine to me.”

Olivia giggled, checking in the scope again. “And this is what you do all day, perv on women sunbathing?”

“Not all day.”

I would if there was gorgeous young girlies out there like you

She giggled some more. I edged close and moved the scope to focus on her deckchair. I motioned for her to take another look.

“Oh no! Oh I can feel you watching me too! And you can even see my window. That’s the bedroom. Can you see me getting dressed?”

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Her New Uncles: X-Rated Reading

uncle 2

“He did! He said it straight out.” I followed Eddie inside. “He told me topless sunbathing is allowed around here. He was suggesting I should do it.”

“No, I’m sure you misunderstood, baby. He might’ve been just telling you the local rules.”

“I don’t think so. I told you yesterday how he was looking me over, and today he obviously waited until I was here alone in my bikini.”

“Well, I can hardly blame Uncle for that.” Eddie grinned. “You do look fucking hot, babe.”

“Hmm. I see.” I slipped onto my husband’s lap. “Does that mean you want to be naughty?”

“I dunno. I’m still thinkin’ about it.” He peered up. “Do you wanna?”

“Um. A little bit while we’re on holidays maybe? Since no one knows us here.”

“Okay, then let’s just see what happens and what we wanna do.”

I smiled and kissed my husband’s lips. “Okay, we’ll see what we can make happen.”

“Hey, that’s not what I said.” He tickled me and I jumped up and left him there.

I looked back from the door. “I think you love it when guys look at me, Eddie. I can tell. I just need to look at your pants!”

I lay back on my deckchair and put my sunglasses into place. I kept moving just my eyes to look over at old Uncle Pedro’s house. I lay there in the sun on and off all day and kept watching for him but never saw him again.

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Exhibitionist Wife: X-Rated Story

on location 1

I looked from the old neighbour in his front garden back to the bikers across the street. There were a group of them sitting around on steps and milk crates and things drinking beer. My husband had resumed talking about the political piece he had been putting together for his quite successful blog. He’s a journalist and travels a lot. He’d been away for over a week and I was feeling horny watching the rough men across the street who had whistled at me.

“Uh huh, sounds amazing, Eddie,” I agreed with my man, and I stifled a moan as I relaxed back on the shaft of my dildo.

I held my breath and bit down hard, keeping my silence as the shaft pulled back then entered me again.

I remained braced back against it and adjusted the speed of the device up a little.

“What’s that?” my husband asked.

“Umm…it’s um.. guess?” I teased him.

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Her New Uncles: X-Rated Reading

uncle 1

“Oh my god, Eddie, is that Uncle Carlos?”

“Yeah, that’s him. At least I think it is.”

“He doesn’t look anything like your mother.”

“No, I think Mum takes after Nanny. Uncle Carlos and Uncle Pedro both take after Granddad. They’re all huge like that.”

“Hmm, I hope you don’t get big and fat when you’re older. I should have checked out the men in your family before I married you.” I cuddled up to my husband sitting on a garden love swing. “You’ll squash me if you end up as heavy as him.”

“Shit yeah, imagine you underneath a friggin big walrus like that, baby.”

“Um, no thanks, I don’t want to imagine that at all. Do you?”

Eddie’s face reddened a bit. I clutched his ribs and glared.

“Oh my god, did you just picture it, did you?”

“Um..” Eddie grimaced. “Couldn’t help it, baby, it just flashed to mind.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, but it’s not the first time or anything.”

“It’s not? You’ve imagined Uncle, with me?’

“Um, no!” Eddie’s face reddened again. “I mean, I’ve always tried to imagine what it would have been like when you were going with Rollie. He was really huge and you were even tinier back then.”

“Oh. I see.” I felt myself blushing as well now. “Yes I was really skinny until about then. But Rollie was sort of different to some huge old guy, he was strong. He wasn’t really that heavy on top of me or anything. It’s not like he used to squash me.”

“Oh right. I was kind of wondering,” Eddie replied, shifting a little and covering his crotch with an arm.

“Actually, Tomo was way heavier during sex. He used to squash me a bit. Plus he used to want it so much. I’m glad that never lasted.”

“Oh right. Tomo. Yeah, he was pretty big too, wasn’t he?”

“Mmm, in more ways than one!” I teased, and I tilted to look at my man’s crotch – at what was going on down there. “Um, Eddie..?”

“What! It isn’t that – it’s just from thinking about you, baby.”

“Oh sure it is!” I scoffed playfully. “Hmm, I think my husband might be a bit kinky.”

“I am not!”

“Hmm, and do you still think about that one time?”

Eddie’s face heated red again.

“Do you remember how it felt?” I pressed, cuddling up again. “It was amazing having two of you inside me like that, Eddie. I still think about it all the time when I’m alone and that.”

“Aw fuck, when you’re alone and what? Playing with yourself or something?”

“Mmm, maybe,” I cooed. “Especially since you ended up asking Paul to be your best man.” I whispered into my husband’s ear, “Plus your other best man has had sex with me as well, don’t forget.”

Eddie gulped. “Yeah, how could I forget that, baby!”

“It was interesting being the bride, with the three of you all lined up in matching suits.”

“I know. I was trying to forget about it. You looked so amazing in your wedding dress, baby.”

“Uh huh, but do you think Paul and Chad were remembering anything while I was walking down the aisle, or afterwards when I danced with them? They both sort of cuddled me a bit with the dances. I was trying not to think about being held by them.”

“Aw fuck, baby, so much for boning up!”

“Haha, what happened to it? I thought you liked imagining me getting it. It looked like you did a minute ago.”

“Yeah well maybe a little bit, but not with you in your wedding dress. That’s when I knew you were all mine!”

I met my husband’s kiss and was picked up and carried deeper into the garden. I’m only slight – weighed next to nothing. Eddie is a big guy, the kind I had always been with. The feel of being overpowered by a guy really does it for me and I find any heavily built guy hard to resist.

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Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless…

agrees to go topless a

George gives Lisa’s knee another squeeze, making her giggle and squirm. She clutches his arm but he just pulls her close and keeps tickling her legs. She laughs. He’s behind her and reaching down her front. She’s pressed back against him. The arm around her waist lifts and his strong hand closes over her breast. George lets up tickling and just feels her. He sits and keeps her on his lap. They’re facing Alan.
“Your pretty girl here has a beautiful bod, hey son?”
Alan nods. “Yeah.” His face is red.
“These are nice.” George goes on, and Lisa lifts her arms as he feels her breasts beneath them. “Do you like that, love? In front of your boyfriend?”
“Uh huh – I like it.”
“And you kids have discussed this? Done anything like this before?”
“No. Never,” Alan answers. “We talked about it, though. So long as no one finds out back home.”
George circles Lisa’s nipples with fingertips. “So, you wouldn’t want your friends to know – or just your families?”
“Um – both,” Lisa says. “I wouldn’t want anyone to know I’ve let other men get with me. It’d be hard to explain.”
“I see. What about you, Al – how would you feel if your buddies found out? This other young friend of yours seems okay with it.”
“Yeah – Trent’s okay.” Alan checks around to see him floating in the shallow water close to shore. “I think he can keep a secret. He said he won’t tell anyone.”
George nods. “Are ya gonna let him have sex with you as well, love? Will it just be us old men or do we get to watch the young buck as well?”
Lisa meets Alan’s blush. “He’s my brother’s best friend,” Alan says. “They’re always hangin’ out together. He’s like the kid next door.”
“He is. I’ve known him since we were little,” Lisa explains to George, peering back at him.
George massages her shoulders. He’s grinning. “Yes, interesting to watch you takin it from a young guy in front of Al. Especially with that dynamic, with him probably having grown up dreamin’ about ya, love. We can all relate to that as boys – fantasizing about the older girl next door. It’d be amazing to see that play out.”
“Hmm.” Lisa moans sceptically, raising her eyebrows as she meets Alan’s gaze again.
“Waddya think, Al?” George goes on. “Seems there’s already been one other cock inside your pretty girl. Evan says she’s quite submissive. Would ya like to watch her givin’ it up to the young guy from next door?”
“I dunno … maybe,” Alan says.
Lisa’s blush deepens as she holds her boyfriend’s eyes. She can feel the older man’s cock flexing upright against her lower back. She’s sitting on a seat between his open legs and leaning back against him. He’s casually rubbing her shoulders and arms.
“It’d be different with him, than with just you older guys doin’ it,” Alan goes on, looking to George. “It’d be weird seeing him around after. He’d probably be tryin’ to get it again all the time.”
George chuckles. “Probably. Though who’d blame him?”
“Yeah – unless we let him at home sometimes?” Alan says to Lisa. “Like if he came round sometimes without my brother. I mean – now he’s here and it’s too late to hide any of this from him.”
Lisa gulps. “You mean to let him fuck me so he’ll promise not to tell?”
Alan nods. “Yeah, I guess.”
“Do you mean regularly – if he wanted to?” Lisa smiles through her blush. “I wouldn’t mind that. I’d let him.”
“Well, that’ll certainly keep him quiet,” George suggests. “Much better to keep him close, in my opinion. He was always gonna have a hold over you both after this. Keepin’ him so close as to be inside ya, baby – regularly emptying his young balls in your tight little pussy. That’ll have him focused so as never to ruin it by letting a word slip.”
“Uh huh,” Lisa utters. “He can definitely empty them in my pussy. Everyone can!”
“Yeah? Everyone?” George teases.
“Hmm – well, all you guys can.”
“So, Evan had you unprotected, love? He came inside you?”
Lisa looks to her boyfriend again. “Uh huh.”
“But she’s on the pill,” Alan added. “It’s safe to cum in her.”
“All right, that’s good. That’d be my preference for tonight too, if you both don’t mind?”
“I don’t mind,” Lisa uttered, peering back again. “It was nice to have Evan’s cum inside me before. Or actually it’s still in me now, of course.”
“Yes – certainly. Sperm lives for days inside a woman, love. As long as you keep up with your birth control.” George looks over at Alan again. ”So, you’re okay with me adding my load tonight, son? You want your pretty girlfriend to climb into bed afterwards with her pussy, and all up in her belly, bathed in our semen?”
“Yeah – I want her to,” Alan croaks.
“Mmm.” Lisa squirms back against the older man’s erection. “I can’t wait. I want it now,” she whimpers, feeling behind her back for it. “This feels so huge,” she says, and she shifts forward and turns to look at it. She squeezes it. It’s so thick she can barely enclose it. It’s about average length, the head a huge, blood engorged dome.
“Ooh – such soft little hands, love. That feels good.”
“Does it? D’ya like that?” Lisa strokes slowly and thumbs the head. There’s a drop of pre-cum filling the broad eyelet. She looks back across at Alan, biting her grin. He’s watching her stroke the older man. “Can I just suck it a little bit?” she asks George. “Is it okay to do that here?”
“Yes, love, you go right ahead.”
Lisa smiles across at Alan again. “Should I?”
He nods. “Okay.”
“D’ya wanna film me doin’ it?”
“Yeah. Wait.” Alan says and hurriedly gets the camera out.
“Is this okay?” Lisa checks with George.
“It’s fine, love. I’d like a copy of the video, though.”
“Uh huh. Of course.”
George strokes Lisa’s hair. “And I wanna cum in your mouth, okay? It’s been a coupla weeks since I last stroked off, so this first load will be huge. It will be sexy to watch you swallow it.”
“Oh okay. I’ll try to take it all.” Lisa looks at the camera while lowering to kiss the head of the cock in her hand. She presses her lips to it then licks the dribble of pre-cum. She closes her eyes and takes the spongy dome into her mouth.
“Ooh yeah, love – that’s nice.”
“Hmm.” Lisa sucks on the head of the older man’s cock while stroking the thick shaft. The thing is flexing and hardening noticeably. There are heavy veins roping it that she’s squeezing with her fingers.
“Yeah, just like that, love. This ain’t gonna take long.”
Lisa peers up at George while just holding the head of his cock in her mouth and continuing to stroke his shaft. She rolls her eyes to the camera and her boyfriend watches intently. She lifts her head and catches a breath, still stroking her fingers over the wet dome. George is beginning to thrust through her hand. He’s gripping the seat beneath him.
“Do you like the taste of cum, love? Do you usually swallow?”
“I don’t usually, but I’m gonna from now on.”
George grins up at Alan. “Sounds like you’re gonna be getting lucky, eh?”
“Yeah. It’s hot when they swallow.”
“Ooh yeah. Just keep stroking like that, love… building nicely now.”
“It’s so thick in my hand. It’s amazing,” Lisa says.
“I actually prefer a hand job than to be fully sucked off. I mean just like this – to be brought along with a soft little hand, then to finish in your mouth. The stimulation is so intense the way you’re stroking. And to feel the warmth of your mouth when cumming, that’s an incredible combination.”
Lisa blushes up from looking at the cock she’s working. “Tell me when?”
“Yeah – nearly there, love. Just take it in your mouth again, get him wet.”
Lisa closes her eyes and sucks the broad head in. George grabs her hair and pulls her down, thrusting a little deeper, holding her there and probing the back of her mouth.
“Ooh – that’s it, love. So close,” George groans.
He releases Lisa’s head and she lifts to catch her breath again. His cock is coated in her saliva and she resumes stroking more firmly. He has his hand on the back of her neck but isn’t forcing her forward. He’s thrusting through her hand on the down stroke, his cock fully engorged.
“Okay, on the verge now, tiny bit more like that,” George tells her. “Ready for a nice big drink, love? My balls are full. Gonna be a mouthful, mmm.”
“Uh huh. I’ll try to swallow it all,” Lisa utters.
“Aah good girl, hold the base, put the head in your mouth. Hold still and let me blow.”
Lisa obeys. She squeezes her eyes shut and takes the swollen head of the older man’s cock in. She holds the base of the shaft. It takes a few seconds until she feels the shaft throb, the thick veins pulsing as powerful jets of semen gush up into her mouth.
“Ooh yeah – there it is,” George groans, holding Lisa’s head in place quite firmly now, grabbing her by the hair again.
Lisa gulps – a thick wad of semen sliding down her throat. The strong taste of it fills her senses. There’s still another huge pool of the gooey fluid in her mouth. She opens her eyes and peers up at the faces watching her and the camera still filming. She can feel her eyes watering.
George strokes her temple with a thumb. He’s grinning down at her. “That good, love? Did ya like that?”
Lisa gulps again. Squeezing her eyes shut as she swallows the pool of cum. She removes the cock from her mouth and swallows once more, trying not to grimace at the powerful taste.
“Yes – good girl. Drink it all down,” George says.
“There was so much of it.” Lisa gulps again at the saltiness. “That was really a lot,” she tells her boyfriend.
“You did good, love,” the older man offers, just stroking Lisa’s hair now.
She blushes up at him. “Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
“I certainly did. I really needed that as a matter of fact. We can only do so much for ourselves, and it takes the soft touch of a female to fill and completely empty our balls. The volume in that was huge, what a fantastic release to get off like that.”
“Hmm.” Lisa swallows again at the strong after-taste. “It felt like more than there usually is. You seemed to keep spurting for ages.”
“Exactly, love. It’s as if those first few spurts pulse from deep down in the base.” George is holding his cock upright and showing Lisa his balls. “You made them so full and heavy. That’s a lot of fluid and feels amazing when it’s being sucked out.” The older man strokes Lisa’s face. “You have such a pretty mouth. Doesn’t she, son?”
Alan nods, transfixed. “Yeah.” …….

Basic topless

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Wife Shared on a Desert Island


Paul was sitting on the veranda when the other three men returned from swimming. They went inside, but Jasper came back out with a kitchen chair and the hair-trimming cloth for his shoulders. He got set up, and Paul’s wife Justine brought her comb and scissors.
She trimmed the back and top while standing behind then moved around to do the sides and his beard. Her tunic had just the one tie, around her waist. It was open above and below. Her hips were bare, the skirt of the garment opening to reveal her pubic hair sometimes. It did so one time when she was stepping across one of his knees. She had pressed against his arm, and her skirt gathered aside and revealed her fully down below.
Jasper had a look at her pussy. He tilted his head to see. She looked down too and noticed what had happened. A strand of cotton from the frayed edge of the fabric had caught on a button on Jasper’s sleeve. He lifted his arm, pulling her skirt up and to the side. She fiddled with the tangled thread while he grinned and examined her.
He winked over at Paul. “Nice, eh?”
Justine snipped the thread to release it. She brushed her skirt down, blushing as she glanced at Paul. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” she accused Jasper with a mock glare.
He just smiled up at her as she resumed trimming his beard. He touched her legs, clutching just above her knees.
“Don’t! I might snip you if you do it.”
He just kept smiling and only softly gripped her. He caressed upward a little and squeezed gently again. Justine combed his hair, checking her work. He felt up higher, gathering the bottom of her skirt and squeezing again. She turned her head and swallowed, her eyes closing and her chest lifting as she drew a breath. He stroked softly upward, gathering her skirt and lifting it with his thumbs. His fingers were travelling up the front of her thighs and touched her groin, either side of her little landing strip. He tucked her skirt into her waist band, keeping her revealed.
“That time was on purpose,” he said.
Justine glanced at Paul again. She stood combing her own hair while Jasper continued stroking her legs and looking at her pussy. He was running his fingertips up and down the outer of her thighs with his thumbs caressing the front. On one upward caress, he reached further with his thumbs and touched her inner thighs. She squirmed away before he touched her pussy, and she brushed her skirt down. Then Jasper grabbed her and tickled her ribs.
Justine squealed and laughed. He pulled her to him. She wriggled around and he held her from behind. She was squirming and pushing at his arm. Paul saw he had one arm inside her tunic and that he was groping her bare tit with that hand while tickling her with the other. He reached down and clutched her legs, making her bend forward and virtually sit on his lap.
He relented while she caught her breath. “Don’t!” she said, glaring back at him as he threatened to grip her thigh again. She was still giggling and trying to hold that wrist away. Paul could see his other hand feeling her tit. He was massaging it slowly and playing with the nipple. He clutched her thigh gently. “But don’t squeeze,” Justine pled. She held his other arm softly as he continued feeling her tit. He clutched higher up her thigh, and she gripped his wrist in readiness to push him away. He felt up between her thighs as he suddenly tickled her ribs. She squealed and squirmed from his lap with her legs pressed together. “Bad, bad, Jasper!” she scolded, hiding behind Paul.
Jasper laughed, and she did too. Paul met the other man’s gaze and wink. “Damn she’s hot, buddy,” he said.
“Yes, she is,” Paul agreed, cuddling Justine to his side.
Thomas called that dinner was ready. Justine brushed at the hair all over her tunic, complaining about it as they went inside. She changed behind her partition and came out wearing her frock.
After the meal, Paul helped Justine with the dishes, as he always did now. They just spoke with their eyes and knowing glances. Her frock had spaghetti string shoulder straps but was also a gathered elastic bodice.
Justine slipped her arms through the strings and left them hanging down. “In case I get tickled again,” she whispered to Paul.
“Do you have anything on underneath?” he whispered back.
She shook her head, biting a grin. “Jasper touched my pussy before – did you see?”
“Yeah. I thought he did.”
“I think he might grab me again if I walk too close. I think next time he gets a chance he might finger me.”
“Where did Steven and Thomas go?” Paul had seen them leave. Jasper was sitting at the table reading.
“They said something about checking a fishing net they made.”
“Okay. Well, I’m gonna sit out on the veranda for a while. Are you okay to finish clearing the table?”
Justine blushed a little. “You mean with him sitting there and no one else around?”
Paul nodded. “I’ll be just outside.”
“Okay,” Justine uttered.
Paul left her and nodded to Jasper as he glanced up. He went out and sat watching the clouds and the moon but listening intently for any sounds from inside the cabin. Moments passed before he heard voices. Then Justine giggled and shrieked.
Paul looked through the window to see Jasper holding her from behind again. She was pushing a hand away from her leg. She was smiling and pressing back against him, her face red, her eyes alight. He felt one tit then the other. She kept hold of his other wrist and reached back to hold his hip with her free hand. He felt up under her frock. She kept hold of his wrist and had her thighs pressed together. Her eyes closed as he obviously touched her pussy. She gripped the back of his head, her legs giving way as he forced his hand between them.
It looked like he was fingering her. His hand was concealed beneath her frock, but Paul was sure he had fingers inside her. Thomas and Steven were coming up from the beach so Paul went to the door and noisily shifted a chair to announce he was coming in.
Justine was fixing the top of her frock. Jasper was resting back in his chair, smiling. At a glance, Paul could see his fingers were wet.
“He grabbed me again,” Justine reported, poking her tongue out at Jasper and having to jump as he lunged for her.
Steven and Thomas came in carrying a couple of crabs in a net basket. They washed up, and cards were dealt. Justine read while the men played. She went to bed early with her partition half drawn and her bed in the moonlight from her window. They could see her as she pulled on panties and removed her frock. She lay back with her sheet up to her waist and her tits bare. Everyone was looking at her.
“It’s not too bright out here, love?” Thomas asked.
“No – it’s fine. I don’t mind the candlelight.”
“Yeah – they look nice in the candlelight.” Jasper chuckled. “Nice nips.”
She patted the sheet down either side of her body, her chest lifting, her nipples erect and casting shadows of their own. “Thank you, Jasper. I’m glad you like them,” she said sweetly and yawned.
“I like them too!” Steven said.
Justine giggled, making her tits shudder. “Thank you, Steven.”
“Me too,” Paul said, and everyone laughed.
“Lucky arsehole,” Jasper scoffed. “At least you’ve got your woman here with you.”
“Yeah – I know. We were talking about that earlier, weren’t we, sweetheart?”
Justine sat up. “It must be hard for you other men,” she offered sincerely.
Thomas moved his chair back to include Justine more directly.
Jasper stood and came around the table. “It could be worse – like, with no women at all.” He sat on the edge of the table, facing Justine.
Steven was nodding to everyone. “Yeah – it’s much better with Justine here.” He was peering around the edge of the partition.
Jasper was standing there. He pulled it back further, casting more light. Justine looked down at her bare breasts then up at everyone. She was resting back on her hands with them thrust forward. Her nipples were still erect.
“Are you men sure this doesn’t make it harder for you?” she asked sweetly.
“Only in a good way,” Thomas answered first.
“Definitely not,” Jasper declared forthrightly.
Justine nodded and looked to Paul. He held her gaze, shrugging an okay. They each knew what the other was thinking, though Paul wasn’t sure how far his wife had progressed with what they had spoken about earlier. He understood Justine was about to invite the others into the issue. She was asking if she should say something or whether he wanted to. He mouthed the words you can.
“Well, what if we did a little bit more?” she started, peering from Thomas to Jasper. “Paul and I were talking about it and wondering if we should put aside the fact that we’re married, in the real world, and do what we can to share everything here.”
Jasper’s jaw had sagged. Thomas spoke. “To share – everything?”
Justine’s blush was noticeable even in the candlelight. “Uh huh. To share me – as the only female here.”
Thomas’s jaw was sagging now. Steven’s eyes were wide as he looked from Justine to the men. Paul swallowed hard. Jasper was nodding, a tiny grin curving his lips.
“But, I don’t mean fully,” Justine went on. She had only paused for a split second, but time had slowed for Paul. “I don’t mean having full sex with me – just, um – well, a little bit less than full but more than you’ve already been having. Which no one said you could, by the way,” she scolded.
Jasper chuckled. “We’ve been trying to behave.”
“Hmm – and you’re the worst!” She giggled. “I think if we do anything more, then you should have to go last.”
Thomas sat on the end of the cot. Justine had sat forward, hugging her knees.
“What do you mean by a little more, love? You shouldn’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with – or you, Paul.”
Paul met the gazes of the other three men. “Well, we haven’t decided anything yet. We’re just talking about it and thinking it through at the moment. It feels kind of weird, but this whole situation is freaky.”
“Got that right, buddy,” Jasper agreed. “You wouldn’t read about this shit, but I reckon you and Justine are handling it well. It’s great that you’re both so open and considerate. I’d like to think I’d be the same if I were here with my woman and you three ugly mugs.”
“Oh, yeah – and which woman would that be?” Thomas tossed at the younger man.
“You mean, who would I prefer to be stranded on a desert island with?” Jasper frowned in thought. He shook his head. “Nah – forget that idea. I’ll stick with Justine, thanks.”
Everyone laughed. Paul edged onto the cot beside his wife, taking her hands within one of his and squeezing. She rocked her head onto his shoulder. He kissed her softly and rested back, cuddling her to his chest. Her tits were then exposed to the other men again.
Thomas looked up from them. “So, what did you mean by a little bit more, love?”
“Um. I was thinking of oral. That’s something I really enjoy, so if you men wanted it from me – well, I don’t see the harm.”
“All of us?” Steven blurted.
Justine nodded, biting her lip. “But not every five minutes – with four of you and only one of me!”
Thomas cleared his throat. “That would be amazing, love.”
Justine smiled through a deepening blush. “I’ll try and make it nice for you – to suck you really nice while you watch me.”
“Oh, love, that would be a sight to see.”
“Best offer I’ve ever heard of,” Jasper said. “What the hell, man?” he tossed at Paul. “How did you score a wife like this? What’s your secret, dude?”
“He’s a good kisser,” Justine said, peering up at Paul.
“So – it’s for everyone?” Steven asked. “Even…?” He pointed at himself.
“Yes – even for you,” Justine answered sweetly. “Of course for you too, Steven. You’re stuck here the same as all of us.”
“So, when?” Jasper asked, grinning.
Justine blushed again. “Um. What about starting tomorrow? I need to psych myself up.” She giggled. “And don’t forget, you’re last.”
“Aw, shit. Seriously?”
“Yes, and it won’t be one after the other either. I’ll need a rest in between.”
“A rest between drinks, eh?” Jasper quipped, and Justine tossed a hairbrush at him.
“Actually – yes – exactly that. I don’t know how the porno girls do it. It tastes too strong for me to even imagine swallowing from one of you and then another mouthful straight after. I mean – I won’t mind if you each give me a nice big mouthful when it’s your turn.”
“Oh, man, I’ve got a boner now,” Jasper groaned, moving it to the side in his shorts and tapping it with the hair brush.
“I don’t think I’ll be rolling out of bed tonight either,” Thomas said, chuckling. He was hiding his erection.
“Well, I’ll fix them for you in the morning, okay? The first time right away and after that we’ll see.”
“And what about you, love?”
Justine looked up at Paul. “I think I’ll be fine. My husband can take care of me……..”


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X-Rated taboo erotica

little brother 2

Natalie has some food shopping to do before dinner and ends up doing a huge restock. Her young step-brother sees her at the supermarket loading up the car. She offers him a ride home if he helps her lug the groceries up the stairs to the apartment. “Do you have time, Micky, honestly?” He had seemed in a hurry.
“Yeah, it’s cool. I just have to get something for Dad at the hardware. Can ya wait five minutes?”
“Sure! Go on, then.”
They are soon parked at the door of Natalie’s apartment building. She takes one load of bags up and Micky takes three to get everything upstairs. Micky parks the car in the garage and brings back the keys.
“Are you sure you don’t mind waiting for Brian? I can run you home now.”
“Na, that’s fine. I got Dad’s thing before the shop shut, so there’s no rush now.”
“Ah okay. Do you want a glass of Coke?”
“Yes, please.”
Natalie pours them both a drink. Micky sits at her breakfast counter chatting with her while she unpacks her groceries.
“You again!” Brian jokes, scuffing Micky’s hair as he passes and drops his briefcase on the floor.
“He helped me with the shopping. I bought heaps of stuff,” Natalie says, meeting her husband’s kiss. “Do you wanna stay for dinner, Micky?”
He shrugs. “Sure. What are we having?”
Natalie cooks up a quick bolognaise, which they eat with a bottle of red. They laugh and joke throughout the meal. Brian takes a call from work at the breakfast counter phone, and Natalie washes the dishes.
Her brother approaches behind her and touches her ribs. She clamps her arms down and blushes. He worms his fingers under her arms and clutches again. “Micky!” she scolds, catching Brian’s glance. Micky reaches down and clutches above her knee. She wriggles and blushes deeper as she looks more directly at her husband.
Brian hangs up the phone and remains sitting across the counter on a stool.
Natalie questions him with her look. Micky tickles her ribs again. “Um. Micky,” she whispers, squirming with her arms pressed tight. She looks to her husband again, and he just looks back at her without saying anything. “Uhh…hh, Micky! What are you doing? That tickles,” Natalie cries.
She takes hold of his wrists, holding onto them while he clutches her ribs again, probing with his fingers and making her giggle and squirm. “Okay, okay.” She peers back at him, relaxing her arms and letting him hold her belly.
“What did work want?” she asks Brian, reaching up her back and unfastening her bra clasp as she speaks. She has on a lace trim tank top and bra, and cut-off jean shorts. With her bra loosened, her breasts fall freely, jiggling with every movement.
Brian watches as she folds her tank top up to expose her belly. “My new boss was just lettin’ me know he’ll be away, just some work instructions.”
Micky clutches Natalie’s sides, digging his fingers in and making her squirm and smile back up at him. “Hey, you, I already gave in!” she scolds, and she takes one of his hands and guides it beneath the front of her top. He feels under her bra and squeezes her tit. She parts her lips as he kisses her over her shoulder, immediately inserting his tongue into her mouth. She opens, and he pushes it in deep while groping her and pinching a nipple. His other hand is still upon her belly. She undoes her shorts, lowering the zipper. She breaks off the kiss and squirms back against him, holding her husband’s gaze as her brother worms his fingers under the waistband of her panties and feels down through her little bush to her opening.
Natalie smiles. “I think I’m about to be taken again, Brian.”

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Giving in to little brother

little brother 1

X-Rated taboo reading:

There is a knock at the door and Natalie gets up to answer it. Brian goes to grab a beer from the fridge but there are none left.
“Hey, man,” Micky says from the kitchen doorway. He is holding a six-pack.
“Legit, dude. Just what I was lookin’ for.” Brian takes one of the beers. “What are ya doin’ here? I thought you were gonna help ya bro with his car.”
“Nah, he’s gotta wait for a part. I knew we drank all ya beer so I brought some more.”
“Ah cheers, dude.”
Natalie is watching television. She is sitting with her legs tucked up on the end of the lounge. Brian kicks back in his recliner. The other one has junk on it. Micky sits on the other end of the lounge to Natalie and puts his feet up on the coffee table. They all watch a line-up of amateur comedians performing at a club.
Natalie is wearing a short straight skirt with a white top and bra. She has been out all day running errands. Brian can see the crotch of her pink panties from behind her legs. her little brother seems to be checking them out too.
She goes to the kitchen to get an apple. Brian gets more beers then kicks back again. Natalie finishes her apple and reaches to put the core on the saucer with her tea cup. When she sits back her young step-brother touches her bare foot. She glances over but he has folded his arms and is innocently watching the television. A few minutes later he does it again, earning a glare this time, which makes him smile. The next time he does it Natalie pushes his leg with her foot, smiling too. Micky leans over on an elbow and reaches to poke her ribs.
“Hey, you!” she scolds.
She is still smiling. Brian starts to get an erection, having to shift in his seat to make room.
Natalie’s annoying little step-brother pokes her side again but she catches his arm this time and glares. “What are you trying to do, pest?”
Micky chuckles and squeezes her knee with his other hand. She giggles and pushes him with her foot again. He gets up on his knees and tickles her ribs, clutching them and making her shriek with laughter. He eases up, and she holds his wrists, panting.
She looks over and Brian meets her eyes. Micky grabs her ribs again. She keeps looking to Brian as she squirms and wriggles. Brian is fully erect by now.
Micky relents again. Natalie holds his wrists but only lightly, and he touches her knee. He squeezes it and she flinches. He grips her ribs, and she flinches again, looking to Brian once more. She holds her husband’s gaze as her brother clutches both sides of her ribs and makes her squirm.
“Okay, you win,” she concedes giggling when he digs his fingers in again. “You win, okay, Micky? Just wait a minute.” She undoes a button on her blouse. “Just let me up a bit for a minute.”
He lifts, and she sits up. She glances at her husband again as she continues undoing her blouse. “Look at what he won, Brian. He keeps tickling me, so I have to give in.”

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